TV Twitter Reactions: HIMYM 8×01 “Farhampton”

Photo: Monty Brinton/CBS © 2012 CBS Broadcasting Inc.

How I Met Your Mother returned for its eighth season. Read what the fans had to say about the premiere on twitter:

  • @KreeBeau LOVED the #HIMYM premiere! It’s nice when a show actually has a story line… assuming we’ll meet the mother soon! #yellowumbrella
  • @timmyodonovan That might be the best ending to a #himym episode ive ever seen
  • @Ariana_Joy #himym was pretty perfect
  • @TommyLuers #HIMYM just teases and teases and teases…….and teases#bestshow #iwannabemarshall
  • @cmcolcomb I’m not even sure that I understood the sequence of events in tonights #HIMYM#JUSTTELLUSALREADY.
  • @Blink_myEYES Sooo #HIMYM was exciting yet disappointing … I wanted more 😦
  • @abhimanyu_datta How come none of the kids has spoken anything in past 6 seasons in #himym
  • @austinburns #HIMYM is getting into jump-the-shark territory. :/
  • @duckduckgu #HIMYM is the only sitcom that can make me cry. It’s just so engaging!
  • @neil_lakdawala i literally hate that yellow umbrella #HIMYM
  • @pugnacity_ Ted. You kinda piss me off.. #HIMYM
  • @riseupbro Gotta give it to the #himym writers. Awesome premiere and a great step to the mother. Also I went on Price is Eight and won a dune buggy.
  • @cory_martin So in the season premier of #HIMYM, we learned that The Mother has canckles? Did I see that right?
  • @notBryBry #HIMYM season premiere was pretty good tho.
  • @nwahs086 Is Ted the protagonist anymore? #HIMYM
  • @MicheleShore Loved tonights episode of #HIMYM 🙂
  • @TheTVReferee Victoria makes me want to throw up. #justsayin #HIMYM

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