Fringe 1×15 “Inner Child”: Reactions from a First Time Viewer

SO MANY GREAT MOMENTS!! Walter dances. Olivia bonds with a feral boy. The Observer appears. Oh yeah, did I mention Walter dances? It’s like the writers were sitting around one day, asking themselves, “How can we make Walter and Olivia more awesome?” Easy! Incorporate a boy with pale skin and a bald head into the episode to show their soft side. And it worked. It’s gonna be SO CUTE to see Olivia with Peter’s baby. day dreamingday dreamingday dreaminglove strucklove strucklove struck I can see it now. The kid can be her little sidekick, going on calls and assisting during raids. Imagine those “Bring Your Parent to School” days! Little Bishop-Dunham: “My mom is a badass and cooler than both your parents combined. The end.” big grinbig grinapplauseapplauseapplause Can’t wait!

  • Better hurry up and do your sweep, Dennis. They are gonna demolish that building. Wow, they found a hidden tunnel.
  • Watch out! What the eff?! surprisesurprise Is the kid a mutant- like from X-Men?
  • It’s Ella! Here we go again….
  • Olivia and Ella should be criminally charged for being that cute.
  • Rachel to Liv: “But you don’t need a little creature waking you up at 6:17 every morning.” Olivia: “If that little creature is Ella, I am fine with it.” Awwwwww INFINITY!!!!!day dreamingday dreaming
  • Mr. Deep Sexy Voice (aka Charlie Francis) just called Olivia to tell her the artist is back. Someone is gonna be a busy bee in this episode.
  • The tunnel was sealed shut for 70 years? So, how did the little boy survive?
  • HAHA Walter wants a turntable.big grinbig grin
  • PhD v. MD showdown! Walter to ER doctor: “Unless you have an IQ higher than mine I’m not interested.” Ouch, Walter. I know you’re passionate, but take it easy.
  • Laundromat scene. I hope they break out in song like in Dr. Horrible.big grin
  • Oh Em Gee. He is sawing her body! I don't want to seeI don't want to seeI knew that guy couldn’t be trusted.
  • HAHA Peter asked Walter to keep the St. Claire stories to himself.
  • Olivia is so sweet with the boy.
  • Ah! Creepy. The boy just grabbed Olivia’s hand and is now writing, “Sam Gilmore.”
  • Peter: “He can write?”  HAHA. Don’t sound so surprised, Peter.
  • The artist strikes again. What?! The girl’s name is Samantha Gilmore.surprisesurprisesurprise
  • Yay, Walter found his turntable.big grinbig grinbig grin
  • Awwwwwww. Olivia brought the boy M&Ms. She is so good with kids. Can’t wait to see her with her own child.
  • Hey, that’s Erik Palladino from ER playing Eliot Michaels, a caseworker from Social Services.
  • Ooooo, the boy has like special hearing powers because he reacted to Olivia and Eliot’s conversation outside the room. Noooo. Eliot was lying!sad He said he found “another.” Another what?worried
  • Charlie, you look so good in your aviator glasses.thumbs up Look inside the van, Olivia!!
  • Poor Liv. She is getting really frustrated with the fact that they can’t catch the artist.
  • The little boy is sensitive to people’s emotions. Interesting.
  • Walter to Peter: “Don’t be such a prude. I’m sure agent Dunham knows what a penis looks like. Don’t you agent Dunham.” rolling on the floorrolling on the floorrolling on the floor
  • Awww, the boy separated the yellow M&Ms, like Olivia.angel
  • Bold Olivia. You’re just gonna walk out of the hospital with the kid? Astrid to the boy: “Vintage Bugs Bunny. Don’t get any better than this.” laughing
  • Someone call the police! Walter just stole the show! (YouTube Clip)
  • Olivia senses that Eliot is not telling the truth. U go girl! Use your spidey senses.hee heehee hee
  • Awww, Peter is giving the boy a GI Joe. day dreamingday dreaming Walter: “She’s a bad mama jama.” Awesome line.
  • The boy is an empath and he is emotionally bonded to Olivia. To friggin’ adorable.
  • That’s the artist! The car odor and M&Ms!! Chase scene! Oliva is so badass fighting at the cemetery.not worthynot worthynot worthy
  • Aw, the little boy got a kiss on the forehead. She is hurting to see him go.cryingcrying
  • Really, writers, really? You had to write another ADORABLE Olivia/Ella scene? Cuteness overload.
  • What the what?! It’s the Observer! GASP! Is the boy an Observer in training?!?! The bald head. Is that a connection?!?! surprisesurprisesurprise
Bonus Clip:
Yeah, Anna Torv is as badass as her character. She accidentally gave the actor a black eye. BAMF

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  1. These are too much fun! What do you think…is the feral mini observer September?

  2. These are too much fun! So, what do you think…could the feral mini observer be September?

  3. You’re as badass at making these as Olivia/Anna is at kicking butt.

  4. Agreed Mary…..Olivia and Ella should be arrested for like crime cutness!!!! And just wait until baddie baby Bishop…..JUST WAIT!!!!!!!!!

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