Fringe 2×17 “White Tulip”: Reactions from a First Time Viewer

ONE OF MY FAVORITE EPISODES!!!!!!!! I finally understand the White Tulip reference fans make, and IT IS BEAUTIFUL. I love how the show balances its exploration of religion. It is done at key moments with elegance. This episode is a perfect example of why Fringe is a must-see show. That ending!! So good!! Masterpiece.

  • What is this kid doing in the street? He just pickpocketed. surprise OH DANG. All aboard the train of death! Time to call the Fringe team.
  • Walter is gonna tell Peter his secret in a letter? Wait, is Walter gonna leave? sad

  • Awww, Peter just told Olivia Walter has been avoiding him all week. Peter: “He’s stopped eating.” surprisesurprisesurprisesurprisesurprisesurprise  RED FLAG! SO UNLIKE WALTER. Poor guy. cryingcrying

  • Peter: “All week, it feels like he’s been enveloped in this sadness.” crying OLIVIA!! Don’t blatantly lie. Geesh. That’s one angry CSI tech, “Get off this train.” What? Walter believes they died of “Collective heart failure.” thinking
  • Whew! Walter dropped his letter for Peter but got it back. It’s never a dull day when Walter asks for bodies, “Six or seven dead bodies should suffice.” laughing
  • Astrid knew exactly what Walter would say. Besties! big hug

  • The perpetrator’s name is Alistair Peck and he is working on a MAJOR math problem. surprise Love Olivia on her radio. “Send the Bishops up, please.”

  • The dude is an astrophysist and teaches at MIT. UH OH, Mr. Peck is watching them take their stuff. surprisesurprise BOLD! He just walked in to his apartment. WTF did he do to his arm?! surprise Wait, those folks from the train are not dead? He created a temporal pocket?! Peck is back on the train? He can time travel?  I don't know WTF?! It’s like Groundhog Day.

  • The letter! Oh snap. I bet this is gonna happen again and Peter is gonna find the letter on the ground.
  • They are back at Dr. Alistair’s house but there is no math equation!! WHAT?! Olivia: “Wow, I’m having déjà vu.” Olivia’s face is HYSTERICAL! Aw, Peter says he doesn’t get déjà vu. That’s because you’re not from this world. DUH! happy

  • HOLD UP!! There’s a seahorse in the medicine cabinet!!

  • Walter asked Olivia if he could go home with her. Aww, Walter, what are you waiting for?
  • Olivia is talking to Carol Bryce, Alistair’s former colleague at MIT. She says he had a fiancée named Arlette and didn’t socialize. Carol just referred to Alistair’s books as “gobbledygook.” Olivia: “Well, I happen to know someone who is fluent in gobbledygook.” rolling on the floorrolling on the floor
  • Walter: “We may have apprehended this man before. Possibly several times.” YES! THAT’S IT WALTER!! Oh wow, Arlette was killed in a car accident and Alistair is trying to go back and save her.

  • Walter: “Grief can drive people to extraordinary lengths.” BEAUTIFUL LINE!
  • That’s a tough call Olivia, but you should let Walter talk to Alastair. Ewwww. Alastair’s body!!! It’s Walter! Walter: “I am not a threat. I am an ambassador.” big hug
  • 18 5 2 18…May 18th 2:18 PM
  • Walter just disconnected his radio! Walter believes he betrayed God when he took the other Peter and everything that has happened to him since then has been punishment. sadsadsad Walter: “I’ve asked God for a sign of forgiveness. A specific one, a white tulip.” GAH!!! It’s the white tulip reference the Fringe fans talk about!!! I GET IT!!!! Alistair: “Tulips don’t bloom this time of year – white or otherwise.” Walter: “But he’s God. And If God can forgive me for my acts then maybe…it’s in the realm of possibility that my son, possibly, may be able to forgive me too.”  FRIMMY!!!!!

  • Alistair: “Walter, God is science.” Walter: “It’s not our place to adjust the universe.” NOOOOO!!!! The team is coming. Walter: “We won’t remember anything.” I don't want to seeI don't want to seesurprise

  • Walter is eating red vines. Carol Bryce? Why is Alistair writing to Carol Bryce? OH SNAP!! He did it. He’s in the field! OH MAN!!! surprisesurprisesurprise TWIST!!!!!! He was gonna die with her! I did not see that coming.

  • Alistair left a letter for Carol to mail to Walter!! WHAT?! Walter just burned the letter to Peter. surpriseYou’re not gonna tell him?!?! Walter!

  •  OH EM GEE!!!!! THE WHITE TULIP!!!!! THE SIGN!!!!!! OH MY GOSH!!! OH MY GOSH!!!! OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you Fringe Files, “dunhamgetinmybed,” and “hellyeahfringe”  for providing the screencaps and gifs.


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  1. Tears, tears, tears. Most beautiful ep!! Seriously if John Noble doesn’t at least get nominated after this final season I may start just boycotting TV altogether. Gah, what am saying? 😦

    Thx again for the awesome review!!! Oh didn’t you love the fact that we’d assume that Peter would find the letter on the train? I remember thinking that was too easy for these writers! Never fall to convention!!


    My mother suprised me this year for my birthday with a WHITE TULIP CAKE!!!!!!!!!! I was so excited I SCREAMED and wanted to do one of Walter’s ‘happy dances’!!!!!!! I put a pic of it in my “Why I Love Fringe” video!

    I just remember having chills at the end of this episode when I watched it for the first time but reading your recap is taking me back to that moment….I CAN’T HARDLY TAKE IT!!! I’m proud we share the same enthusiasm for this AWESOME EP, Mary! 🙂


  3. One of my all-time favorite episode. Gah, tears!

  4. Pfft, *episodes. See, I’m upset!

  5. White Tulip is, for sure, one of the most beautiful episodes from Fringe.
    The Alistair’s story, the reasons why he wanna come back, the connections between Walter and him, the White Tulip sign, the final with Alistair letter, OMG, OMG! Alistair was a amazing guy, love him ❤ And this episode is amazing because all of this reasons <33

    ('This is my Emmy?' and 'Are we being Punk'd?' images: LOL!)

  6. Hi!! I’m also a newbie for Fringe and while searching the net I found your site and I love your reaction posts!! I just finished catching up in time for the season 5 premiere and I can’t get enough of the awesomeness of this show!! I’m so in love with Peter and Olivia!! The whole cast deserves official recognition for their awesome work!! I know, it’s a shame that I just started watching now, but, I guess better late than never, right?! Anyway, keep it up! I love reading your posts and fan-girling at the same time with you all! ;p

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