Peter Bishop and Olivia Dunham – Just Engaged

Pop Culture Nexus is proud to announce Peter Bishop and Olivia Dunham’s engagement. They work for Fringe Division, and live in Brookline, Massachusetts.

The Main Event: A September wedding outside by Reiden Lake.

How They Met: Baghdad, Iraq. Olivia needed Peter to visit his father in St. Claire’s Hospital and save her ex-lover’s life.

First Impressions: “He was a jerk with major daddy issues.” “She was hot.”

First Kiss: In an alternate universe where Peter is from.

Their Song: Stevie Wonder’s “For Once in My Life.” They kissed and he glimmered.

How He Proposed: Peter accompanied Olivia to Jacksonville, Florida for her class reunion at her former child care center. After the event, he drove her to the field of white tulips where they first held hands as children. He got down on one knee and proposed. Olivia adds, “It was very beautiful and epic, like our love story.”

Longest Fight: When she found out he slept with her doppelgänger, and then had lingering feelings for her. “I gave him the cold shoulder for weeks.”

When He Knew: “I was going through an identity crisis but she restored clarity, telling me I belonged with her.”

Making It Unique: Gene, Walter’s cow, will be the ring bearer.

RSVP to the wedding in the comments section by including your name and where you are from. Feel free to share your favorite Peter/Olivia moment or your wedding gift for the happy couple.


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  1. This is great except for the how he proposed part. They don’t remember meeting as children so that field wouldn’t hold significance for them. Granted it could just have been a pretty place to propose but I highly doubt Olivia would ever go back to her class reunion so there would be no reason for them to be there.

    Anyways, all that being said, RSVP me please! Rachel from Canada.
    One of my favourite Polivia moments was when Peter played piano for her that first time. My wedding gift would be relieving Astrid of Walter Watching duty when she needed a break and to stop him from licking all the desserts.

  2. Ahhh!!! Favorite Polivia moment was her telling him she’s preggers. Tears streamed down my face. I love that the scene was entirely centered on them & them alone. No interruptions (well except for Walter & Astrid being snoopy), such a beautiful tender scene. If that had had to been the series finale all would have been right in my world, of course except the devastation on no mas. In February I’m going to be super sad!!!! 😦


    Name: Annie Liz

    Location: Westfield

    Fav P/O Moment: When Olivia tells Peter she is PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!!!

    Wedding Gift: I would give Polivia a book on parenting so they could teach Etta not to talk to strangers or run off with them and also to come to them when she is called….LOL!

  4. ahaha this is awesome!

    Name: Jocelyn Dewhirst

    Location: DeLand, Florida

    Fav P/O moment: beginning of Welcome to Westfield, rawr 😉

    Wedding gift: Tissue box – as a reminder of all the tears they made me cry.

  5. Name: Kathryn
    Location: Adelaide, Australia
    So many favourite moments, including: the hug in Bad Dreams, the kiss in 6B, the dream at the start of Welcome to Westfield & the kissing/twirling at the end of A Short Story About Love.
    Wedding Gift: a month of complete peace, with no weirdness.

  6. Name: Angela
    Location: Montreal, Canada
    favourite moment: too many to count, but i’ll have to stick with ‘ You belong with me’..and ‘welcome to westfield love scene meeeeowww!, okay and also ‘Peter, i’m pregnant’

  7. Congratulations Peter and Olivia!! So happy for you both! I can’t wait to attend your beautiful ceremony!

    I remember when you guys were still pretending you did not have deep feelings for each other…I still look back and laugh.

    But I was sure you two would last as Isaw your undying love for one another and how much you fought to defend each other. I’ll never forget you guys love you both.

    Samantha Rose

    Wedding present: A $100 giftcard to Damianos and a Vitamix 5200 Deluxe-Complete Kitchen set….It also works wonders on making baby food 😉

  8. RSVP me please. Daniela and Patricia From Argentina.
    I have some many Polivia fav. moments I would have to say the beginning of Marionnete, 6B, the begining of 3×20, Welcome to Westfield, A Better Human Being, A Short Story about love , The Nursery Nursery line in 4×21 and Peter I´m pregnant line in 4×22.
    Wedding Gift: I will give them a bottle of the Whishey they drank after they finished the 6B case as a reminder of what brought them together ultimately

  9. I’m so there! Sara, from St. Louis. My gift will be a Lincoln doll for Etta, so she can know their long lost friend who is off in the altverse.

