Fringe 2×19 “Brown Betty”: Reactions from a First Time Viewer

I will be honest…I’m usually not a fan of the “special” episodes that stray from the series norm. Yes, I’m talking about those musical and time period episodes. I know a lot of fans like them but I’m not one of them. While it is cool to see the actors present other talents, I, typically, find that these episodes add little to the story already being told. “Brown Betty” is Fringe‘s “special” episode, and I actually enjoyed it more than I thought I would. I think the reason for that is because the episode was told more like a Polivia fanfiction than a bonus episode. Thank you writers for giving us a glimpse to how awesome Peter and Olivia will be as a couple!!

  • Oh Walter! Self-medicating is not the way to deal with your pain. no talking He is labeling everything in the lab! Oooo, I like the music. Red vines! laughing OH BOY. This is not good. Walter just made his own hybrid drug called, “Brown Betty.” no talking Awwww, Astrid said, “Peter is going to come back.” Why did Olivia leave the door open when she came in?  AHHHHHH It’s Ella!!!!! I LOVE HER!!! big hugbig grinbig hug OH EM GEE SHE IS ADORABLE!!! She just called Walter, “Uncle Walter.” TOO CUTE!! day dreaming THEY ARE A FAMILY!!!!!!!!

  • Walter: “Who’s that?”  rolling on the floorrolling on the floorrolling on the floorrolling on the floor

  • Ella looks like a mini Olivia in that jacket. So cute!
  • Walter: “I couldn’t possibly look after anyone. I’m well into Phase 1.” LOL I don’t think you were the number 1 choice, buddy. Ella: “Hi cow.” Walter: “Be careful Stella. Gene, no licking.” HYSTERICAL!!!

  • Ella must really love Operation. Either that or it’s the only game she owns. Musical mysteries? Walter: “I was roughed up quite a lot in school.” Poor Walter. Aw, he is gonna tell Ella a story. TOO CUTE FOR WORDS!! big hug
  • WTF!!! HELL NO! NOT MR. BORING FACE’S FACE! angry I thought we moved on already! WE MOVED ON TO PETER!!!
  • Even Olivia in the story drinks whiskey. laughing

  • WHAT THE WHAT?! I have the same reaction, Ella. Walter is singing?!

  • Astrid: “What those school kids must have done to you.” laughing Ella: “Maybe you should teach me Algebra.” rolling on the floorrolling on the floorrolling on the floor Walter: “The medication that Uncle Walter is on…” LOL
  • WHAT THE EFF! OH HELL NO! surprise no talking Peter and Rachel?! I will not allow this, not even a made-up story. Yes, Ella, you are correct. Your mom doesn’t love Peter. Your auntie Liv does.
  • Ladies and gents, we have the maltese falcon of the story…the mechanical heart.
  • Daaaaang Broyles. You have a smooth voice. winkingwinking
  • The symbol belongs to Massive Dynamic. I shouldn’t be surprised. Olivia can’t get away from this company. Ah, it’s Ms. Terminator with a different hairstyle. surprisesurprisesurprise LOL She just said Peter is “dangerous.” I think you meant to say “dangerously adorable and excellent husband material.”

  • Olivia has a cell phone?!?! I thought this was supposed to be a 1950s mystery. I don't knowYikes! Rachel is missing a heart. Huh? They use a camera with bulbs but somehow Olivia has a cellphone. Technology is so skewed in this story. thinkingI don't know
  • Ella: “She can’t be dead.” Walter: “Why not?” Astrid: “Probably because it’s her mother.” Ella: “No. That’s not it.”

  • Rachel was an actress. Twist. Broyles: “The dead seem to follow you around.” Olivia: “What you saying there, Chief?” LOL That is something Louise would say. thumbs up Broyles: “Time to leave things to the big boys.” Really, Broyles? You just said that? HAHAHA Olivia’s head tilt! I love her little gestures. Olivia: “Okay you win.” laughing She just took evidence from the crime scene. surprise
  • TOO ADORABLE!! Ella is feeding Gene. happy Walter just said Dr. Bishop in the story is “Slightly less handsome than your uncle Walter.” laughing

  • I love Walter’s lab in the story. GENE!!! She looks like a bovine version of Twister. rolling on the floorrolling on the floor He hired Rachel to hire Olivia. He is in a wheelchair like Professor X!!! How nice, Walter is an inventor.
  • STUNNED. Singing corpses! Did that just happen?!?! Where did that come from?

