Fringe 2×15 “Peter”: Reactions from a First Time Viewer

Fringe is so detail-oriented and I love it! The majority of episode 15 takes place in 1985 and the crew was so committed to the flashback that they created a retro opening sequence. It is subtle changes such as this that make the show really stand out from the crowd. On a separate note, can we talk about Walter Bishop’s hair in 1985? LOL He looks like Frodo Baggins’ father.

  • The letters are retro! GAH. It’s 1985. surprise It’s young Walter with a mobile telephone. Wait, is that from the other side? It is! Did he copy it? He invented a window to look into the other world. surprisesurprise It’s Carla!! surprise

  • LOVE the retro intro sequence. thumbs upapplause
  • Present day. Walter is visiting Olivia and she has whiskey in her hand. LOL Oh, Olivia. happy What did Walter bring? OH, it’s the window! Peter’s illness was genetic. surprise The other side is more technologically advanced so…Peter on the other side was cured?
  • 1985 Walter is watching the other Walter. He calls him “Walternate.” laughinglaughing Peter’s mother has an accent! surprise  Huh?!?!

  • It’s little Peter and he’s doing the coin trick. day dreaming Peter to Walter: “I want you to have it, my lucky silver dollar, if I die.” cryingcryingcrying OH NO!! NO WAY!!!!!!! He’s dead. surprise

  • It’s Peter’s funeral and Ms. Terminator is there! I spot a blooper- the patch of grass just rose above the ground when John Noble walked on it. Ms. Terminator wants Walter to know how terrible Bell feels to miss the funeral. Where is he?! I don't know

  • Walter to Elizabeth: “He knew he was loved…Didn’t he?” I AM NOT STRONG ENOUGH TO WATCH JOHN NOBLE CRY.

  • OH SNAP! Walter is showing Elizabeth the window to the other side. Walter: “Somewhere he will be happy but just not here. And we must take comfort in this and we must begin to move on.” crying

  • Walter is watching Walternate and drinking alcohol. He is so depressed. sad AHH It’s the Observer!!!! Walternate did it! But it’s too late…Peter is dead on our side. sad GAH! The solution changed back. surprise Walternate doesn’t know he found the cure.

  • HAHAHAHA The marquee on the other side says “Back to the Future starring Eric Stoltz” rolling on the floorrolling on the floor The Observers just came out of the theatre with slurps. rolling on the floorrolling on the floor

  • Walternate wasn’t supposed to see the Observer. He was supposed to witness the compound turn blue. Now, Peter is “significant.” AHHH!!
  • Walter wants to save Peter on the other side but Carla is telling him there has to be line he can’t cross. He’s not gonna listen to you, Carla. no talking He is a grieving father! Carla: “I may go to Church, but I also have three degrees in theoretical physics and I am telling you, you cannot do this.” Fantastic line! “Some things are not ours to tamper with. Some things our God’s.” I like the religious element Carla has brought to this episode.

  • It’s Reiden Lake! This scene of Walter dragging the equipment reminds me so much of Orson Welles’ film, The Trial.
  • It’s Carla and she brought Ms. Terminator!! Ms. Terminator: “You know how much Peter meant to me.” What is their history?!?! I don't know I WANT TO KNOW.
  • Walter crossed over to the other side! Ms. Terminator’s arm!! surprise So that’s how her arm became like that! Oh no, the cure. It cracked in Walter’s pocket! surprise

  • The other Elizabeth is teaching Peter the coin trick. It’s the same scene…except with Elizabeth instead of Walter. FASCINATING!
  • Oh man! Walter is gonna steal Peter from his mom.

  • Elizabeth: “Bring him back to me.” YIKES! Walter, this is evil. no talking Peter: “You’re not my father, are you?” OH EM GEE! The ice! This is where the Observer saves them!! surprise

  • Observer: “He has to live.” Duh! He has to marry Olivia!
  • It’s Elizabeth!!! OH CRAP! She just saw the other Peter. She is not gonna let Walter return him. sadworriedworriedworriedworried
  • GAH!!! We are Olivia in this episode listening to the story! LOVE LOVE LOVE how the writers put the audience in Olivia’s shoes.

  • Walter: “You can’t imagine what it’s like to lose a child.” AHHHHHHHH!!! Is this foreshadowing!?!?!? Is this a hint to season 5?! Will Olivia lose Etta at some point?

(STOP READING NOW IF YOU ARE AVOIDING SEASON 5 SPOILERS – AUTHOR’S NOTE and SPOILER ALERT: Since viewing this episode, I have found out that Olivia and Peter will lose Etta. Absolutely devastating to imagine that Peter will experience the same despair Walter went through in this episode. cryingcryingcrying)

Thank you Fringe Files, “dunhamgetinmybed,” and “hellyeahfringe”  for providing the screencaps and gifs.


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  1. WOW-Mary….great observation as I had not even thought of that! Yes-the Observers take Etta (we are assuming by how the promo looked) and so Polivia knows what it is like to lose a child just like Walter and Walternate! What haunting words for Walter to say to Olivia!! Are these writers not geniuses or what!?! Man, I just hope they can all be happy in the end! The Bishops have been through enough and MUST get a happy ending!!!!!!

    P. S. As a Christian I also appreciate the Spiritual references in the show and am glad to know that I am not the only one! 🙂

  2. This episode is so profoundly sad & explains so much. Walter more attached to Peter & Peter more attached to his mother. It explains the great rift between them, i.e. Peter never visiting his father at St Claires etc. This is a little spoilery but there are references to that coin further on that I never quite understood. You’re sharp maybe you can explain when you get there!! Thanks again for another great review!

  3. This episode leaves me in tears every time. EVERY TIME. I don’t approve of what Walter did but I can understand better how it happened and his reasoning. Grief leaves us weak. 😦

    • I’m pretty sure my face just crumpled when Peter died in Walter’s arms. Grief does crazy things to people.

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