  10. Congratulations Peter and Olivia! I’m sure you’ll be the happiest and most perfect couple ever. ❤

    I'm Camila from Brazil and I have two favorite moments. their almost kiss in "Jacksonville" and their first kiss in "Over There".
    My wedding gif for them would be a lab since Peter had one when he was a kid. just imagine Polivia + Etta + a puppie. Seriously, I'm gonna die of cuteness. ❤

  11. Aimee from Ohio.

    Fave P/O Moment: There are so many, but ultimately, the entire scene from “The Last Sam Weiss” when Peter prepares to get into the machine. Their looks to each other said it all. Olivia may have told him she loved him, but Peter is a man of action, and he did not need to tell her, for what he was about to do was an act of supreme love. Plus, the flashbacks of his life with her (and Walter) made me tear up. Beautiful.

    My wedding gift would be a hefty supply of bacon for Peter and the best Kentucky bourbon money can buy for Olivia. Plus some concert tickets for U2 because Fauxlivia didn’t ruin them in this timeline. 🙂

  12. Noelle from Los Angeles

    Can’t wait for this wedding been waiting for this my entire life!
    This post is wonderfully amazing by the way 🙂
    Favorite Polivia moment would be all the moments but I will say 6B
    Wedding Gift: I will call the Doctor and ask him to take Peter/Olivia back in time to see dinosaurs in his tardis but just for a day let’s not make them companions

  13. Michelle from Brazil.

    Favorite moment from Polivia is pretty difficult to pick one, there are so many, since the moment in Pilot when Olivia tells Peter she didn’t have anything to incriminate him, haha. The way Peter looks at her since the first time they meet… Oh, God. But I choose (can be three?) the ‘You belong with me’ moment, the scene that Aimee said from ‘The Last Sam Weiss’… Olivia saying ‘I love you’ to Peter <33 and when Peter found Olivia in the white tulip field when they were children (why they don't remember this? WHYYY?)

    I'm not in a creative moment, so my wedding gift would be a happy end to both together and forever <33

    [off] They need to show the wedding in the final season! How beautiful would be see Anna Torv in a wedding dress? And Peter waiting for Olivia and she walking in the church with Walter <33 [/off]

  14. If ever there was a wedding not to miss, it’d be this one!

    Jessie (Sydney, AU)

  15. I’ll be there with bells on!!!

  16. Annette

    Favorite Polivia moment? All of them! What can I say I can’t choose just one!

    My gift to them would be the happy ever after they deserve! That would be the proper ending to their story!

  17. Sign me up! Alissa in Texas– yee haw!

    My favorite moment is when they meet in Baghdad. I still laugh every time he calls her “sweetheart.” “You want to call me sweetheart again? ‘Cause I’d really like that.” LOL

  18. Joy (@joy_joy31)

    Name; Joyce.
    Location: El Salvador

    My favorite moment is when Peter is trying to convince the old lady in 6B. And the first kiss in the alterverse.
    Love this show!!!!!!

  19. Name: Stef
    Location: Australia

    let me start off by saying that im loving fringe week!

    I have many many many fav Polivia moments but one of my all time favs is in season 3 when Olivia cant remember her life but she still sees Peter and he says to her ‘I am here and im a part of you that you have to hold on to, you cant forget where your from. You cant forget this’ and then he kisses her….. awww swoon Polivia!!!!

  20. RSVP
    Emily, Australia
    Favourite Polivia moment: Just one? I can’t pick…
    Probably the first kiss. Or the almost kiss. Ok, I give up on choosing one…
    Wedding gift: A day off
    Maybe a week
    Ok, a month
    Who knows, maybe Etta might end up with a sibling
    As if she wasn’t awesome enough..

  21. Brilliant!
    Ella, Argentina
    Favourite Polivia moment: I wound’t say this is my number one moment, but I love when they’re in bed together, reading the paper a looking for houses to buy. When Olivia tells Peter “Nursery”, and Peter smiles. I just love his smile!
    Wedding gift: The machine they’ll be building in S5. Just so that they can get rid of the Observers faster!

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