2012 Emmy Nominations: Quick Take

This morning Kerry Washington and a pajama-clad Jimmy Kimmel announced the nominees for the 2012 Emmys, and my soul was once again crushed by the realization that Emmy voters still won’t acknowledge the brilliance of my two favorite shows, Fringe and Community. (Although, Community did manage to get a writing nomination for “Remedial Chaos Theory,” so that’s better than nothing!) Here are some initial reactions to the nominations:

  • Emmy voters love Mad Men. We get it. Can we move on now?
  • Thank God for Julianna Margulies and Kathy Bates, or cable shows would completely dominate the drama acting categories.
  • Did I mention how fantastic Julianna Margulies is on The Good Wife? Because she deserves every nomination and win that she gets. (She took home the title last year.)
  • In related Awesome Women news, I’m glad to see Julia Louis-Dreyfus got a nod for her hilarious role on HBO’s Veep. She earned that nomination just with her spectacular delivery of creative profanity.
  • Once again, absolutely no one is surprised that all the nominated drama series were from cable networks.
  • New critical darling Girls got some love, garnering nominations for Best Comedy Series and Lead Actress for star and creator Lena Dunham.
  • I love Zooey Deschanel, and she’s great on New Girl, but do we really need to nominate her for playing Zooey Deschanel?
  • To anyone who’s ever said that women can’t be funny, I invite you to take a look at the seven hilarious women nominated for Lead Actress in a Comedy (Zooey Deschanel, Lena Dunham, Edie Falco, Tina Fey, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Melissa McCarthy, Amy Poehler).
  • Parks and Recreation was robbed, but at least Amy Poehler got a nomination. And the show got two writing nominations, so that’s pretty fantastic.
  • Is Curb Your Enthusiasm really still on?
  • Louis C.K. probably couldn’t care less that he was nominated for Lead Actor in a Comedy (not to mention directing and writing, both of which are done by him), but it’s still nice to see his bold and brilliant sense of humor recognized.
  • Can we all just agree to stop nominating Two and a Half Men for anything ever? Jon Cryer deserves some praise for putting up with Charlie Sheen’s antics for years, but I think his multimillion-dollar contract pretty much covers that.
  • I guess I really need to start watching Homeland now, huh?
  • After The Dark Knight Rises, do you think Batman will be available to deal out some vigilante justice on behalf of Fringe fans everywhere? Because every season the acting and overall quality of the show gets better, and still it gets no recognition. But at least we got a fifth season, and that’s what really counts. We don’t need fancy awards to tell us that our show is amazing. We know it is.

You can view the full list of nominees here. What did you think of the 2012 Emmy nominees, pop culture fans? What snubs hurt you the most? Any pleasant surprises? Leave your comments (or mournful soliloquies) below, or tweet us @PopCultureNexus!

-Mary & Louise


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  1. Agree about Mad Men. Ugg! However, and I may be in the minority, but cannot agree with you on Margulies. Bleh.

  2. What the hell does it take for Fringe to get some nominations. Every time I see the list of actors and actresses, I think “sure they probably did a good job, but were they playing multiple versions of their own characters so well, that sometimes you forget it’s not two different actors”. Fringe wins all the Emmys in my mind.

  3. Parks and Rec was totally robbed! I almost chucked my computer right off my desk when I saw the list of nominees, which would not have been good once everyone noticed the plum of spoke escaping from my Dish office. LOL! Seriously though, Parks and Rec is way too funny to not be nominated! Heck, the repeats are still hilarious. I even keep a gang of past episodes stockpiled on my DVR that I dig into all the time. Luckily, I have the Hopper DVR that has tons of memory space because they are all too hilarious to ever erase! That timeless humor deserves some recognition!

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