‘FRINGE’ Photo Recap 3×02: “The Box”

Hello, world! I know it’s been a while since my last recap, and I apologize for my epic failure to post them with any sort of regularity over the summer, which I totally intended to do. But this summer has been all kinds of crazy—so much so that I haven’t even had time to keep up with my current shows (only five of which are currently airing new episodes), so yeah, I fail. Please accept this new photo recap as an apology gift! And remember, we’re only a few (okay, seven) weeks away from the season five premiere! So let’s take another stroll down memory lane with a look at the second episode of season three…

As you may recall, Peter is being a slut and still hasn’t realized that Olivia is actually Altlivia, who is still not at the point of being likable yet. Walter is a little nervous about this whole Apocalypse Machine business they’ve discovered, and Olivia is having a good old time in the Altverse thinking she’s Altlivia. So basically it’s like a really elaborate version of The Parent Trap, or that episode of Sister, Sister where Tia and Tamera switch places for a day, except that Olivia doesn’t know she’s not herself. And also Tamera never had sex with Tia’s boyfriend while pretending to be her. (At least not as far as we know.)

The episode opened with a not-so-standard home invasion wherein some sketchy guys dug a hole in someone’s basement, which is just really inconsiderate because it’s one thing to rob someone, but digging up their basement is just unnecessarily mean. These ladies looked like they were guests at the worst tea party ever:

His friends in the basement were doing their best impression of Stanley and Zero in Holes.

As the saying goes, curiosity killed the criminals. Did they learn nothing from watching Se7en? Or Kiss Me Deadly? Or The Box, the 2009 supernatural thriller starring Cameron Diaz and James Marsden? And then of course there’s the story of Pandora’s Box. By this point, everyone should know that nothing good ever comes from opening a mysterious box. Unless you’re on SNL.

Everyone in the house bit it, except for this poor guy, who seemed understandably confused by the whole thing.

Over at Sketch Headquarters, that guy who looks like David Beckham’s cousin was helping Altlivia take care of some final touches on her new persona, including that pesky neck tattoo and learning all about the universe she’s now living in.

Ugh, these guys and their secret plans. So annoying. Can’t you see we have more important things to worry about? Like how to make chocolate milk with a cow? You’re welcome, world.

Poor Peter was really feeling the stress of being the key piece of a universe-destroying death machine. No wonder he and Skanky the sixth Spice Girl went out for drinks after work.

And then Peter and Altlivia had the audacity to try to dance together adorably, and a little piece of my soul died.

Thank God their little waltz got interrupted by some corpses. I’ll take dead bodies over the train wreck that is Peter/Altlivia any day.

Whoops, somebody’s evil plan hit a little snag. That’s what you get for outsourcing such an important job, David Beckham’s Cousin. Altlivia went to meet him and tell him what an idiot he is.

Oh, but someone did…

Poor guy. That’s a tough spot—getting stuck with a box that killed your friends and some hostages.

Walter was examining (or just squeezing) one of the dead people’s brains…

What does it say about me that I really wanted a jelly doughnut after watching this scene? I definitely think I fall closer to the Walter end of the food-obsession spectrum.

Astrid cleaned his tie off and calmed his nerves before Walter went off to the reading of William Bell’s will, stopping briefly to offer his condolences to Nina.

Oh, William Bell… Being cryptic and making puns about Nina’s prosthetic arm, even after you’ve supposedly died. You gotta appreciate his grandiosity. Being around all that science at Massive Dynamic must have triggered something in Walter’s mind because he had an epiphany about the mysterious deaths.

Meanwhile, Altlivia had a visit from the nice criminal with the box, who learned the hard way that the “finder’s keepers” rule trumps any kind of legal obligation.

Lucky break, Altlivia. You hardly even had to work to get your magic death box back. Seriously, this mission is a cakewalk. All she’s had to do is dance with Peter, learn how to pronounce “Bono,” and sit pretty until somebody brings you the box you were looking for. If only our Olivia had it this easy.

You know what’s not so easy? Confronting your fake son from another universe about how you accidentally kidnapped him while attempting to save his life.

