Fringe 2×16 “Olivia. In The Lab. With The Revolver.”: Reactions from a First Time Viewer

I was so excited to see this episode because of the title alone. Olivia acting like a badass? Yes, please. thumbs up The title was a bit misleading though. There were more Polivia moments than Olivia being a badass, AND I AM TOTALLY OKAY WITH THAT. The one thing that semi-ruined the Polivia-palooza was Diane Kruger’s appearance. I know she and Joshua Jackson are in a relationship and I wish them all the best but Fringe space is Polivia’s space. I can’t help but imagine Joshua with Diane while watching this episode which distracts me from fangirling over Peter and Olivia. sad

  • Dude does not look well. WHAT THE WHAT?! That’s Diane Kruger. surprise ARGH! I don’t like this. angry I can’t think about Polivia with HER in this episode.

  • The dude, Neil, knows her from when they were young. He is from the Jacksonville daycare! surprisesurprise She remembers Lloyd Becker from their daycare days. Neil: “Sounds like a budding sociopath.” laughing He is funny. Uh oh, he touched her.
  • She has a mark on her wrist. Now, she has boils!! Ewww. Dang that’s some extensive make up.
  • It’s 5:18 AM and Olivia can’t sleep. She’s probably thinking about Peter. day dreaminglove struck

  • She’s gonna see Yoda aka Sam. He just offered Olivia a beer and she refused it because it’s 6:30 AM. I bet if it was whiskey she would’ve taken it. laughing Sam: “You’re a good person. You know, one of the few I know.” I completely agree!
  • Walter: “It was a nude ski run. By the time you got down to the bottom, your testicles would be in your mouth.” rolling on the floor
  • Walter: “Could you get a sample of the puss please, Peter?” Peter: “I always get the best jobs.” laughing
  • They are malignant tumors? Neil gave her cancer!

  • Again? Walter, you must remember to not eat in the lab. The Fringe lab is not the place to make salt water taffy.
  • OLIVIA!!!! I AM SO DISAPPOINTED! Peter just asked you to come inside to order a pizza and you said no?!?!?!

  • Although I don’t think it is sanitary, it is adorable seeing Astrid and Walter cooking together. Astrid: “Walter, don’t mix up the spoons.” rolling on the floor Olivia is telling Walter he has to tell Peter the truth. Sorry Liv, but I agree with Walter. Peter is not gonna forgive him. Dealing with a family problem is overrated.
  • Olivia is holding a picture of Diane Kruger. AWKWARD. I DON’T LIKE IT

  • Hey, it’s Neil and he’s all better. I don't knowHe’s buying lots of protein milk. Uh oh. Ewww, vomit. Oh fantastic, he’s looking for Lloyd Becker to transmit his disease.
  • Oh boy, he found Becker. I don't want to see Olivia, where’s that memory you always boast about? Don’t you recognize them from yours days in the sandbox? I’m kidding. I don’t expect you to remember that.
  • Peter wants to talk about the almost-kiss! Peter: “So this thing that we have, you, me, Walter, this little family unit we’ve got going …I don’t wanna do anything to jeopardize that.” Olivia: “I don’t either.”  You guys are killing me here! Become a family!

  • Olivia recognizes one of the victims! surprise Timothy Ober.
  • Olivia is drinking whiskey again. Great Scott! There is a knock on the door. nail biting

  • Hey, it’s Yoda! Sam: “What’s up buttercup?” big grin He wants to play Clue. Sam: “I don’t think I’ve seen you in a primary color.” “You’re a soldier. A protector.” Does he know?!

  • Sam: “I’m older than I look. I barely remember my childhood. I’m also taller than I appear.” Who is this guy?! There’s more to him than owning a bowling alley.

  • The height chart! Dang, Olivia is meticulous. She wrote down all of the names.
  • Ewww, Walter, did you have to bake the victim’s skin in your oven?

  • Olivia: “And I know about Peter. I know the whole story.” OH SNAP!! Ms. Terminator: “I recognize the look in your eyes. I know that working together closely with someone can bring about feelings. I’m fairly certain that you’re not prepared to lose him. You didn’t come here today to ask me about a list that you already knew I don’t have. And you didn’t come here to announce that you’re going to tell Peter who he really is. You came here… to have me talk you out of it.” OH SNAP!!! Ms. Terminator dominated this scene!! applause

  • Skin condition dude is at Nick Lane’s aunt’s house! AHH She mentioned Olivia.  I don't want to see
  • Dang, Olivia is going to town with her whiskey bottle. LOL His name is “James Heath” OH NO!!! James and Olivia!  STAY AWAY FROM HER! NO TOUCHING!! I don't want to seeI don't want to see Oh snap!! Olivia!! SHE IS CALLING PETER!!! AHH I hate hearing her in distress!!!! broken heartcrying Olivia: “You stay down.” You go girl! Take control of the situation. applause

  • WHAT?! A man taught him how to use his powers?! Was it William Bell? Who was it? I don't know YAY, Peter arrived with reinforcements. Peter: “How come you didn’t call Broyles?” Olivia:  “I got you on speed dial.” Peter: “Really? I’m number one on Olivia’s Dunham’s speed dial?” Someone catch me. love strucklove strucklove strucklove struckbatting eyelashesbatting eyelasheskisskisskisskisskiss

  • The man who tried to activate James may be the same guy who contacted Mr. Doofus aka Sanford Harris.surprisesurprisesurprise
  • Olivia is at the Bishop house. She is not gonna tell Peter. BTDubs I love that coat!! I want one.

Thank you Fringe Files, “dunhamgetinmybed,” and “hellyeahfringe”  for providing the screencaps and gifs.


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