I wish in Fringe Season 5…

Tell us what you would like to see in Fringe‘s final season. It can be anything! A happy ending for Peter and Olivia. An appearance from Gene. Astrid playing the game, Operation, with Etta. Walter eating red vines. Just have fun!

I wish in Fringe Season 5…Etta finds this picture of her dad when he was young in their old house. hee hee

I wish in Fringe Season 5…there is a scene in which little Etta is in the lab playing the game, Memory. It would be awesome if she developed a photographic memory like her mom.

It’s your turn! Tell us your Season 5 wish in the comments section.

-Mary and Louise


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  1. Etta and Ella hanging out

  2. I wish to see flashbacks of when Etta was born …. i just wanna see Peter hlding his new born daughter. And i want to see the return of the much beloved peacoat in 2036. Peter always looks awesome ( and by awesome i mean HOT!!!!!) in it.

  3. Peter calls Walter “Dad” again. Don’t see how, but…

  4. I really want some Peter/Olivia/baby Etta time! But most of all, I want a showdown with Olivia and the observers that involve Olivia setting a mindfire.

  5. BAWHAHAHAH Y’all’s is cracking me up!!

    Let’s see where do I begin….

    1. I would LOVE to see…..Etta being born in the same way Henry was except Astrid would replace Cab Driver Henry and Peter would replace Lincoln and of course Olivia instead of Fauxlivia! (Is it just me or wouldn’t that scene redone by these characters be awesome)?!

    2. I would love to see…..After a long day of Etta playing at the Lab with Pop Pop Walter and Auntie Astrid, they all pile in the car and sing, “The Candy Man Can” all the way to their favorite ice cream shop to reward Lil Etta for her good behavior at the Lab all day! (Forgive me I’m getting carried away now)

    3. I would also love to see……Fauxlivia leaving the hospital with Lincoln and their new baby Ty (named after Lincoln’s middle name Tyrone) with the biggest rainbow in the sky that Fauxlvia has ever seen! It really would make my heart so happy to know that Fauxlivia got her happy ending with Lincoln being the love of her life and a baby boy that will never disappear or be erased from history! (I need help,I KNOW)!

    4. Lastly I would love to see…..Peter giving Etta a piggy back ride before her first day of school and for Olivia to hide out around every corner of the school to make sure Etta is okay! (I know I took this “I Wish” thing to serious)

    I seriously could go on and on but I think I’ve said enough…..LOL!!!

  6. FYI Mary- You won’t get most of what I said until you get into season 3 and 4…Also sorry if I spoiled anything as I did not mean to get so carried away!!

  7. I wish to see Olivia and Peter happy together in the long term, and that the only bumps in the road will come from their jobs and not their relationship troubles.

    I wish to see more Olivia super-cortexiphan-powers.

    I wish to see each of the characters achieve some concrete happiness by the end of the series.

    I wish to see occasional flashbacks to post-2012, pre-2036 life.

    I wish to see the end of Observer-land 🙂

  8. Well, my wish is to see Etta born, and to see some P/O banter between the two before Etta is born. *Don’t eat me, these are my wishes… I can dream*

  9. I wish to see Lincoln and Altlivia at least one more time.

  10. I’m with the other Lyn (Hi, Sweetie!) – I’d like to see Peter, in The Peacoat, holding baby Etta.

    I want Peter and Olivia to live happily ever after (sorry, I want a happy ending!)

    I’d love to see Henry Ian Cusick back as Simon!

    I’d like to know the meaning of the beacon, the real relationship between Broyles and Nina, and how many timeloops we’ve been through (deja vu).

  11. I wish for a happy ending for Peter and Olivia. They deserve some semblance of normalcy after all they’ve been through and sacrificed.

  12. I wish in Fringe Season 5 We see a Happy Ending for Polivia. To hear etta call Walter Granpa and a lot of Flashback of Polivia being Parents to little Etta.

