Fringe 2×03 “Fracture”: Reactions from a First Time Viewer

Dunham walked on her own! Since this is the last episode Olivia can park in the handicap space, I decided to write a farewell letter to her trusty, black walking cane.

Dear Mr. Cane,

I am sad to see you go, but you had an amazing exit. Thank you for saving the day and always being there to offer support. You were a fantastic superhero accessory.

Warmest Regards,


  • Uh oh, the cop just left his partner. no talking He’s gonna get in trouble ‘cuz that’s a big ‘no-no.’ The guy is turning into a human icicle. surprisesurprise Oh. Wasn’t expecting that…he just exploded.

  • Aww, Olivia is having trouble tying her shoes. Don’t get discouraged!
  • Peter is trying to find new digs for him and his father. He wants his own room because Walter likes to be naked. rolling on the floorrolling on the floor

  • Hey, I’ve been to the Philadelphia train station and it looks nothing like that place. Incorrect.raised eyebrowsraised eyebrows
  • Walter, stop putting foreign objects in your mouth! Awww, he just winked at Peter. Adorable. day dreaming
  • Eww, Walter just put Gillespie’s ear in his mouth. C’mon buddy you’re killing me here.

  • Walter used a jigsaw puzzle of Playboy’s Ms. July to explain human reproduction to Peter when he was 10 years old. LMAO laughinglaughing
  • Really, Walter? I don't knowI don't knowOut of all the body parts you could’ve reconstructed, you chose Gillespie’s baby making equipment.

  • In other news, he found numerous needle marks on the body. A clue!
  • Oh no. surprisesurprise Olivia is getting flashbacks of crossing over while visiting Gillespie’s wife. It’s the headache Sam was talking about.

  • Oh Snap. Olivia just found some type of medication in the bathroom.
  • That chick has the same condition as Gillespie? She is injecting her toe. Ouch. worried
  • Olivia to Sam: “Look, can you just cut the Yoda crap and tell me what’s happening to me?” Star Wars reference FTW! Sam is Yoda and Olivia is Luke Skywalker! She’s a Jedi!

  • Gene disapproves Peter’s cheeseburger. laughinglaughing Way to stand up for your herd. You go cow!

  • Peter is gonna go back to Iraq and Olivia will join him. It’s just like the first episode except they are partners now. hee heehee heeday dreamingkiss

  • Olivia speaks Arabic? Look at her being multi-lingual. She astounds me. Must be her Jedi powers.winkingwinking

  • Ahmed to Peter: “More than anything else, a person like you is good at looking out for yourself.” Ouch.
  • Walter is experimenting with fruit again…this time it’s a watermelon. The experiment worked but Astrid IS NOT PLEASED. Astrid: “No more fruit, Walter.” laughinglaughing
  • HA Weird to see Olivia drinking something that is NOT whiskey.  laughing  She’s not a fan of the ‘Red Russian’ Peter ordered. They work so well together. winkingwinking

  • They got a name! Dr. Yusef: “Col. Raymond Gordon.” Go on girl, use the force to save the day.
  • Uh oh. Diane Burgess is following Gordon’s orders and going to the Federal Center metro station. surprisesurprise Another misrepresentation of a transit station. LOL
  • Yay! Peter got Gordon and Olivia used Mr. Cane to save the day.

  • Gah, Olivia just pulled her gun on Yoda, surprise  and walked without Mr. Cane.
  • Gordon knows about the Observers! He is telling Broyles the briefcase has their notes. Dang. GAH!! The Observer has pictures of Walter!! I don't want to seeI don't want to see

Screencaps from Fringe Files and gifs from “dunhamgetinmybed“ on Tumblr.


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  1. RIP Mr. Cane!!!

  2. BAWHAHAHA!!!! One of the funniest recaps yet Mary!!! Love the farewell letter to Mr. Cane and the screenshot of Olivia eating Walter’s brownies……HAAHAAAA


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