Fringe 1×19 “The Road Not Taken”: Reactions from a First Time Viewer

This is the last episode before the season finale! The episode begins with an intense scene with Broyles then cuts to the Fringe mystery case involving two women who were Cortexiphan subjects as children. This then results in an AMAZING scene between Olivia and Walter.  John Noble’s performance is heartbreaking! How did Anna Torv prevent herself from crying in that scene? Oh yeah…cuz she is an amazing actor as well. FRIMMYs for Torv and Noble!

  • Broyles is briefing his team on ZFT. Things are getting intense. Yay! Dunham and Francis are the team captains.thumbs upthumbs up
  • Uh oh. The girl is not feeling well. She is burning up. Spontaneous human consumption! Time to call the Bishops.
  • Walter is gonna show Peter the typewriter! Why don’t you believe Bell wrote the manifesto, Walter? Maybe he is a madman. There is a chapter on “Ethics”? Really? Poor Walter. sad He is trying to absolve Belly.
  • Charred bodies are not pleasant.

  • Wait, what? Olivia saw TWO bodies. surprisesurprisesurprise
  • Elevator entrances rock on Fringe. It’s Ms. Terminator!
  • HAHA Peter is working on his own little science project. I want to see. happy
  • Olivia, I don’t think Broyles moved his desk. Huh? What is going on? confusedconfusedconfusedconfusedIs she daydreaming?

  • Darn, it’s Sanford Harris (aka Mr. Doofus). My favorite person…NOT! Scram.

  • Lab Rule Number One: Do not borrow Walter’s equipment without asking. Got it! thumbs up
  • Walter: “Olivia, let me guess you’re a cornflakes gal.” Olivia: “Yeah, sure.” LMAO Olivia’s reaction is priceless.

  • Olivia sees the buildings burning? She is experiencing déjà vu. Walter: “Déjà vu is a momentary glimpse to the other side. […] It’s another path. The road not taken. “ Interesting!
  • Awesome shot.

  • Hey, it’s Ron Howard’s brother! He is telling Peter and Olivia that Massive Dynamics is a cover and that Bell is activating his subjects! surprisesurprisesurprise HAHA Star Trek reference FTW laughinglaughing

  • HAHA Olivia has whiskey on hand in her office. Girl loves her whiskey.
  • Peter to Mr. Doofus: “Always a pleasure seeing you, sir.” laughinglaughing
  • Mr. Doofus just gave Olivia a new assignment, and he is requiring her to take a psych eval. UGH!! I MUST EXPRESS MY ANGER IN A DR. SEUSS POEM:

  • Go Olivia. You tell him! “I am not gonna let you undermine my ability to do my job.” She is pissed. Love it.
  • Déjà vu again. The phone is red and Charlie has a scar on his left face. surprisesurprise Susan Pratt has a twin! Ah, it’s Isaac Winters!
  • The team is visiting Nancy Lewis’ apartment and there clearly was a struggle. What is this machine Peter created? Awwwwww. The machine is for his dad. love strucklove struckbig hugbig hugWalter: “You know, when he was five, he built me a popsicle napkin holder. Dreadful design. Utterly useless.” rolling on the floorrolling on the floorI love the Walterisms on this show.
  • Astrid to Peter: “You sound just like him.” Oooooo. Possible foreshadowing?
  •  Of course Olivia would have a cell phone app that dials the number from the tone. Now, they can get Mr. Doofus. YES!!!!!!

  • Mr. Doofus needs Nancy active? For what?
  • Whaaaaaat? Nooooooo! He just locked Olivia in with the firestarter. Olivia is livid and using her BAMF low voice.
  • It’s the light box!!!!!!!

  • Yes Nancy, focus on Mr. Doofus. Buh bye!

  • Olivia to Walter: “What the hell did you people do to us? What did you do to me?” Walter knew.cryingcrying Walter: We were trying to prepare you. To make you capable. Able. Something terrible is coming.” MY HEART IS BREAKING. Walter is crying!!!! cryingcryingbroken heartbroken heart

  • Ms. Terminator is at Broyles’ place. They know each other that well? She has pictures of the Observer.
  • Walter is listening to the blues. sad Poor guy. OH SNAP!!!! It’s the manuscript. OH SNAP!!!!!!!! It’s Mr. Baldie!! Time to go?! Go where?!! surprisesurpriseI don't knowI don't know

  • WHAT JUST HAPPENED?!?! They shot Ms. Terminator!!!


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  2. Oh the finale of season one. .. chills. Was it the last scene that gave me chills? I can’t remember, but I think so. I can see it in my mind right now.

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