Fringe 2×09 “Snakehead”: Reactions from a First Time Viewer

Fringe is on fire. Rather than bask in the glory of the prior episode, the writers, actors, and crew delivered another Fringetastic episode. Although producing a television show is a team effort, one person really stood out in 2×09. The MVP award goes to John Noble. The man is a pro at expressing pain and fear. His scenes just drive a stake in your heart. If you didn’t cry when Walter was lost in Chinatown, well then, you are probably a shapeshifter.

  • What’s wrong with the dude? His stomach hurts? Take some Tums dude and you’ll be okay. Uh oh. He’s gonna explode Alien style. surprisesurprise Ew, some sea creature just came out of the dude’s mouth!

  • Peter is driving the Mystery Inc. station wagon. hee heehee hee Wait a sec, Walter is not himself. Peter: “He’s practicing some self-actualization.” I don't knowWalter took a taxi to the crime scene by himself?

  • Olivia: “Did you eat?” Peter: “Yeah” Olivia: “Well, that’s unfortunate.” laughinglaughing They are adorable.

  • What the heck is wrong with Walter? I don't knowworriedworried He is accusing Peter of following his taxi in the station wagon. This can’t be Walter! OH NO!! What if this is Walter from the ‘other side’?!?! surprisesadI don't want to seeI don't want to seeworried
  • Oh Snap! The parasite is crawling out of the dead body’s mouth. HAHA Look at everyone’s reactions. Awww, Peter just dropped everything to help the woman from the river. He is such a gentleman. day dreamingday dreaming
  • Whoa, the dude from the teaser survived!!!!! surprise
  • Peter speaks Cantonese?!?! Sexy. love struck Olivia: “I didn’t know you spoke Cantonese.” Peter: “Well get to know me a bit.” big hug EXCUSE ME WHILE I GO GIGGLE LIKE A 10 YEAR OLD GIRL IN LOVE WITH ONE DIRECTION.

  • The woman who survived is the only one who didn’t take the medicine for seasickness. Her husband and daughter are on a different boat. C’mon Olivia, you can find them. I BELIEVE IN YOU.
  • Look at that that creature swim.

  • Ming Che is extracting something from the parasitic worm. Is he going to mail that powder?
  • The Fringe team has a Triad thug in the interrogation room. Peter: “Yeah his whole biography is written on him in ink. He’s like a decorated soldier. See the mark on his arm there – the Extra Powerful Hook – that means he’s killed five people. He also enjoys Broadway shows, long walks on the beach.”  laughing

  • Oh, so that’s why the worm is so valued.  It secretes opiates.
  • The Triad guy has a razor blade!! OH EM GEE!!!!!! WHOA!!! DID THAT JUST HAPPEN?!?! surprisesurprise I CAN BELIEVE THEY WENT THERE. Wow.

  • Astrid just asked Walter is he was smoking the narcotics from the parasitic worms. rolling on the floor GAH! The worm just bit Walter! I don't want to see
  • Olivia and Peter are visiting Beacon Hill. HAHA A teenager just answered the door. Olivia: “Are your parents home?” The kid asked for Olivia’s credentials. rolling on the floorrolling on the floor The looks Peter and Olivia just gave each other are TOO CUTE.

  • Walter says the creature is medicine! It secretes an immune boosting enzyme. The germaphobe family must be involved.

