Fringe Week Preview

Get ready for the premiere of Season 5 with a weeklong Fringe celebration on Pop Culture Nexus.

Fringe Week begins tomorrow and here is a preview of what we have planned:

Saturday 22:

  • Newbie reactions to 2×16
  • Interview with Fringenuity

Sunday 23:

  • Newbie reactions to 2×17
  • “I wish…” Share with the fandom what you would like to see in the final season.
  • Fringe Feast

Monday 24: Polivia Day!

  • Newbie reactions to 2×18
  • Polivia fanvids
  • RSVP to Peter and Olivia’s wedding

Tuesday 25:

  • Newbie reactions to 2×19
  • Play “Spot the Observer” – Spend the day counting the number of bald men you encounter. Whoever spots the most wins!

Wednesday 26: International Fandom Day Part 1

  • Newbie reactions to 2×20
  • Interviews with international Fringies

Thursday 27: International Fandom Day Part 2

  • Interviews with international Fringies


  • “Why I Love Fringe” entries
  • Favorite moments from Season 4 photo recaps

Saturday 29

  • Newbie reactions 2×21

Sunday 30

  • Newbie reactions to 2×22

Monday/Tuesday 2:

  • 5×01 Photo Recap

We hope you have a great time!

-Mary and Louise


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  1. this is going to be simply awesome! *-* can’t wait!

  2. Wow-Girls… have out done yourselves! What a FRINGETASTIC line-up! I think I am looking most forward to Mary’s Newbie Reactions EVERYDAY….HOORAY!!!!!

  3. Oh God! This is going to be amazing! There’s no better way to countdown to fifth season than having a Fringe Week! This is so lovely! ❤

  4. Whoo hoo! So excited! I am going to celebrate this weekend with a marathon viewing of season 4 and checking out the universes of fringe website.

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