Fringe 2×12 “What Lies Below”: Reactions from a First Time Viewer

Peter is in a tank top! SWEATY PETER IS IN A TANK TOP!!!! I know, I know. I sound like a broken Polivia record. I’m sorry. I can’t help it. I want them to be together and episode 12 had so many beautiful Polivia scenes. big hug He reminds her of the support loved ones can offer. The mortified look she has when he falls in the dead guy’s blood. The smile she gives him as she exits the building. His desperate plea for her to open the door. Her determination to save him. And his apology for not being himself. (SIGH) So, when is the wedding? big grinbig grinbig grin

  • Uh oh. The older gentleman in the elevator has an expiration date. surprise Yep, he just fainted in the lobby and now, he is convulsing. worried OH SNAP!!! He just sprayed blood! surprisesurprisesurpriseworried Oh em gee!

  • HAHAHAHAHAHA Astrid lost Walter in the Children’s science museum. laughing LOVE THEM! Astrid: “Yes, uh, I’m looking for someone who seems to have gotten lost.” Employee: “Okay, what school is he from?” Astrid: “He’s not from any school. He’s a man. His name is Doctor Walter Bishop.” Employee: “Hmm, I see. A special needs individual.” Astrid: “You have no idea.”

  • Awww, Walter is teaching the kids day dreaming …and then it went sour. LOL Not a good idea to talk about monsters underneath kids’ beds Walter. hee heehee hee He is a season pass holder at the museum. Oh no, they revoked his membership! UNNECESSARY!

  • Walter: “They are being tragically coddled and ill-advised.” HAHA I can’t wait to see Walter with little Etta! hee hee
  • Really? His name is “Detective Kassel.” A nod to the ABC show, Castle? winking Hey Olivia, keep an eye on Mr. Ames. He looks suspicious. thinking
  • Uh oh. Where did Mike go? Uh oh. He has been infected. He’s bleeding! GAH!! Well done, Walter. He closed the door before Mike let out the disease. No one goes in or out. Oh dang! Peter and Olivia are inside!!surprisesurpriseworriedworriedworriedI don't want to see

  • Polivia just came out of the elevator like a badass couple.

  • Walter just walked into the CDC camp with no gear on while everyone else is wearing hazmat suits. laughinglaughing They arrested him. surprise Whaat? Yay, Broyles to the rescue. Walter: “Quickly get your pajamas off.” rolling on the floorrolling on the floorrolling on the floor
  • Why did Olivia just avoid talking about her family when Peter brought it up? I don't know Uh oh. Another person is infected. That’s right Olivia! Confront Ames.
  • Olivia is finally talking to Peter about Rachel. Rachel is still having nightmares of seeing Olivia dead at the hospital. sadsad Poor girl. Olivia doesn’t want to scare her sister with what is going on.

  • Peter: “That is just like you. Even know you are protecting her. I thought that was the point of having people who care about you in your life. To have someone to talk to when you’re scared.” He’s right, Olivia. WTF!?!?! It’s the girl and she is standing there like a villain! surprisesurprisesurprise
  • NOOO! surprisesurprise nail bitingnail bitingPeter just landed in Vandenkemp’s blood! The receptionist just jumped through the window and is spewing the disease. I don't want to see Olivia is so worried!! GAH!! cryingcrying
  • OH MY GOSH I’m gonna start bawling. Olivia is so worried for Peter. OH SNAP! Peter is touching the body. Olivia is mortified!! She loves him!!crying

  • Walter says the virus wants to spread itself. worried It felt contained in the building so it wanted to get outside. The virus wiped out the ice age animals. This is not good.
  • What is level 6 eradication? I don’t like this guy. OH NO!!!!! Peter is bleeding!!!!!

  • Walter and Astrid are testing everyone for the virus. Olivia to Ames: “We’ll be in touch.” Peter: “Ladies first.” WTF Peter?! U need help!!
  • AHHHH!!! I saw that!! Peter just took a used non-infected swab!!! surprise Sly hands.  Walter is so nervous. Aw, he is so relieved he is about to cry. And Olivia is relieved too. Peter what is wrong with you!!!

  • Olivia is smiling at Peter as she is leaving. NOOOOOO!!! PETER!!!!!

  • Another guy is infected too! Peter is trying to get Olivia to open the door. cryingcrying Where is he going?

  • Walter just took off his suit!! Don’t do that. no talkingno talking Ay ay ay. Olivia just told Astrid about the eradication plan. Walter is gonna try to find a cure. Astrid: “Walter, what can I do?” Walter: “I can’t let Peter die again. And he’s going to. They all will.” surprisesurprisesurprisesurprisesurprisesurprise He just said “again.”
  • The Magellan story!!! thumbs up You can do it Walter!!! Walter’s hand is shaking so much.
  • Sulfur is the cure! Great thinking Broyles! Fentanyl gas will knock them out. Olivia just volunteered to turn on the ventilation system! She has to save her future hubby! nail biting OH DARN Peter saw Olivia!!
  • Olivia is pointing the gun at Peter. I don't want to see Now, they are fighting. NO OLIVIA! NOT HIS BABY MAKING SACK! Can’t believe u just hit him there! He needs that to make a baby with you.

  • Broyles is fighting to get more time. Broyles: “There are people in there that are like family to me.”

  • The fans are on. Yay Olivia! thumbs up Ah. Olivia is down. sad Whew. They are all okay and he is waking up. They are meant to be together.  winkingwinkinglove struck

  • Oh boy. Astrid is asking why Walter said he couldn’t let Peter die “again.” Ouch. Walter just shut her down. sad

Thank you Fringe Files, “dunhamgetinmybed,” and “hellyeahfringe”  for providing the screencaps and gifs.


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  1. Sweaty tank top wearing Peter is never a bad thing, right? One of my favorite season 2 episodes, this one.

  2. “The older gentleman in the elevator has an expiration date”… How good was that?… and it was in the first paragraph. As always, a nice and funny recap

  3. One of the best episodes EVER!. Your review was superb and it reminds me of when I first saw this one for the first time. Long live “THE SIMMET”!. That’s Scots for “tank top/vest” by the way!.

  4. OOHHHH…..MARY…THIS EPISODE WAS SO GOOD!!! I just love those dramatic Fringe family moments!! I also can’t wait for your recap after Polivia’s first kiss!! I won’t say when that will be but I just can’t wait for your reaction!!!

    #HURRY UP MARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. This has got to be one of your best recaps yet!! “NO OLIVIA! NOT HIS BABY MAKING SACK!” That made me laugh so hard! Awesome recap for an awesome episode!

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