‘True Blood’ Finale Review: “Save Yourself”

Photo courtesy of HBO

This season of True Blood has had a lot of great moments…and some not-so-good ones. Let’s have a quick review of some of the season’s highs and lows. High: Russell sings karaoke (before slaughtering an entire bridal party). Low: The Ifrit. High: Steve Newlin’s transparent sycophancy and desire to fit in. (“I’m like a tree in the wind—I’m just so happy to be included.”) Low: Lafayette’s visit with Don Bartolo. High: GODRIC!!! Low: Creepy naked Lilith hallucinations. High: Drunk Sookie. Low: Brainwashed Eric. High: Eric and Bill’s epic bromance. Low: Overplayed religious allegory. High: Ample Veronica Mars guest stars (Tina Majorino, Erica Gimpel, and James Jordan). Low: Obama mask-wearing hate group murders. High: Pam (the flashbacks, the Wal-Mart sweat suit, and everything else). Low: Seriously, who the hell is Warlow? High: Alcide’s abs. Low: Everything else related to the wolf pack. High: Chris Meloni and Barb from Cougar Town (Carolyn Hennesy) as Authority members. Low: Bill’s sex scenes. High: Bill bites the dust. Low: Bill comes back. Naked.

*Read my full review at TheTelevixen.com!



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