Fringe 2×04 “Momentum Deferred”: Reactions from a First Time Viewer

Remember that time when the evil shape shifter took Charlie’s identity and  crushed Olivia’s hope of having a partner that actually survives? Yeah, well the evil shape shifter was revealed and the outcome was devastating. C’mon guys, can’t Olivia catch a break? Poor Olivia. She already lost Mr. Boring Face and now, Mr. Deep Sexy Voice is gone.cryingcrying  I’m sorry Olivia. sadsad
    • Is that a head? Why won’t the guy die? About time. Whoa, his skin changed. surprisesurprise
    • Walter wants Olivia to eat black worms. HAHA I would be careful with Belly’s ideas. We all know what happened the last time Olivia was a guinea pig in one of Belly’s experiment.
    • Dang, Olivia just chugged that thing down like it was her morning protein shake.

      • Olivia’s hair is in a bun. I like it. She still looks badass. thumbs upthumbs up
      • It was a frozen head. The body was bleeding silver.I don't know  Interesting and ewww. GAH! Olivia is remembering the ‘other side.’ surprise

      • The silver blood is actually mercury. It’s the shape shifter’s device! Mr. Deep Sexy Voice looks horrible, like he is dying. worried
      • What are those head-stealing dudes looking for?
      • U go girl! Olivia told Broyles that maybe Peter can figure out the shape shifter’s device. That’s right, Liv, have confidence in your man.winkingwinkingbig grinbig grin
      • The dead body bleeding mercury is not human – it’s a “mechano/organic hybrid.” The dude is a shape shifter!
      • AHHH!! Invasion of the Body Snatchers reference FTW. not worthydancingthumbs up Peter is surprised with Olivia’s movie knowledge. laughing laughingLove her eyebrow lift facial expression. laughing Awww, Peter believes Olivia will tell him if she is scared. I’m not sure about that one buddy.

      • They just figured out the shape shifter that attacked Olivia in the hospital is still alive. There is a shape shifter among you! surprise Guys, it’s Charlie!!! angryangry

      • Charlie’s eye doesn’t look good. He is ingesting mercury to rejuvenate. phbbbbt

      • Ms. Terminator is right. The shape shifter is trapped in his current body. Brandon just got the shape shifter’s device and was asked if he could fix it. Brandon: “Now that I have one that works, I can do it in three hours…tops.” Geesh, gloat much?
      • Father and son are gonna visit Rebecca Kibner, one of Walter’s subjects who saw the shape shifters. Why is Walter making himself all pretty for Rebecca. I don't know Were they in a relationship? raised eyebrows Peter looks pissed after that hug.
      • She seems so eager to be Walter’s lab rat again. WEIRD. raised eyebrows Olivia just came in and shook Rebecca’s hand. rolling on the floor Olivia: “Thank you so much for doing this.” Translation: “Thank you for letting Walter pump you with drugs to find the dude who is trying to kill me.” rolling on the floor Rebecca remembers where the drugs are stashed. HAHA There is something going on between Rebecca and Walter, and I don’t like it. no talking

      • Rebecca has met Peter before? She says he was a baby when they met.

      • The Bell!!!! OH SNAP!!! OLIVIA!!! Badass down. Peter, she needs CPR. winkingwinkinghee hee

      • She is remembering her meeting with Dr. Bell. surprise

      • WTF? Don’t bring up the fact you use to know her as a girl. That’s creepy and mean. sad Bell is breathing like Darth Vader and he is wearing all black. That’s right, Olivia confront him about the experiments. Olivia: “I’ve met some of the others. To say that they are permanently damaged would be an understatement.” Bell says Olivia is just coming into her ability. worried She’s a guardian?! Why can’t Bell go back yet? The ‘other side’ designed the hybrids and sent them to this universe. What? Why? This is not good. They are called the ‘first wave.’ First wave of how many? An inter-dimension war is coming?! You go Olivia, be assertive. “Livvy” WTF? Don’t call her that! no talking The shape shifters are looking for a man to open the door between both worlds. worried Olivia is the Chosen One! She is the one to stop him. She must find the symbol. It is hidden on their leader.

      • The Greek phrase!! surprisesurprisesurprise Bell: “You are going to need him by your side.” HELLS YEAH!! Even Dr. Bell is rooting for more Polivia moments. thumbs upbig grinbig grinbig grin

      • Bell: “As I once said to Walter, physics is a bitch.” Daaaaaaaaaaaang!!!! Needle straight in the heart. surprisesurprisesurprise surprisesurprisesurprise Olivia has so many abrupt awakenings!!!
      • What? Walter wants to drive home with Rebecca?!?! What is with you? Did you have a sexual relationship with her? I hope not. So unprofessional and amoral ‘cuz you were MARRIED with Peter’s mom.

      • Why is Rebecca looking at Peter that way? She saw something in Peter.
      • Uh oh. Charlie just saw the program Brandon set up for Olivia to identify the shape shifter. surprise
      • The Pauli Exclusion principle. Of course, I was just about to say that Ms. Terminator.  Only one world will remain. UH OH SpaghettiOs!

      • Olivia remembers Laston-Hennings Cryonics. Quickly to the Dunham mobile!
      • ARGH! Don’t trust Charlie! angry

      • Oh no. Charlie’s team is ready to raid Massive Dynamics.
      • The picture finished rendering! Noooo!!! Olivia!! Get him!!! Oh no, he made the call. She shot him! surpriseDon’t look at her with that face!! angryWhoa, bullet in the head. This is starting to become a Fringe trademark.

      • Rebecca and Walter are kissing?! Too much PDA. Walter: “The truth is I believed you were always special.” Not cool Walter!
      • GAH! I hate to see Olivia upset. crying She is gonna have a hard time getting over Charlie’s death. “And I failed.” crying crying Anna torv is so good!!!!

      • It’s the leader!


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  1. Well Mary you’ve done it again….another fantastic recap! I love your recaps so much because they are liking rewatching all these incredible episodes over again and honestly when you see how complex and deep the show gets by season three and four, you really forget alot of season one and two and so I’m happy that your recaps have been a much needed reminder for me! THANKS!

    P. S. You nailed it on the head when you said, the bullet in the head is becoming a Fringe trademark… will get what I mean come season 3 and 4….WINK 😉

  2. Your observations are always so spot-on and insightful. I’m glad you are paying attention to so many details!

  3. Oh and you always make me laugh at the same time too. Loved the Schmidt gif!


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