Fringe 1×17 “Bad Dreams”: Reactions from a First Time Viewer

WOW that teaser! Gotta love the Fringe writers for creating an incredibly unnerving opening for one of the best Polivia episodes this season. Guys, I nearly died watching Peter and Olivia together. The hug, the hand on her cheek, and the touching hands. SQUEAL! big grinbig grinwinkingwinkingwinking Anna Torv was absolutely amazing. The pain radiated from her face and was heartbreaking to watch. Why hasn’t she received an Emmy nomination? Inconceivable!

Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images


  • Adorable seeing the mother sing, “Nellie the elephant,” to her little girl, but this is a REALLY creepy teaser. I love it!
  • Don’t let the stroller get so close to the tracks! Suspense is killing me. WHAT?! Phew, it’s just a bad dream.whew!
  • The news is reporting a suicide on the subway. How did Olivia know?!?!?!surprisesurprisesurprise
  • Olivia: “How is that possible?” Walter: “Opium?” HAHA I can always count on Walter to lighten the mood.
  • Peter and Olivia are going to NYC. IT’S A WORKING DATE GUYS!!!!!
  • Ah, it’s the red balloon!!
  • Poor Olivia, she is taking this hard. The woman was pushed? Walter calm down. Stop thinking Olivia killed her.sadsadshame on youshame on youshame on you
  • SO HARD TO LOOK AT LIV. She is about to breakdown. cryingcryingcrying
  • Why are you looking at all the couples in the restaurant? Is Olivia mad cuz she doesn’t have Mr. Boring Face? What the what? surprisesurprisesurprise She just helped the wife stab the husband.
  • Olivia: “Somehow I’m killing these people in my dreams.” cryingcrying
  • Olivia: “Peter, what is happening to me?” AH! MY HEART IS BREAKING INTO A MILLION PIECES. AMAZING POLVIA MOMENT!! HAND ON CHEEK!!cryingcryingcryingbroken heartbroken heartbroken heartbroken heartbroken heart
  • Whoa! It’s the broken mug. Olivia just grabbed the owner like a badass.
  • WHO IS THIS GUY?! He has a scar. Walter: “You were him. You weren’t dreaming about yourself, you were dreaming about him. Mr. Unsub.” Whaaaaaa?
  • Aw, Walter is so cute trying to figure out the coffee machine. happyhappy
  • His name is Nick Lane!!
  • Really, Broyles? You think Olivia sounds crazy. After EVERYTHING you’ve seen, you think Olivia’s dream inception incident is ‘crazy’? You are not crazy Olivia!! So hard to see her not fully in control. THIS IS MORE OF A TEAR JERKER THAN A NICHOLAS SPARKS NOVEL.
  • Nick Lane has an “emotional brightness.” So, he is hyper-emotive? Interesting.
  • Oh no!! He was recruited as a child. OH NO!!! Jacksonville. FL!!!! AHHHH! CORTEXIPHAN!!!!!!!
  • Belly experimented on children with cortexiphan. surprisesurprise “Perception is the key to transformation.” Travel between worlds? Whoa! Cortexiphan works on feelings and made Nick Lane’s mood contagious. Nick is Olivia’s pair!!!!!!!
  • Walter just touched Olivia like Peter did earlier.cryingcrying
  • Olivia is Nick Lane again and she is wearing all black!!! worriedworriedworried
  • AHHHHHHHHHH!!!! WALTER KNOWS WHAT THE FANS WANT!! Guys, Walter is a Polivia shipper!
  • This is just like Olivia’s intro in the morning!!!! SO COOL!!! Nick has a gun? No bueno.
  • Is Nick Lane investigating the pattern too or is he trying to figure out what they did to him?
  • Walter: “I’ve always wanted a two headed goat. What newspaper is this? Where can I get a subscription?” HAHA rolling on the floorrolling on the floor
  • What? He is forming a group? Olivia is immune to Nick’s abilities.
  • OH SNAP! Lots of people on the roof. It’s the Observer!!!!
  • “Olive” He remembers her?!?!?! “I wore the blacks and greys.” AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! She’s been wearing the dark colors for a reason! She is part of a bigger plan! Nick was prepping to be called.
  • Walter: “I do hope Agent Dunham meant to do that.” HA laughinglaughing
  • Nick: “We weren’t made for this.” Don’t shoot him, Liv. nail bitingnail bitingnail biting
  • It’s Ella!!! She is going to put her to bed. Adorable.
  • Walter, what’s with the tape? Please, tell me you are not involved. It’s Olivia!!!!!! NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

So much was revealed! Can’t wait to see what happens.

Thanks for reading folks.



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  1. Love, love, love this episode. It’s my favourite of the season. Nice to see some backstory on Olivia, why she wears the dark colours, why she doesn’t remember being experimented on. And the sweet Polivia moments, the hug and when he has his hand on her back at the institution.
    Great recap as always.

  2. Fringified Whovian

    Doctor Who gif! Awesome review, as always. Thanks.

  3. Corwin of Amber

    Probably the best episode of Season 1. Although the finale is more shocking….Can’t wait til you see it. I love your “first look” reviews!

  4. And as good as Fringe had been up to this episode, I think it was this episode where it kicked into freaking supersonic high gear and just became the most crazy awesome show of all time. So much important info was revealed here!

  5. Isn’t it amazing picking up on things on FRINGE that you find out mean something later on, ie the dark clothes Olivia wears. Just wait, there is so much more to come.

    I also agree, this is really where the show takes off. It is also I believe the first episode written by Akiva Goldsman. His episodes are always GREAT.

  6. The One Where Olivia Lesbian-Kisses a Stripper

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