  • Why is Walter all dressed up?? Oh, he is going to Chinatown. Wait. BY HIMSELF?! time outtime out
  • Why is Walter so paranoid? He is not acting himself. He just admonished Peter saying “Don’t you dare follow me.” What is wrong?
  • Whew! whew!Astrid left to keep an eye on Walter. Peter and Olivia are returning to the Jarvis residence to talk to the teen. Aww, Peter is giving Matt bball tips. I can’t wait to see him as a dad. day dreamingday dreaminglove struck
  • Uh oh. Walter spotted Astrid. Astrid:  “Walter, what a coincidence.” rolling on the floor She is trying to provide a reason for why she is there, “No. I have a… I have a friend that lives right down… by the, uh… the Chinese restaurant.” rolling on the floorrolling on the floorrolling on the floor
  • Walter: “Does it occur to you that perhaps I want to be alone? That perhaps I want to live my life with a semblance of dignity and self-respect? If I want to go get a hot dog, so be it. I may go grocery shopping. I may even join a gym.” Oh, Walter. cryingcryingcryingcrying I understand, but it’s not safe!
  • Aww, Walter is letting Astrid join him. applause I love their friendship.
  • OH SNAP!! It’s the guy who is mailing worm dust as medicine! The herbalist is your guy, Walter.
  • Street Vendor to Astrid: “You want Omega 3? I put in fish head.” rolling on the floor
  • OH NO! Walter is gone. I bet the shady dude kidnapped him.
  • Noo!!! Astrid!!!!!! There are thugs in the lab!!! surprisesurpriseI don't want to seeI don't want to see
  • OH EM GEE!! I AM ON AN EMOTIONAL ROLLER COASTER. Walter is trying to call Peter but can’t remember his number. My heart is breaking!!!!!! He’s lost. broken heartbroken heartbroken heartbroken heartcryingcrying John Noble’s acting when Walter is distressed is perfection (Another Frimmy!).

  • Astrid!!!! She’s bleeding. So angry right now. NO ONE HURTS ASTRID!

  • YAY! The nice, old lady, Fao, let Walter use her phone and they kept calling until they reached Peter. I love Fao! I want to start a fan club for her.
  • Walter: “What do you mean? Astrid was followed?” CRYING!! THIS IS SUCH AN EMOTIONAL EPISODE!!! sadsad

  • Time for BAMF Olivia. She found the little girl’s butterfly on the freighter. Olivia: “We’re just too late.” Great job delivering that line, Anna. BRAVO!
  • Walter and Peter are visiting Ming Che, the third herbalist. GAH! Walter wants to leave and check on Astrid. sadsad Peter, what the eff are you doing? Wait for Broyles and Olivia. It’s too dangerous to go in by yourself. angry
  • Peter! Listen to your father’s song. You are stepping into the lion’s den.

  • Olivia hurry!!! Save your future hubby! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! surprise Not the worm! OH YEAH! Olivia to the rescue. Whew! Peter never ingested the worm.
  • Walter returns to the lab and finds the lab a mess and Astrid wearing a bloody shirt. WHY MUST THEY TORTURE ME WITH THESE EMOTIONAL SCENES?!?! Walter’s face!! sad  WHY WAS THIS SCENE NOT GIVEN AN AWARD!?! They both delivered perfect performances!!

  • Aww, Olivia is returning the little girl’s toy. I see that look. You totally want a kid. winking That’s fine. Have one…with Peter. You will make beautiful, BAMF babies with him. winking

  • Walter wants to be independent again. crying WTF?!?! Walter implanted a tracking device on his neck. Walter! No more putting foreign objects in your body. Kapeesh?!

As always, thank you Fringe Files, “dunhamgetinmybed,” and “hellyeahfringe”  for providing the screencaps and gifs.


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  1. I forgot how emotional this episode was! Maybe because there’s so many more episodes that are even more emotional to come!

  2. I just wanted to say that i always look forward to reading these, please keep it up. And the second half of the season is gonna leave you in a puddle of goo…

  3. FringifiedWhovian

    Josh Jackson said this episode actually made him dry heave. The scene with the snake bodies on the beach, when Walter pulls one from someone’s mouth. 🙂

  4. Been rewatching from the beginning to prep for the new season & reading your reviews along the way, although I admit I get behind because I rush from one episode to the next!! Love your reviews! They have me always giggling with laughter as my boyfriend is trying to sleep. I work night shift so my Fringe watching sched is usually 1am to 4am on my night’s off. Oh I was about to say something spoilery… All I can say is Jacksonville is coming soon!!! First episode I put on my iPhone & will watch ad nauseum whenever I’m stuck somewhere or not stuck somewhere!

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