Fringe 2×05 “Dream Logic”: Reactions from a First Time Viewer

Whatever happened to the bar the season 2 premiere established? The episodes following the premiere have been good but haven’t regained the amazingness that was Olivia being catapulted through the windshield of her car. (That stunt should have received an Emmy.) Episode 5 had some great moments though. Let’s recap: Polivia in college sweatshirts, Polivia working on a case, and oh yeah, Polivia being ADORABLE. big grin They are perfect for each other. day dreaming So I don’t sound like an obsessed Polivia fan, let’s recap Walter’s scenes. They were hysterical! It’s amazing how versatile the character is in one episode. He goes from being vulnerable in the Seattle hospital and breaking my heart to making me roll on the floor in laughter as he experiments with his “non-student.” Great work writers and John Noble!!

  • Olivia is at the bowling alley. No, don’t turn in your shoes. I don’t want to say goodbye to Sam. I like him. sad Ugh, he brought up Charlie. angry Seeing Olivia with her head down is heartbreaking. broken heartsad Sam: “Whether you admit it or not, your life is something like a nightmare.” OUCH!!
  • Time for someone to go KERPLUNK. Looks like Greg is the winner…he is not feeling well. Oh, he is seeing stuff. Yikes, anger in the workplace. surprisesurprise Greg’s eyes are going CRAAAAZY!!! surprise

  • The Bishop men are moving into their new digs. happyhappy Walter wants his room to be the one adjacent to the kitchen. HAHA He is so considerate of Peter. He’s gonna wear shorts in bed so there are no embarrassing moments when Peter brings women over. laughinglaughinglaughing I want some of Astrid’s bread. Yummy!

  • The Bishops are in Seattle with Olivia to see Greg!! It’s a family outing. YAY thumbs upthumbs up

  • WTF?! Greg’s hair turned white!! surprise Walter says the guy died of acute exhaustion.
  • Aww, Walter does not like Seattle. “Peter, I want to go home.” I get so emotional when I see Walter in distress. worriedworriedbroken heartcryingcrying
  • Is Olivia trying to network? She is collecting so many business cards. LOL
  • Walter is returning to his lab in Cambridge leaving Peter and Olivia alone in Seattle. POLIVIA TIME thumbs upbig grinbig grinbig grin

  • Greg’s wife tells the lovebirds that Greg had a sleeping disorder.
  • Walter to Astrid: “The ride back was invigorating. The turbulence over Ohio was like being in the belly of a seizing whale. I screamed like a little girl.”

  • Walter tells Kasher he can assist removing the scalp. rolling on the floor
  • Late night booty call, huh, Peter? GAH! Their looks are priceless. Love it! Olivia just called the fact they were wearing college shirts “Cute.” laughingthumbs upbig grinbig grinbig grinkisslove strucklove strucklove struck

  • Olivia: ”Where did you learn that? MIT?” Olivia is on fire with the zingers. laughing Aw, Peter used to get nightmares as a kid, but he doesn’t remember a nightmare from age 8 to 19. Fishy. thinking
  • Oh Kashner, you are gonna need a stronger stomach to be in Walter’s lab.
  • Ms. Terminator says the victims have been implanted with a chip.  AWESOME shot!

  • Olivia just got another business card to add to her collection. laughinglaughinglaughing
  • Peter thinks mind control may be at work here, and wants Walter to test the chip. Peter: “No student volunteers.” laughingHAHA Walter has locked his eyes on Kashner.rolling on the floor Well, he is following orders…Kashner is not a student.
  • Polivia moment at the hotel again. kisskisskisslove strucklove struck

  • Where did that picture of Olivia and Charlie come from? Olivia was a military prosecutor? She was a lawyer? WHAT?! surprise  She described Charlie as, “This gruff guy.” laughing He told her, “You’re gonna be fine.” cryingcrying
  • It’s the lab assistant!! I knew he was involved. Uh oh. Another girl is gonna fall victim. Dang, she went Psycho shower scene on him. surprise
  • Oh Walter, you sneaky scientist. shame on you He just made Kashner pass out. Poor guy. hee heehee hee

  • THE OBSERVER IS IN THE BACKGROUND of the Nayak Sleep Clinic. It’s like playing I SPY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Oh, Sam asked Olivia to collect business cards from everyone wearing red. She has to take the first and last letter of every name and find the phrase. Sam: “Whatever it is you need to hear.”
  • You go Peter! He just busted Zach Miller’s door looking for him. Oh. That is not good. Zach is dead. worried
  • Astrid just found Kashner. hee heehee hee
  • Uh oh. Walter accidentally took LSD. Oh Walter! laughing
  • Dr. Nayak knows who is responsible for the deaths? confused Who did he just call? The bio-chips are stealing dreams.
  • Dr. Nayak called himself. So, he has multiple personalities.

  • Really? I guess there has a to be an airplane crash every season.
  • Gah! Peter is trying to shut down Dr. Nayak’s program. Control+Alt+Delete, Peter! Okay, that’s another way. Olivia just shot at the machine. rolling on the floor Yay, Polivia saved the day again!
  • Olivia is visiting Charlie’s grave. The word jumble! “You’re gonna be fine.” sadsadsad

  • Olivia!!!!! cryingcrying

  • Who the heck is this kid? Is that young Peter. It is!! It’s little Peter from the ‘other side.’ surprise

Special thanks to Fringe Files, “dunhamgetinmybed,” and “hellyeahfringe”  for providing the screencaps and gifs.


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  1. “Military prosecutor” was a goof. The pilot established Olivia as a “special investigator” in the Marine Corps.

  2. Don’t worry Mary, the Polivia obsession is only going to get worse as you see this all-star couple grow closer and closer! But it’s okay because you are in good company as I have never loved a TV couple more than these two (except maybe Sawyer and Juliet on LOST) LOL!! Anyway I’ve actually nerer loved a TV show more than Fringe either!!!

    Really Mary it just gets better and better! #HurryUpMary

  3. Mary, enjoy the pace of these episodes because in a few more episodes….it’s about to build, big time!

  4. CrazytownBananapants

    DIDN’T ANYONE ELSE NOTICE THAT KASHNER = SUBWAY FROM THAT COMMUNITY EPISODE? I just rewatched this episode recently and I got such a kick out of the fact that both Britta and Subway have guest-starred on Fringe.
    The first half of s2 consists mostly of standalones. But then it gets fantastic by the end. The last couple of episodes enough are alone to raise the s2 grade from, say, B+ to A-, imo.

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