Fringe 2×07 “Of Human Action”: Reactions from a First Time Viewer

This episode should come with a warning to Polivia fans – BEWARE: WATCHING THIS MAY RESULT IN HEART PALPITATIONS. Peter was kidnapped and I became an emotional wreck. Sure I reacted to Peter’s uncertain fate, but the actions from Walter, Olivia, Astrid, Broyles, AND Ms. Terminator were what really got to me. Guys, they are are a family unit.

Anna Torv gave another great performance balancing Olivia’s inner turmoil knowing Peter was in danger and her desire to stay levelheaded. The glances Polivia gave each other after the rescue were to die for. It was a goldmine for fanfiction writers. Sigh! I could stare at Peter and Olivia ogling each other for HOURS. Maybe Peter should be kidnapped more often. laughinglaughing JK JK But seriously, they need to be in a relationship…now. thumbs upthumbs up

  • Police chase. There are some sketchy guys in the car being pursued. And there’s a kid in the car! surprise
  • What is the kid doing to the officer? OH EM GEE! surprise The guy just fell off the parking lot ledge. And she just shot the other two! WTF?!?! Now she shot herself? WTF?! surprisesurprisesurprise

  • Two WTF Moments in the teaser alone! I’m gonna like this episode. big grinbig grin

  • Walter is not respecting Peter’s personal space.hee heehee hee Walter: “I’m bored. No cadavers at this crime scene. Or food.” laughing That was quick. Walter has already formed a hypothesis – Hypnotism. The kid’s father works for Massive Dynamic!!! shame on you
  • The Massive Dynamic building is SCARY.
  • The lines in this building are amazing!!!!! The windows. AH Love it. Everything is so sterile and unstable.

  • Aw. Walter don’t be jealous of what Dr. Bell has accomplished. He’s into shady stuff. shame on youno talking
  • What?! Bell introduced Walter to Peter’s mom, and he was gonna form a company with Walter.
  • Wait, the guy with the ponytail is the one with the powers? surprise surprise  How many people is this guy gonna kill?
  • Peter and Olivia are at the convenience store crime scene. Weeee, I love seeing them work together. applauseapplauseapplause

  • Interesting debate, guys. Funny, yet yucky. Walter and Astrid are debating what a human brain would taste like. worriedworriedsick
  • Walter: “Now, this is not hypnosis. This is mind control.” So that’s worse? I don't know
  • The kidnappers are calling Tyler’s dad and asking for a ransom. Olivia: “Money? All they want is money?” Love how she delivered that line. thumbs upYes, Olivia, money is the distraction. Mr. Carson: “What do we do now?” Olivia: “We set a trap.” hee heehee hee

  • They’re gonna use the bear from Peter’s childhood! hee heehee heelaughinglaughing Cool, it gives off white noise so the kidnappers won’t be able to control their minds. Walter: “This is exciting. Do you think the FBI will ever give me a gun?” rolling on the floorrolling on the floorrolling on the floor
  • Walter: “My son Peter’s teddy bear emits a sound…” rolling on the floor LMAO Peter is horrified. hee hee Walter: “Once you’re given the order to put on the headphones, do not remove them under any circumstances. If you do, you may die a gruesome and horrible death. Thank you for your attention and have a nice day.” Walterisms FTW!! laughing
  • Fangirl moment! Peter is looking intently at Olivia. He is totally undressing her with his eyes.

  • Great use of diagetic sound! The utero noise is making this scene so intense!!!!! OH EM GEE!!! The Car!!! surprisesurprisesurprise My heart just leapt!! I love the slight screech that is heard when the car comes out because it eerily breaks the white noise background sound. AH, Olivia is down!! surprise Get your headphones! nail bitingnail biting

  • Uh oh. Peter is going after the guy. surprise nail bitingAww, Walter is clutching the teddy bear. crying
  • WHAT IS GOING ON???? Peter’s mind is being manipulated but he is wearing the headphones!

  • HUH? It’s the kid! Tyler: “You can lose the stupid headphones.” So, the kid was holding the guys hostage. He is an “adultknapper.” shame on you
  • Walter can’t find Peter. worriedworriedworriedworried Olivia just put her hand on Walter to calm him. My heart is melting. They’re practically a family.

