Fringe 2×13 “The Bishop Revival”: Reactions from a First Time Viewer

Thank you Walter for being such a wonderful Polivia advocate on the show! He needs a “I ❤ Polivia” sweater. love struck Episode 13 explores the Bishop family tree and it is not filled with picket fences and PTA meetings. Seems as though conducting questionable science experiments runs in the family. sad John Noble gave another brilliant performance fighting to defend his father’s honor. I admire his dedication to his family.

  • It’s a wedding! big grinbig grin Squeal! David, the groom, is SUPER nervous. Uh oh, creepy man is staring at the guests. Oh boy, David is having an asthma attack. “It’s him.” Nana recognizes him? She needs medical attention! surprise The dude just killed the entire family before the wedding. surprisesurprise NOT NICE!!! sad
  • Olivia just arrived, and her swagger is so badass. thumbs up Walter is driving and crashed into the recycling bins. laughing Walter: “I quite like weddings.” Peter can’t get out of the car. rolling on the floor  FANGIRLING RIGHT NOW!! Walter kept his purple tuxedo hoping he would have a son to wear it on his wedding day, and he just told Peter he can wear his tuxedo when he gets married.

  • Walter: “And the day may come sooner than you think. You think she’ll call me dad?” Peter: “Who?” Walter: “Agent Dunham.” DYING RIGHT NOW!!!!! I LOVE WALTER. He is the best POLIVIA fan!!!!! love strucklove struckbig hugbig hug

  • Walter: “She’s just what you need. Someone who can see right through you. Agent Dunham, don’t you look lovely today. Doesn’t she look lovely, Peter?” Peter: “You look lovely, Agent Dunham.” AHH Olivia’s facial expression. DYING DYING DYING!!! I LOVE WALTER!!!

  • C’mon Peter and Olivia. Listen to Master Yoda. Be…

  • Incredible peacoat Peter. winkingwinking Peter AND Olivia, look stunning in there coats. thumbs up
  • Whoa, Nana is a holocaust survivor. The groom survived!! surprise Olivia’s bellow is so intimidating.
  • Ewww, the body is oozing blue blood. surprise They suffocated from the inside out?! Walter just used the inhalant. Walter! Sharing medication is frowned upon! shame on you
  • The cinnamon candle is out of place. It is not jasmine. surprise
  • The murder was a science experiment. Whaaaaat? It’s gonna happen again? No, not the cute little girl. Don’t kill her. UH OH!!! It’s the toxin!! He killed the girl’s mom. DUDE U R A TOTAL MEANIE!! The toxin is killing people with brown eyes. Yikes. Walter just told Broyles it was a good thing he wasn’t at the café, otherwise, he would’ve been killed. I hope they catch the brown-eyes-hater soon!
  • The hater knows Dr. Bishop?!?!  “He looks just like his father.” surprise

  • He can program the toxin to target whatever group he wants. Damn!
  • The toxin’s carbon chain is the signature of the creator. It’s a seahorse!!! surprisesurprise I REALLY hope Walter’s father didn’t make this molecule. CRIME! Walter knows who created the toxin. Nooo. I was right. sadcrying GAH!! Why does this family have to be tied to so many bad science experiments? Surprise, Peter. Your grandfather, Dr. Robert Bishop, was a Nazi.  Oh wait! He sabotaged German research and was a spy for the Americans. Twist.
  • Oh, great. Peter sold his grandfather’s German books, and Walter is FURIOUS. It’s Peter’s fault. Walter: “My father’s work is killing people.” cryingcrying

  • WTF?!?! What is the hater doing in the Bishop’s house?

  • Markham: “How is it that a beautiful lady like you is stuck with this guy?” Olivia: “It’s my job.” OH COME ON OLIVIA!!! STOP BEATING AROUND THE BUSH AND EXPRESS YOUR TRUE FEELINGS!

  • Peter! He sold the books knowing it was Walter’s most prized possession. YIKES!
  • Uh oh, Eric Franko made the books into a collage. Oh man…Peter to Walter: I’m sorry, Walter.” Walter: “Apology not accepted.” cryingcryingcrying

  • The imagery is really striking in this episode.
  • The perpetrator did not get the formula from the book. WHAT THE WHAT!! DNA off the tea cup suggests the man is over 100 years old!! The dude traveled through time? Wait, you guys are just making the connection of the Nazi agenda to the toxin? Really? Took you that long?!?!
  • Oh snap. Brown-eyes-hater just made his toxin disperse greater distances. no talkingno talking
  • He’s downstairs!! Get him! GAH! He just turned the heat on to release the toxin. Peter, turn off the heater! No!!!! The toxin is targeting Walter!!!!! DANG OLIVIA!! Badass. She just threw that toxin to the side without regard to her own safety. Olivia: “Walter, how are you feeling?” Her concerned face melts my heart. Walter wants his sweater back. Just leave it, buddy.

  • Where is the hater going? Oh, the ‘World Tolerance Initiative’ conference. No bueno. no talking
  • What is he doing with that injector thing? What is he doing? He created an antidote? This building looks a lot like the building from the nightmare episode, “Dream Logic.” Olivia turn around! I don't want to see YAY Peter found the toxin!! It’s him!!!! Walter did it!!!! thumbs up

  • Walter: “Family is very important to me. There is nothing I wouldn’t do.”

  • His name was Robert Bischoff. Walter knows more than he is telling. He knows how the dude got the formula. AH HA!! It’s a picture of Dr. Bischoff with the hater. surprise

Thank you Fringe Files, “dunhamgetinmybed,” and “hellyeahfringe”  for providing the screencaps and gifs.


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  1. Was this the first appearance of the beloved peacoat? Oh, how I love that coat!

  2. Glad to read your post Mary as I was starting to get worried when it was not up yesterday….I know you’re busy though! 🙂 Great recap as usual….especially all the Polivia enthusiasm!!! It is always my favorite part of your recaps as they are the most addictive couple on TV!!!!

  3. This episode is great. From the shippiness — to Walter’s stand for his family– to he and Peter connecting… the cracks started to mend here. I have a feeling it will become an important callback this upcoming season. 😉

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