  13. – I wish to see Olivia and Peter’s wedding (will Peter wear Walter’s purple suit? LOL!) and see Olivia pregnant and then Peter, Walter, Olivia and baby Etta in some familiar scenes ❤ Oh, Ella, too! And I wanna see Ella in 2036, too! (How pretty would be a meeting between Ella and Etta in 2036 and Ella remember when she was a kid and Etta was a baby? OMG! *–*)
    – I wanna so much see the Redverse at least one more time! (I think there's no why they don't appear, because the Observers appeared over there, too, so I think Fringe Division from Over There have to appear one more time helping in some way Fringe Division From Over Here!). And I wish to see AltLivia and Lincoln together like a family (maybe with a baby called Walter, lol) and, please!, we must have a rainbow in RedVerse :')
    – In Letters of Transit we can already see that Walter with his brain is a little evil, so I hope his family (how beautiful is that? They are a family! :') ) can change that and Walter all-brain can be as kind, sweet and lovely as Walter without pieces of brain.
    – I hope the Inner Child kid (from 1st season) appears in this season. He clearly have connections with September! (maybe the kid is September! who knows…). I hope he and some other cases have their participation in this season. This will be so great, cause the producers will show the connections between all the seasons and finish everything with all the questions answered 😀

    • I want to see the kid from Inner Child too! I think he is connected to the Observers somehow… and I want to see the good Observers that Walter was talking about in Letters of Transit, and our dear friend September’s fate.
      Holy crow the wedding! I didn’t even think about that but I would LOVE to see a wedding on Fringe!

  14. I want to see in the future when Walter and whomever else putting the machine in the wormhole again. It’s a timeloop/paradox so they must have to do it eventually, right?

    • I was thinking the same thing that they could use the machine for a reset back to when Peter first got in the machine but this time he isn’t erased. I have trouble thinking of them living happily ever after in the dystopian world of 2036. September was always saying how important Peter is and the how important Peter & Olivia’s baby is. Peter has the ability to power the machine & Etta to get them out of amber in 2036.

  15. I second pretty much everything that has already been said. P/O happy. Would LOVE to have a redverse episode with Fauxlivia/Lincoln and little Ty. And even a chance for Walternate to meet his granddaughter (although if he wasn’t ambered, he might be a bit old now…) I also hope there will be plenty of flashbacks to 2012–> It would also be great to get answers to unanswered questions about “The Pattern”, ZFT, etc. etc. And, YES, what is the deal with Broyles and Nina (and Nina and Walter for that matter…)?

  16. I wish that September fights side by side with Olivia and Etta using their mind powers against the Observers in an epic final battle. This would mean that Olivia somehow gets her powers back and the unexpected thing that happened to September did not involve his death in any way but something else all together.

  17. I wish to see an ending with everyone back in the present or near future where Peter & Olivia are prepping for the birth of they’re 2nd child, the bridge is still open, the fringe division is barely active bc of the healing of the universes, Olivia & Astrid are working with Broyles in homeland security, Peter is now teaching & Grandpa Walter is semi-retired and driving Etta’s babysitter nuts. Couldn’t sleep last week & was thinking about the perfect ending.

  18. I wish to see Henry and Sam Weiss again. I would be so happy if we get to the see the altverse again.
    And I would be happy if nobody kills Olivia again, it getting a disgusting dejá vu at the season endings.
    And please, please another birthday party with Gene!

  19. I wish to see…
    Polivia’s wedding
    End of the Observer ruling
    The other universe again
    But I’m sure Fringe will manage to surprise me 🙂

  20. I would like to see Simon Foster out of the amber.
    It Would be nice to see Peter`s mother again (is Etta’s grandmother for that matter).
    But, as someone has said before, I will take whatever the writers will give me, from the pilot to the final ep of season 4 it has been a nice journey, sometimes better than others but always original, brave, and surprising, and with the amazing Fringe cast an crew, I’m confident that the final season will be the best af all

  21. honestly i would really love to see ‘The Dunhamnator’ kicking butt with her equally awesome daughter ‘The Ettanator’

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