  • Oh snap! Tyler made the guy saw off his fingers. Ouch.
  • Ugh! I hate this kid. He is torturing Peter. angryangrycrying

  • Olivia just updated Ms. Terminator and Tyler’s dad. And the ‘Father of the Year’ award goes to Dr. Carson for letting his son find the drug that amplifies his brainwaves. no talkingno talkingno talkingno talking
  • The pills are in Tyler’s Pez dispenser. Peter can relate to Tyler’s daddy issues.
  • Go Walter! applause He went all parental on Dr. Carson. “Because of this man’s inability to be a proper parent, his son has kidnapped mine.” No, let him go Olivia. Walter loves his son.
  • HAHA LOVE LOVE LOVE PETER’S SMILE!!! That’s the charm that’s gonna make Olivia’s knees buckle. winkingwinking

  • OH NO! Tyler stop. Peter, fight his mind control abilities! Whew. whew!whew! I can’t wait until Olivia captures the annoying kid. What? Peter could be collateral damage?!

  • So difficult to look at Walter. Olivia is trying to get through to him, but she can’t. UGH, I HATE THESE VULNERABLE SCENES. cryingcryingcrying I GET SO EMOTIONAL. Wait, huh? Ms. Terminator is trying to get through to Walter too? surprise Hand on chest?! There is some history there.

  • Is Tyler looking for his mother? Ruh roh! Tyler’s dad told him his mother was dead when she really wasn’t. Ugh, he found Peter’s knife. This kid is really pissing me off. angry
  • Walter and Astrid are wearing tin foil hats!! Walter says he is trying to prevent Massive Dynamic from reading his thoughts. laughing Astrid: “Massive Dynamic gives me the creeps too.” rolling on the floor I love them. So adorable.

  • Olivia: “Okay, let’s pack it up. We’re leaving.” laughinglaughing LOL  Is she scared too about the Empire stealing her thoughts?
  • Uh oh. Tyler is gonna learn the truth from his mom now. OH SNAP! She remarried!
  • Peter shot Broyles! surprisesurprise Good, he was wearing a bullet proof vest! whew! He is gonna be fine. Dang, I spoke too soon. Broyles was shot in the arm. worried

  • Olivia, Astrid, and Walter going after Tyler and Peter. Nice driving skills Astrid! Interesting to see someone other than Olivia at the wheel.

  • Don’t do it Peter! Gah! I don't want to seeI don't want to see He just crashed the car! Peter!! nail bitingnail bitingnail biting whew! He’s okay. Aw, great father/son moment. happy

  • Hello there Peter and Olivia. waveday dreaminglove strucklove strucklove struckblushingkisskisscall me

  • Injured Broyles wants Peter to make it up to him. laughing
  • Walter is making crepes!! I want one!! “She was a strong woman, your mother.” Is Peter’s mom dead? I guess so.

  • Ms. Terminator is writing to William Bell via computer. WTF? surprise “One of the Tylers” ??? There are five Tylers?!?!?!?! surprisesurprisesurprisesurprisesurprisesurprise “Warmest Regards, Nina.” surprisesurprise This chick is crazy!!!!! She is like a Sith Lord.

Special thanks to Fringe Files, “dunhamgetinmybed,” and “hellyeahfringe”  for providing the screencaps and gifs.


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  1. You’re about to get some frequent and intense eye-balling between Peter and Olivia in the episodes to come! You’re gonna be one happy girl!

  2. I am not going to spoil anything other than the fact that you will soon watch an episode with a sweaty Peter wearing a tank top. Enjoy. That is all.

  3. Mary, Mary, Mary……I am lost for words! These recaps just keep getting better and better!! You are going to totally FLIP in the coming episodes and seasons as you haven’t even got to the good stuff yet!!!!!!

    I also officially dub you Co-President of the Polivia Fan Club with Louise, in which I am Vice President of coarse!!..LOL! They really should go into the greatest TV couple EVER Hall of Fame!


  4. As per usual, praise Anna but ignore josh. What else is freaking new.

  5. Catherine Anderson

    Keep these rollin’ in. They’re absolutely FANTASTIC!. Love your sense of humour and you’ve nailed exactly what most of the fans are thinking when they watch the shows. Oh yeah, I suggest you watch the season quicker and get to “What Lies Below”. BEST EPISODE EVER.. ( and not just for the superb story or acting either!!).

  6. I was trying to remember the name of the sweaty tank top wearing Peter episode. Thanks Catherine Anderson for reminding me of the title. Great episode even without the tank top.

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