Fringe 2×02 “Night of Desirable Objects”: Reactions from a First Time Viewer

Okay, so episode 2 wasn’t as extraordinary as the season premiere, but that’s okay. happy The writers deserve a break after such an amazing opening to Season 2. Despite the lack of jaw dropping scenes, there were adorable Polivia moments and a heart warming scene between Peter and Walter. I am so happy to see these two bonding and rebuilding their father/son relationship. On a separate note, how cool is Olivia’s cane?! Just watch it become the new superhero accessory.big grin

  • Ah! Blue creature underground got Raymond. surprise
  • Aww Peter is with Olivia at the hospital. day dreamingbatting eyelashesbatting eyelashes Poor girl, her hand is still shaky. sadOH SNAP! Olivia has a badass cane.  Can’t wait to see her take down the bad guys with that thing. Peter and Olivia are so ADORABLE.

  • Nooo. It’s shapeshifter Charlie spying outside the hospital. Why did they have to do that to Olivia’s partner?!?!

  • Walter and Astrid are recreating Olivia’s car accident with a frog. The experiment reminds me of Doc staging Marty’s voyage in Back to the Future with the toy car.

  • Walter to Olivia: “When they said you were dead…when I saw you lying there…I don’t know what I would’ve done.”

  • The gang is visiting the farm site where Raymond was taken. HAHA Walter is so friendly at the crime scene. laughinglaughing
  • Olivia hears the fly and other noises. Her cortexiphan is at work.

  • Why is evil Charlie clutching his side? surprise And who is he communicating with? I don't know Ugh, I want to know.

  • Peter: “How’s it going Walter?” Walter: “I plan to urinate in 23 minutes.” rolling on the floorrolling on the floor  Walterisms FTW! Oh! He is gonna need help with his zipper because the substance from the case is a paralytic.
  •  Guys, we’re mutants!!

  • Peter and Olivia are checking out Andre Hughes’ house and Olivia’s spidey senses are active again. Really, Olivia, really?!I don't know Shouldn’t Peter be the one going upstairs investigating and you distracting Hughes. You’re the injured one and you make a lot more noise walking about. OH EM GEE. Olivia almost shot her future husband! hee heehee hee He is not a happy camper. LOL He can totally use this incident to get out of stuff. “Hey Peter, can you take out the garbage?” “Ummmm, remember that time you almost killed me.” LOL

  • Maybe Hughes’ son is the monster.
  • Glad to see Olivia still has a sense of humor at the doctor’s office. Doctor: “How’s your short term memory?” Olivia: “Uh, what’s your name?” laughinglaughing worriedOUCH!! – that’s a nasty bruise.

  • Ms. Terminator? surprisesurprise WHERE DID SHE COME FROM?!?!?! She came out of nowhere like a ninja. She is advising Olivia to see Sam Weiss, the man who helped put her back together. I’m intrigued.
  • Jessup is investigating Hughes too! She is like a magnet for all things religious. Cool.
  • I KNEW IT!!! Mr. Hughes’ son is the blue monster. Well, that’s not nice…Mr. Hughes killed himself.  Not gonna get answers from him talking
  • Walter: “The grave of the boy who is not in his grave.”  So fitting. The writers are really pushing the whole “Peter died and is not from this universe theme” this season.
  • YIKES! Hughes’ baby wasn’t entirely human. worriedHe created a super baby. No talking
  • The sheriff is at the Hughes farm. It’s like the movie, Tremors!
  • Olivia and Peter have returned to the farm. Be careful! GAH! Attack! Olivia!! Peter is entering the tunnel to save her.
  • Phew! whew!whew!He saved her.

  • Poor, guy.  Mr. Hughes was trying to capture his son to stop him from killing more people.sadsad
  • Charlie: “Well, you know whatever it is…we’ll deal with it together. I’ll help you remember.” Olivia: “I know you will.” Don’t trust him! angryangryHe’s not your partner!!! He’s a shapeshifter. ARGH, why did they have to do that to Mr. Deep Sexy Voice?

  • Peter: “It’s called the Night Of Desirable Objects. Sadly, his father was never really all that available to him, so, what started out as a would-be bonding experience ended up with a young man fishing alone in a boat.” Walter: “And this young man… gave this to you?” LOL Walter doesn’t get the story. Walter: “Can I come…with you and your friend?” Awww, great father/son dreamingday dreamingbig hugbig hug

  • Bubble bath time at Olivia’s apartment, and her spidey senses are active. I hope she can get some sleep afterwards.

  • Olivia is gonna see Sam Weiss. Hey, it’s Kevin Corrigan!

Screencaps from Fringe Files and gifs from “dunhamgetinmybed“ on Tumblr.


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