Fringe 1×18 “Midnight”: Reactions from a First Time Viewer

Even with a mediocre mystery case, this episode managed to have a little bit of everything to satisfy a Fringie: Great Polivia moments. Walter being adorable. And Olivia walking around like a BAMF. Just look at her exit the elevator. I want her swagger.

The episode did reveal who is funding ZFT, but let’s be honest, we all suspected that. I find it rather surprising that episode 18 did little to move the general storyline forward since the season finale is right around the corner. Oh well. I guess they are waiting to ignite the big fireworks.

  • Who is this guy getting all pretty in front of the mirror? Is he the killer? He has an accent and his name is Bob.
  • Wow, that was a horrible pick-up line. “Before I came in here, I thought I was good looking.” Bob is on the prowl. “I can tell you’re my kind of girl.” Puke.
  • Woah, that girl just snapped his neck. Ladies and gents, we have found this episode’s killer and she has crazy eyes! Oh Snap! She ate the dude’s neck! surprisesurprise
  • Olivia has company. “Two Singles Together.” Wait, huh? They are a couple with a kid, but they don’t spend time with each other? confused Huh? HA Olivia is having the same reaction I’m having. Each parent is throwing a party for their son? No comprendo.
  • Aww, Olivia just smiled looking at Graham and Ella coloring at the table. Liv, you know you want to have a baby with Peter! Listen to Nike’s slogan…”Just Do It.” big grinbig grin
  • Greg is filing for divorce?!?! BOO!!! Officially starting a “Greg is a Loser” Club. thumbs downthumbs downthumbs down

  • Neil to Olivia: “What kind of work do you do, Olivia” HAHA Superhero type work.
  • Those are some gruesome bite marks on dead Bob.
  • LOL Peter just joked they may be looking for Dracula and Walter got excited that his son is finally opening his mind. Aw. day dreaming
  • Olivia asked Broyles if he was satisfied with his divorce attorney. AWKWARD.

  • Astrid to Peter: “When you finally meet a nice girl, I would avoid bringing her home for as long as possible. “ HAHA No need Astrid. That girl can handle the Bishop boys.

  • The crazy eyed chick took Bob’s spinal fluid and had syphilis. Now, Peter is worried he doesn’t have gloves on. HAHA laughinglaughinglaughing

  • ZFT strikes again!
  • The dog has the freakishly blue eyes too! Someone was dosed. Someone is always dosed. Who has Dr. Nicholas Boone’s wife? Looks like ZFT is coercing him. thinkingthinking
  •  Aw, Olivia is getting emotional. Since she has been working for the Fringe Division, 81 people have lost their life and that is not including those on the airplane. I hate seeing Olivia emotional. sadsadsad
  • HAHA Walter is so polite, shaking everyone’s hand at Boone’s Lab.big hug
  • UGH I HATE GREG. angryangryHe wants full custody of Ella and claiming Rachel is an unfit mother. Excuse me…where have you been Greg? Olivia: “Okay, Rachel, listen to me. Now, this is just one of those things that you’re gonna look back on and you’re gonna say, “I beat that too.” Do you hear me?” She is such an awesome sister.big hug
  • HAHA Olivia doing what she does best…being a BAMF.thumbs upthumbs upthumbs up

  • Time to raid the restaurant in Chinatown. Seeing Olivia in action is like watching a Power Ranger morph. One powerful chica!

  • She speaks Chinese too? Is it even possible to give Dunham more BAMF points?
  • Boone’s wife is the killer. Did she put him in a wheelchair? He gave her his spinal fluid, and now she needs to kill to refuel.
  • Peter is working on something.  Oooo, what is it? I don't know
  • Walter: “I also have a cow.” laughinglaughingLOL Too many mad scientists in a lab.
  • Peter just said he has a friend named Mako and OLIVIA JUST GAVE THE BEST LOOK!!!! POLIVIA FTW hee heeday dreaming
  • Walter to Dr. Boone: “It’s an honor to have your intellect in my lab.” Aw, Walter needs more scientist friends. Love their discussion on the existence of a soul and redemption.
  • Ruh-roh. It’s another body.
  • Walter is a gracious host. He is offering the guys in his lab “Peek Frean.” Love it. And he installed The Clapper.laughing

  • Astrid: “It’s a place called The Cavern. The industrial area is happening in the underground club scene right now.” Can we take a second and acknowledge the fact that Astrid knows what’s ‘happening’ in the club scene. LMAO Astrid, you surprise me.
  • Peter to random girl in the club: “It’s a handheld thermo-imaging radiometer. It tells me if you’re hot.” NOW THAT’S A PICKUP LINE.laughing
  • Peter to girl: “I’m looking for someone with syphilis.”  rolling on the floorrolling on the floor
  • Oh man…Boone is gonna give more of his spinal fluid. surprise
  • Boone lied to Walter! (I had a feeling that would happen) “How far would you go for someone you love?” This is important. Making a mental note now.
  • WARNING WARNING POLIVIA MOMENT!!! Peter: “Where is the siren on this thing?” Olivia: “Is that why you wanted to drive?” HAHA Olivia’s disapproving look. rolling on the floorbig grinday dreamingday dreamingday dreaming I HAVE NO WORDS. DYING AND MELTING INTO A PUDDLE OF GC-161.

  • Ah! Valerie is waking up!surprisesurprise
  • Olivia: “I thought you were a card carrying cynic.” Peter: “I am. World-class. But there’s an argument to be made that beneath every cynic is a frustrated romantic.” Guys, just be honest…winkingwinkingwinkingwinking

  • AHH! Valerie is attacking Olivia.angry
  • Olivia in all black and Peter in a dapper sports coat.big grinwinking
  • Boone kept his word. And there it is…the man who is funding ZFT is William Bell.


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  1. I bet Astrid takes Walter clubbing with her. He’d be a big hit with all of his self-made super drugs. Plus, we all know the man can dance his ass off. I mean, that’s common knowledge.

  2. Great recap. As strange as ‘two singles together’ is, whenever I watch this ep, I’m always surprised that it’s not an actual thing in real life.

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