‘True Blood’ 5×10 Review: “Gone, Gone, Gone”

Holy plot resolution, Batman! True Blood is tying up loose ends like crazy now that we’re nearing the season finale. Last week we saw Terry’s Ifrit storyline meet its somewhat unsatisfying end. (I can’t say I was sorry to see it go.) Who knows if that will factor into the finale, but knowing this show, I’m guessing that the aftereffects of Terry’s experience will be addressed. As will, I’m sure, Lafayette’s brujo possession, which has been dormant since he escaped from Don Bartolo with Jesus’ spirit riding shotgun.

This episode involved the wrap-up (and I use the term loosely, because nothing is ever really “wrapped up” on True Blood) of the Hoyt-Jessica-Jason love triangle/best friend betrayal storyline in a thoroughly heartbreaking fashion. Hoyt told his former best friend and girlfriend that he was going to Alaska, and that he wanted Jess to make him forget them both so that Hoyt would stop feeling miserable.

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