Fringe 1×16 “Unleashed”: Reactions from a First Time Viewer

Walter saves the day!!! As much as I love seeing Olivia kick butt, it was a pleasant surprise to see Walter take action and redeem himself. He was not directly responsible for creating the episode’s monster but like other cases, his experiments have helped create the Fringe-y situations. I’m certain Walter’s past will continue to reveal dark secrets and this worries me because I don’t want to see papa Bishop as the villain. sadsadsad I just want funny, crazy Walter…not “I conduct experiments that will hurt people” Walter. Yeah, I am concerned. worriedworriedworried

  • Olivia is reading to Ella in bed. Call the police…too much cuteness. I want an aunt like Liv!
  • Phone rings and it’s Peter. Oh hell no! Peter wants to talk to Rachel? frustratedfrustrated Why?! Aw, Olivia is jealous. What are you doing, Peter? You are talking with the wrong sister!angryangry
  • U guys a bunch of animal activists? Um…there’s a creature there. U may wanna run. What was that?!worriedsurprise
  • Ew, there is an ear in the omelet. Peter has been really touchy with his father lately. What gives?
  • Walter: “Yeah, Peter. Why commit to anything when you can just fake it?” Aw, Walter. Don’t get grumpy too. sadsadbroken heartbroken heart
  • The episode was written by Zach Whedon.thumbs upthumbs upthumbs up
  • Carl looks too old to be an undergrad.
  • Astrid: “So this thing had the claws of a lion and the fangs of a snake?” Walter: “It reminds me of a woman I once knew in Cleveland.”
  • Is that a porcupine quill? Why is Walter saying, “Oh no”? confusedconfused
  • Um…animal control, I wouldn’t underestimate the term “monster.”
  • That’s right Olivia, bring up the whole Peter-calling-Rachel incident. HAHA Peter is singing the piña colada song. Keep singing.big grinbig grin
  • Olivia: “So you two are friends now?” Peter: “Does that bother you?” Olivia: “No.” YES IT DOES OLIVIA!! ADMIT IT. IT BOTHERS ME!!! My message to Rachel:
  • Oh no. Walter seems to know the animal. What’s in the file?
  • Watch out Charlie!! nail bitingnail bitingWatch out!!!! surprisesurprisesurpriseOlivia help him.  Oh no, Charlie is hurt. The creature has a stinger. It’s a transgenic species.
  • Walter: “I’m afraid this is about me. About my work.” cryingcryingcryingHe tried to make a transgenic species 20 years ago, but his experiments failed. The body is moving! surpriseMaggots just exploded out of the body. No bueno.
  • Oh no, Charlie was stung with the stinger like that dead body.surprisesurprisesurprisesurprise
  • Who is this girl Charlie is with? Is he married? “Well baby. That’s why you married me. So I can protect you from all the scary things that are out there. ” dreamingday dreaming
  • Charlie: “You’re trying to tell me that I’m pregnant.” HAHA Mr. Deep Sexy Voice is preggers.
  • Oh no!!! The monster eggs have spread throughout his system. Walter is going to poison the maggots.
  • He wants to mix Charlie’s blood with the creature’s blood. That’s gonna be tricky. Aw, Walter is taking this hard.cryingsadsad
  • Yikes. They’re gonna lure the bat monster. Charlie to Olivia: “Don’t get hurt for me.” Awwwww.
  • Ooh la la. Peter is carrying big gun. Hope you can accurately shoot this time, buddy. winking
  • Charlie is adorable with his dreamingday dreamingday dreaming
  • HAHA Walter needs to tinkle.
  • Peter to Olivia: “Don’t say that I never take you anywhere.” Take her on a date!!
  • This is not your fault, Walter! No!!!! He just took the poison!!!surprisesurprisesurprisesurprisesurprise
  • Peter: “If he lives through this, I’m going to kill him myself.” Crappers! It’s the monster.
  • Who shot him? It was Walter! High five! applauseapplausenot worthynot worthy
  • Walter to Peter: “You were right. What you said before about the consequences, I don’t think of them, never have. Don’t know if I can. That’s not who I am.” Peter: “I know. But you were brave today.” Aww, another father/son moment. cryingcryingcrying
  • So much snuggling at the end of this episode!! Love it!! Charlie and his wife. Now, Rachel and dreamingday dreaminglove strucklove struck

Thank you to RealityTVgifs for providing several of the gifs used in this post, and  integrityofbeing for the original Chris Crocker image.



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  1. I love Peter’s grin after Olivia says his friendship with Rachel doesn’t bother her. Great recap.

  2. That song will forever bring back memories of that scene for me. Polivia ftw! Oh and awesome recap as usual. The gifs really steal the show for me, so to speak.

  3. That was Kirk’s real-life wife playing his tv wife!

  4. I couldn’t stop laughing at your use of the I Love Lucy gif!

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