Happy Polivia Day!

Start Polivia Day by watching fanvids featuring the ups and downs of their love story.

Don’t forget to visit later today for another Poliva post in which you can RSVP to their wedding.

WARNING: Side effects from watching these videos include runny nose, tightness of the chest, troubled breathing, watery eyes, fatigue, and emotional instability.

Peter & Olivia

Created by BabyDrow0160

Created by littletonpace

Created by Cami740

Created by spinsterandlunatic02

Created by PoliviaLinda

Created by moviegeek7

Created by lastonthelist

Created by ESTELLE5

Created by LittleGooseWalking

Created by hurleybirdprod

Created by LariGevaerd

Created by 0anna3

Created by chipchop18

Polivia Day would not be complete without some fanvids of the beautiful couple with their daughter.

Created by maitikaHan

Created by Believeinwonder



Created by Believeinwonder

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  1. All excellent videos. Well done to everyone who made them.

  2. I love #Polivia vids. I think i have almost favourited 1000 on youtube so far. Hmmm im not obsessed…no way! Im a shipper for life.

  3. OMG I’M CAMI740 LOL
    I’m so happy people liked it, I feel very honored to have my humble video within these amazing artists. ❤

    I loved all the other ones, some I of which I had already watched. Polivia is my OTP and it will always be. ❤

  4. I would see all the videos, but I see the Thousand Years video and OMG! So beautiful, OMG! OMG! I can’t see anymore today. Just cry! Really beautiful choose of scenes and the connection with the music *—————* Beautiful :’D

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