Fringe 2×11 “Johari Window”: Reactions from a First Time Viewer

Raise your hand if you love Walter and Astrid’s friendship! big grinbig grin (raising my hands and legs) Episode 11 broke the Fringe team into two groups: Team Adorable and Team Adorable Squared. Can you guess which one Peter and Olivia belonged to?  winking This is another Fringetastic episode and not just because Peter and Olivia shared several scenes. The story of a scientist whose experiments had devastating consequences reminds us that Walter is not the only one carrying a heavy burden.

P.S. Thank you Fringe crew for creating one of the most bewitching shots of Peter and Olivia.

  • Aww, the policeman has a little baby at home, and he is a cutie. winking Is that a kid walking on the side of the road? His name is Teddy? No wonder he is running away. LOL
  • The kid just transformed! “He’s one of them.” One of who? I don't know
  • No way! Two dudes just came in blasting. No, not the adorable father. sadsad
  • Aww, Walter is afraid of getting lost and seeing Newton. I hate seeing Walter scared and vulnerable. cryingcrying Peter: “And I promise you I will never let you get kidnapped again. Okay?” ADORABLENESS!!! Walter just made a Wizard of Oz reference. “I’m learning to appreciate cowardice.” sad

  • 30-40 reports of deformed people! surprise Dang. Walter: “This child has no resemblance to a sasquatch. Just because no one has documented flying monkeys or talking lions yet, hardly means they don’t exist.” LOL And he says it so seriously.

  • Walter: “There may be werewolves in these hills.” laughingOlivia’s reaction is priceless. Peter is defining what a Therianthrope is. It’s so sexy when Peter shows off his language skills.

  • What is Walter singing? “hard artichokes rarely keep, norwegian elephants, singapore sleep” I don't know
  • That dude in the diner is sketchy. They are Teddy’s parents. surprisesurprise
  • Car!! Oh no, they crashed. Olivia!!! surpriseOh em gee! The guy is shooting at Peter with a shotgun! Where did he go? Oh man! They drove off.

  • Walter don’t go near the woods! It’s too dangerous. Oh, look at that. It’s a butterfly. happy
  • Teddy’s father is dead, and Peter is taking this hard. You were defending yourself. Walter: “My son shot the beast, we found a man. Obviously, the creature transformed in the interim.” Way to go Walter – stand up for your son.
  • AMAZING shot of Polivia! Olivia is comforting Peter.

  • Teddy’s mom is in the forest! surprise
  • AWWWWWWWWW! Walter brought back the butterfly for Astrid. I love them!! big grinbig grinday dreaming

  • Oh snap! The man transformed just like the butterfly. surprise HAHA Astrid is still skeptical the moth was once a butterfly. laughinglaughing

  • The sheriff is not being truthful. no talking
  • Walter says the mutation is a result of a germ line mutation. Uh Oh. Did Walter work on a project involving this mutation? The song is a mnemonic! “Harkness.” Project elephant! Those Devil Dogs look like ho hos.

  • Be careful Olivia! Don’t trust the Sheriff. They entire town is affected. The sound! It’s an electromagnetic pulse affecting everyone’s vision. surprise Hey, look at that- the moth is the butterfly again. “What changes is our perception of them.” Great line!

  • Edward Cobb perfected the technology. Astrid: “What did Peter say?” Walter: “He wants us to head into town to try and find the source of the electromagnetic pulse.” laughinglaughinglaughing Walter! Peter, explicitly told you to go home. Tsk tsk.
  • Dang. The town got rid of the federal marshall the year before. Rose is in charge of the machine.
  • Astrid and Walter are looking for the electromagnetic pulse. Astrid: “What about a satellite dish? They have them all over town.“ Walter: “Those are for television, dear. Given how little there is to do here, I imagine they watch a lot of it.” rolling on the floor

  • Ladies and gents we found it! It’s the house with the absurdly large antennae. Rose is Edward Cobb’s daughter! Whoa.
  • Aw, Walter winked at Astrid. It’s the Operation game!

  • Peter and Olivia are catching on. Yes, it’s the entire town! AH! Ambush! Peter! Olivia! Danger! Why the hell would you run away from your car into the OPEN field?!?! Should’ve used the car as cover!!!!!!

  • Walter found the pulse. Rose is affected to? Cobb’s experiment affected his own daughter! Cruel. no talkingno talking
  • The pulse deformed the whole town. Dang!

  • Awww, Walter is pleading Broyles to let the people be left alone. Broyles: “If you didn’t find the machine, there is nothing to report.”  thumbs up Yeah Broyles. It’s all about the technicalities.
  • Peter: “I’m proud of you.” Walter: “I’m glad you choose to see me the way you do.” Things are gonna implode! I can tell. So sad.

Thank you Fringe Files, “dunhamgetinmybed,” and “hellyeahfringe”  for providing the screencaps and gifs.


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