‘Fringe’ Feast: The Perfect Foods to Celebrate the Season 5 Premiere

Of all the characters on Fringe, I am without a doubt most like Walter. I wish I could say I was more like Olivia, but I tend to run from danger rather than shoot it in the face. Walter and I have much more in common. We both have a tendency to get lost in our own minds, we are desperately invested in Peter and Olivia’s relationship, and we both share a near-religious appreciation for food. (Especially milkshakes.) In honor of the season premiere, I thought I would create a ten-course meal of Fringe‘s most  delectable comestibles to help whet your appetite for the coming season…

  • Hors d’oeuvres: Red Vines—Walter’s signature snack food is significant for its helical shape (almost like a DNA strand) and its red color (hello, Altverse foreshadowing!). In fact, Red Vines have been a supporting character on Fringe since season 1. But don’t take my word for it—watch Broyles’ existential analysis of Red Vines here.
  • Amusebouche: Strawberry toaster pastries—Or, as Walter calls them, “delicious strawberry-flavored death!” Grocery shopping is so much more exciting with Walter.
  • Bread course: Toast—In the Fringe fandom, toast is more than just burnt bread. It’s a manifestation of our fearless heroine, Olivia Dunham, and her unshakable cool in the face of impending death. Toast is BAMFness in breakfast form.
  • Appetizer: Peanut butter and bacon sandwich—This is possibly my favorite of all the fanciful foods Walter has ever created in the lab. I don’t know why it never occurred to me to combine two of my favorite foods into a super-sandwich, but Lincoln seemed to enjoy it so much (due in part to his impending metamorphosis into a giant porcupine) that I had to try it for myself. (Spoiler alert: it’s awesome.)
  • Palate cleanser: Strawberry milkshake—Forget saving the world, Walter’s true quest in life is to concoct the perfect strawberry milkshake. And after all the research he’s done on the subject throughout Fringe‘s four seasons, I’d say he must be fairly close.
  • First course: Blueberry pancakesWalter played Cupid in “6B,” making breakfast for Peter and Olivia in an effort to get them to talk out their issues. Walter knows that blueberry pancakes can overcome any obstacle—even if that obstacle is Peter impregnating Olivia’s doppelgänger.
  • Main course: Jalapeño sandwich—Who would have guessed that the hairless, monotone, suit-wearing Observers would have such exotic tastes in food? When a few of them met for lunch to talk about the hottest new trends in fedoras cryptic Observer-y things, September ordered a jalapeño sandwich, also known as the Observer Special. Oh, and don’t forget to add some hot sauce to it. Watch September pour pepper and hot sauce all over his sandwich in this clip from season one’s “The Arrival.”
  • Salad course: Rhubarb pie—What? Rhubarb is a vegetable… And pie is just baked salad. In the season 4 episode “Welcome to Westfield,” it was Walter’s quest for rhubarb pie that led the gang to the mysterious town of Westfield, where they got more than they bargained for (and I don’t mean pie).
  • Dessert: Custard—In the season 2 premiere, Walter decided he wanted to make his son a special birthday custard, despite the fact that Peter claimed to not like custard. Walter told him that, as a boy, he had loved custard. This was of course a reference to the other Peter, who apparently had different tastes in dessert foods.
  • After-dinner canapé: “Fairy bread“—If you’re not familiar with this colorful snack (I wasn’t until “The End of All Things”), it’s bread with butter on it covered with sprinkles. So basically, it’s edible awesome.

Hopefully that’s enough to tide you over until the season 5 premiere on Friday. And if anyone wants to start a Fringe-themed restaurant with us, I’ve already got the tablecloths picked out. Lastly, here‘s a video montage of some of Fringe‘s best food lines from throughout the seasons.

Happy Fringe Week!



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  1. Cortexiphan Girl

    And what about the famous lemon cake??? LOL Amazing list!

  2. I might through in a root beer as an after dinner treat.

  3. Or a root beer float, Walter’s preference.

  4. Amazing! LOL!

    I have a doubt: in a Fringe-themed restaurant, the chefs will be naked? LOL!

  5. oh I love me some fairy bread!!

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