Pop Culture Nexus Presents the FRIMMYS: Where ‘Fringe’ Is the Only Show Eligible for All the Awards

At this point, I think all of us Fringe fans are used to the disappointment following the announcement of the Emmy nominations. Every year the tiny bit of hope I have that Fringe will finally get nominated shrinks smaller and smaller. But after four seasons of fantastic acting, writing, directing, and overall quality TV, I think we can all agree that we don’t need any Emmy nominations to prove how great our show is. We appreciate Fringe‘s brilliance, and that’s what’s important. That, and the fact that the show got a fifth season. Still, it’s tough to see all the hard work by our beloved Fringe cast and crew go unrecognized. So since Fringe didn’t get any love from the Emmys, we thought we’d create our own awards to celebrate the most outstanding show on television. Ladies and gentlemen, we present the first annual Frimmy Awards…

Outstanding Television Series: Fringe

Outstanding Lead Actress: Anna Torv (Olivia Dunham/Altlivia Dunham)

Outstanding Lead Actor: Joshua Jackson (Peter Bishop)

Outstanding Supporting Actress: Jasika Nicole (Astrid Farnsworth/Altstrid Farnsworth)

Outstanding Supporting Actor Over 40: John Noble (Walter Bishop/Walternate Bishop)

Outstanding Supporting Actor Under 40: Seth Gabel (Lincoln Lee/Alt-Lincoln Lee)

Outstanding Supporting Bovine: Pansy (Gene the Cow)

Outstanding Performance in a Wig: Anna Torv as Altlivia Dunham

Outstanding Performance in a Wife-beater: Seth Gabel as Lincoln Lee (“Nothing As It Seems”)

Outstanding Performance in a Lake: Joshua Jackson as Peter Bishop (“Subject 9”)

Outstanding Performance in a Fedora: Michael Cerveris as September the Observer

Outstanding Performance with a Prosthetic Limb: Blair Brown as Nina Sharp

Outstanding Performance Without Ever Smiling: Lance Reddick as Phillip Broyles

Outstanding Performance by a Lost Alumnus: Henry Ian Cusick (Simon Foster)

Outstanding Onscreen Chemistry: Joshua Jackson and Seth Gabel

Outstanding Kiss: Peter Bishop and Olivia Dunham (“A Short Story About Love”)

Outstanding Nissan Product Placement: Fringe

Outstanding Use of Excessive Blimps: Fringe

Outstanding Leap Out of a Helicopter: Peter and Olivia (“Brave New World, Part 2”)

Outstanding Witty Banter: Altlivia Dunham and Alt-Lincoln Lee

Outstanding Face Slap: Walter slaps Peter (“Brave New World, Part 2”)

Outstanding Opening Title Sequence: Fringe

Outstanding Special Effects: Fringe

Outstanding Use of Mirrors and Symbolic Reflections: Fringe

Outstanding Use of Outdated Forms of Communication: Fringe (for its extensive use of typewriters)

Outstanding Use of Bacon: Walter and Lincoln’s peanut butter and bacon sandwich (“Nothing As It Seems”)

Outstanding Portrayal of Daddy Issues: Fringe

Outstanding Moment of Soul-Crushing Agony (AKA the Kleenex Award for Excellence): Alt-Lincoln gets shot in “Everything in Its Right Place”

Outstanding Moment of Joyful Weeping: Peter and Etta’s reunion (“Letters of Transit”)

Outstanding Everything: Fringe

Well, what do you say, Fringe fans? Do you feel any better knowing that Fringe swept the Frimmys? Now it’s your turn to tell us what other Frimmy Awards you think should be given out. Leave your Frimmy nominations below, or tweet us @PopCultureNexus using the hashtag #Frimmys! And thank you all for existing, because it’s much easier to see your favorite show constantly overlooked by awards when you have such an awesome fandom to lament about it with. Happy Frimmy Awards, everyone!

-Mary & Louise


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  1. Here Here! It’s about time! Finally, some awards I agree with!

  2. That blasphemy, Outstanding Lead Actor: John Noble (Walter Bishop/Walternate Bishop) always!!

  3. I think you forgot one. Gene is not pleased.

  4. Other than forgetting: Outstanding Cow: the Cow as Gene the Cow, these are perfect :’D

  5. You guys never cease to make me laugh. Thanks for the Frimmys.

  6. Hey Louise……LOVE THIS IDEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ok here are two you forgot…….

    Best Breakfast Moment: (Weary Altlivia resting her head on Walter as he cooked them toast and eggs!)

    Best Three Words Of The Television Season: “Peter I’m Pregnant”!

  7. Love it! Thank you for this. 🙂

  8. Best acting in a peacoat – Joshua Jackson

  9. more award shows need an outstanding performance in a lake catorgry lol!

  10. Love love love these! *standing applause*

  11. Love this! 😀 But here’s some others:
    Outstanding use of needles for a non-medical drama: Fringe.
    Outstanding number of times a person has shared consciousness with different individuals: Fringe.
    Outstanding use of Leonard Nimoy even though he’s ‘retired’ :Fringe.
    Outstanding musical episode with lots of hidden foreshadowing: Brown Betty.
    Outstanding singing: Anna, Jasika, Lance, John, corpses (sorry JJ is not eligible for obvious reasons).
    Outstanding ability to take a cold blooded killer and turn her into a puppy dog, unicorn and rainbow loving person and make us actually believe it: Fringe and Anna.
    Outstanding Sprint, Ford, Nissan and Red Vines product placement: Fringe.
    Outstanding number of times a person has rescued themselves in a badass manner: Fringe.

  12. and also…

    Outstanding number of deaths (or nearly death): Anna torv as Olivia Dunham

  13. brendalex1993

    and also….

    Outstanding number of resurrections: Anna Torv as Olivia Dunham

  14. now the Frimmys is one awards show that i like 🙂
    Outstanding use of timelines:Fringe

  15. WOW!! I loved that. so funny as usual 🙂 and I nominate Community, my other favorite show

    • Thanks! We’ll have to make up another award for ‘Community.’ It’s my other favorite show too, and I’m always appalled when it gets overlooked along with ‘Fringe’ by the Emmys and Golden Globes.

  16. this is awesome, I’m super happy by all the Frimmys Fringe won! 😀
    you just forgot one. “Outstanding fandom: Fringe fandom (Fringies)”

  17. I love the ‘Outstanding Moment of Soul-Crushing Agony’ one.

  18. Outstanding Face Slap: Walter slaps Peter (“Brave New World, Part 2″)

  19. Outstanding endorsement of All Natural Products “Strawberry Flavored Death”
    Best Vaginda “Anna Torv”

  20. Outstanding Endorsement of all natural products: John Noble (Walter) “Strawberry Flavored Death”

    Best Vaginda: Anna Torv (Olivia)

  21. Also…

    Best Use of the Word Vaginda: John Noble (Walter Bishop)
    Best use of a Vaginda: Joshua Jackson (Peter Bishop)
    Best Peeping Tom: Michael Cerveris (September / Observer)

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