Fringe 2×06 “Earthling”: Reactions from a First Time Viewer

It’s a Broyles-centric episode!!! Our favorite, tall, intimidating agent must work on a case that cost him his marriage years ago. Broyles’ ex-wife is finally revealed AND wait for it…HE SMILED!! BROYLES SMILED. This is a miracle. I thought this man was incapable of using his smiling muscles. I was wrong. The episode was very procedural but it was great to finally see Olivia’s boss get some backstory and additional time on the screen. You go Mr. I Don’t Smile Until the Second Season! happyhappy

  • Ooooo…swanky apartment and awesome music. I totally want that song (Mozella’s “Freezing”). Is this guy gonna surprise her for their anniversary? Adorable. day dreaming Uh oh. Someone is in the apartment! surprise Uh oh. It’s a ghost type thing. Natalie, this is not the surprise your hubby wanted to give you. Why is Randy just sitting there? WTF?! His body turned to dust. Cool effect but VERY creepy. Reminds me of Buffy the Vampire Slayerbig grinbig grin

  • HAHA Broyles is sitting at a table alone and a little kid is copying his gestures. SO CUTE!! He smiled!!!!!! Broyles smiled!!! This is a BIG moment.
  • Randy’s dusty body reminds Walter of Christmas. Walter just said Peter would “draw genitalia on the reindeer decorations.” LMAO rolling on the floor

  • Broyles has seen this phenomenon before. surprisesurprise There were five deaths in DC.
  • Visiting/working at a hospital is the common denominator in all of the cases, and Randy visited a hospital recently. Perhaps the killer is a patient?
  • Olivia just called the lab and asked to speak with Peter. hee heehee hee I don’t care if their conversation is strictly about the case. THEY ARE ADORABLE.

  • Walter: ”Titanium tetrachloride. You sly temptress.” That’s exactly how I feel about chemical formulas too, Walter. winking
  • Broyles won’t leave the hospital. He is really invested in this case. Uh oh. surprise Another one bites the dust…literally.

  • They have a suspect! Thomas Koslov. I love it when Olivia joins a raid. She looks so superhero like and Broyles is joining them!! Dang! He is SERIOUS.

  • Broyles is listening to the phone conversation he had with the suspect years ago. Don’t worry, buddy, you’ll solve the case.
  • Russian government is searching for Koslov as well. That is bad news for Broyles.sad “Please give my regards to Patricia.” Is that code? I don't know Koslov is played by Ravil Isyanov who was the monk in Buffy. So awesome! I love it when my fandoms collide.

  • Broyles won’t hand the case over. LOL He is telling Olivia to not write anything down. Broyles, you sly, tall man. winkingwinking
  • Olivia, it is not a man’s shadow. It is an apparition. Peter: “Russian fringe science.”
  • Yay, the senator is helping Broyles. happy Timur abducted his brother. The cosmonaut is the shadow! surprisesurprise How did that happen?

  • No need to get a team together to raid the hospital, Liv. Broyles has one already. laughinglaughinglaughing
  • YAY Walter figured it out. applauseapplause The thing passes through people to absorb the radiation. YIKES
  • Timur is gonna disconnect his brother. GAH! He took Maxine. Look behind the curtain Olivia. I bet Maxine is in the patient’s bed.
  • Awesome operatic music. Peter just gave a loving and proud look at Walter as he tirelessly works. day dreamingday dreamingday dreaming So, the cosmonaut brought back an organism from outer space which is killing the people to absorb the radiation. Broyles just asked Walter if he can solve the formula and he responds, “Yes, I can dominate her, Agent Broyles.” thumbs up I love Walter.

  • Uh oh. Timur is trying to contain Alek’s shadow.
  • Olivia: “Why is this case so important to you?” Oh man. Broyles became obsessed with this case and lost his marriage. Aw, poor guy. sadsad
  • Yikes! The alien organism can’t be separated from Alek. If one dies, the other dies too. Timur is NOT gonna be a happy camper when he hears this. AH!  The shadow just left and turned Timur into dust. surprisesurprisesurprise
  • OH SNAP! The shadow is going after the little girl.
  • Broyles just shot Alek in the head and saved little Tara. Another Buffy reference! Love it.

  • It’s Broyles wife! She remarried?!  “Do you want to come in and have dinner with us?”

  • Aww, Broyles lost so much. His wife seemed cool.

  • They sent the organism back to space? Um, okay? Why not destroy it?


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  1. HAHAA GREAT RECAP AGAIN MARY! I just read your tweet where you said you didn’t think you had shipped a couple as much as Polivia and I just have to tell you that I haven’t either and I have loved many other TV couples but none can compare with the superior POLIVIA and I can’t tell you enough that you haven’t even got to the good stuff with them yet!! I also believe Mary, that by the time you finish Fringe you will declare it is your favorite show ever as I have loved many shows but you will not believe all that this show evolves into!!!

    PLEASE #HurryUpMary!!!!!

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