Poor Walter… He poured his heart out, per the suggestion of his therapist, Astrid, but Peter wasn’t ready to deal with their Baggage. He was probably too busy fantasizing about his new fake girlfriend. Speaking of which…

Man, that guy is annoying. Remember when he was annoying on Supernatural? And The Vampire Diaries? And Charmed? It doesn’t help that he looks like Gordon Ramsay. Oh well. Back to Altlivia and her gotta-do-what-I-gotta-do attitude.

NOT COOL, ALTLIVIA. I’m all for moral ambiguity, but killing a (semi-)innocent deaf guy who was trying to do the right thing by returning the stolen box—that is just uncalled for. I know he’s a criminal, but I really started to like him during his brief life on Fringe. You deserved better, random guy.

Great, so not only does Altlivia take over Olivia’s life, steal her man, and help keep her captive in another universe, but she gets blood all over Olivia’s apartment? Rude.

Meanwhile, back at the station platform…

I’ve gotta give Altlivia props for saving Peter in such an awesomely BAMFalicious manner. Our Olivia would have done the same thing, but she would have done it because she cares about Peter and not because it was part of her mission to keep him alive so he could destroy a universe. Speaking of the Machine, Peter went back to pondering his apocalyptic destiny…

Poor baby Peter… I know he’s having an identity crisis and everything, but YOU ARE KILLING ME, SMALLS. You have got to figure out that this is not your Olivia. I mean did you see her lick her lips? Even when she was on LSD, Olivia would not do that. But luckily I have the value of future hindsight, and I know that all this strife for Polivia totally pays off later on. Even so, it’s hard to re-watch season three and not scream “USE A FREAKING CONDOM!” at the screen every time Peter comes on.

Well, I hope this helped to tide you over until Fringe returns in September. I’ll try to do a few more before the new season. In the meantime, feel free to leave a comment below, or you can always tweet us @PopCultureNexus to chat about all things Fringe!

As always, thank you to FringeFiles.com for providing the screen caps of this episode, and thanks to TV.com’s brilliant Price Peterson, whose hilarious Vampire Diaries photo recaps were the inspiration for my own. And thanks for reading!


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  1. Great recap. Probably shouldn’t have read it at work where people could hear me laughing.
    I have to confess, I never hated Altlivia, even when she was seducing Peter.
    I have a theory that since Peter’s from a different universe, and he vibrates at a different frequency, his super sperm passes right through our universe condoms. Also have a theory that since he and our Olivia vibrate at different frequencies it makes the sex extra awesome. (So yay for Altlivia and Lincoln as well.)

  2. Yay! Was so excited to see another photo recap. This was great! I laughed raucously at the hugzies moment and the look on poor Nina’s face. Hope to see more recaps soon!

  3. Cortexiphan Girl

    “not only does Altlivia take over Olivia’s life, steal her man, and help keep her captive in another universe, but she gets blood all over Olivia’s apartment? Rude” + September planking = AWESOME LOL

  4. Bianca Boshoff

    “So that’s what planking is”-LOLOLOLLL!! Loved this 😀

  5. “USE A FREAKING CONDOM!” You took the words right out of my mouth…

  6. Thankyou for calling AltLiv “Skanky”..the 6th Spice Girl. I call her much worse. Glad im not the only one who didnt like her. Mega props go to Anna Torv for being so BRILLIANT an actress that i would go from hating the Skank to feeling desperately worried and angst filled for Olivia. She’s one AWESOME actress! Keep up the amazing recaps. Love them to bits!

  7. “What’s planking…?”–that was GOLD!! Lol!!!

  8. Hahaha another brillant piece of work, had me laughing so loud! Look forward to these. i know it takes alot of effort so thanks for sharing Louise

  9. LOL this was amazing! the lip licking and Hunger Games parts were the best. also, the planking ones were hilarious. I loved it all! *-*

  10. Just catching up on Fringe-dom to get ready for the new season & found Mary Romero’s article and your photo recaps. They are freaking hilarious. Thank you! Thank you! So much to catch up.. your photo recaps & Mary’s episode recaps. I’ve been putting off catching up b/c of the looming last season. I’m so distressed b/c I’ve watched & have been hooked since the first episode. I’ll be a wreck in January & praying to any deity for a movie!! I’ve watched the majority of the last season in the past week but now I’m thinking of going from Season 1 & following along with Mary’s article & your’s. Thanks again. A very very very very very very loyal fan.

  11. oh I miss this SOOOO much!!!!! Thanks Louise!!!! you got me laughing like a maniac!!!!

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