  • He invented hugs? Awww. He invented everything that is wonderful in the world –different from our Walter. Peter stole his glass heart!! sad
  • Walter: “Of course, but first, she needed to rehire her assistant Esther Figglesworth.” laughinglaughing Astrid’s face!
  • Astrid can sing!!!! surprise She looks like Cam from Bones in this episode. Esther: “She only calls when it is important. Or when she gets lost.” laughing Is that the Observer!?! YES IT IS! What is he doing to Olivia? Observer: “Don’t stick your heart out where it doesn’t belong.” GAH Olivia is bleeding! sad
  • Is there something between Olivia and Astrid in this story? raised eyebrows That man is Peter!!!
  • It’s Brandon!!! LOL He is so weird!
  • Ms. Terminator: “This man who attacked you, was he bald with an odd cadence in his voice?” LOL She says they are called the “Watchers.” laughing   Is Giles going to make an appearance?

  • Awww, Walter and Ella are eating red vines! And Astrid is making PB&J sandwiches for them. CUTENESS OVERLOAD.
  • Olivia just vandalized Ms. Terminator’s car and Astrid has a laptop. laughing Seriously, the technology baffles me.
  • Ms. Terminator is talking to Bell’s hologram. They are a couple! surprise Dang, she gets around. First Broyles. Now Bell.
  • It’s the Watcher and Ms. Terminator!! Are they on a boat?! His name is Mr. Gemini. NOOO! They put Olivia in the water and she’s trapped.  GAH It’s Peter!!! Hell yeah! He saved her. whew!love strucklove struck
  • Eeeeeeeeee. Olivia is wearing Peter’s clothes. love struck

  • It’s the pattern map Olivia created episodes ago. Peter looks so dapper and he is making her breakfast!!!! GAH!!!! They are playing house!!!! MY EMOTIONS!!!!! Can they do this more often?!!

  • Olivia likes to dance. day dreaming Adorable. Peter: “I guess we’re opposites. I hate to dance.” Don’t say that! “I’d take you though.” YAY!!!! big grinbig grinthumbs upbatting eyelashesbatting eyelashesbatting eyelashes
  • Uh oh, Peter is gonna sing a different tune about Walter. Peter: “147 pins. Each one represents a child injured by Walter Bishop.” sad Say it ain’t so. He steals children’s dreams and replaces them with nightmares. sad The glass heart is actually Peter’s.
  • OH SNAP!!! It’s that cylinder from season 1. Peter: “They found us.” GAH!!! WATCHERS!!!! Peter and Olivia are fighting together as a butt-kicking couple. thumbs up This is a Polivia fan’s dream come true!!! Hell yeah!! Peter: “I knew you were a good dancer.” DYING!

  • They took his heart!!!! crying Olivia has to put the batteries in Peter’s chest. It’s like the game Operation. winking Olivia says she was meant to care for people. Peter: “Who cares for you?” Awww. It’s you Peter! It’s you!
  • Peter!! worried She is serenading Peter! Get closer and kiss!!!!!! He’s alive!!!! applauseapplause Whew!

  • Walter was using the Watchers! surprisesad
  • Now, Walter is singing the candy man song. Awww, Walter. Peter: “There’s some things you can’t undo.” Timely!
  • Ella is gonna change the ending! Peter split the heart in two. GAH!!!!! He is gonna dance with Olivia!!!!!!  I LOVE ELLA!!!

  • It’s the Observer!!! Observer: “The boy has not returned. Yes, I am concerned too.” WTF! surprise

Thank you Fringe Files, “dunhamgetinmybed,” and “hellyeahfringe”  for providing the screencaps and gifs.


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  1. As you continue to watch, you’ll see that “Brown Betty” is much more than a “throw away” musical episode. This story — forced upon the writers because of Glee — was written as a masterful foreshadowing tale.

  2. I’m not ashamed to admit that a screencap of Peter dipping Olivia is the background picture on my phone. Also ‘together they made goodness’ is the cutest thing.

  3. The layers, subtext, imagery and events of this episodes still blow my mind. I love it more each time I watch it!

  4. This dapper version of Peter has spawned fantasies of Josh Jackson in film noir. He would be so wonderful in 40s crime drama. That boy. . .I do like him.

  5. I love this episode! It has only grown on me since my first viewing. 🙂

  6. As Aimee said, this was sort of the roadmap to the mythology…and I’m not totally convinced that it’s irrelevant yet… I think this may be my most-watched episode – every time I watch it, I see something new. And of course, Josh in 40’s attire… is the bee’s knees!

  7. I love Brown Betty. Its filled with #Fringe goodness …… and oh so many hints as to what is to come in future episodes / seasons. The writers were very clever……but arent they always! The cast looked absolutely amazing (Gene with here coloured spots) and did a great job. Brown Betty is one of my all time fave eps ever!

  8. One of my favorite eps!! And totally jives with the mythology. Interesting how the observers are evil, makes you wonder…. Olivia singing is my most favorite part. It’s funny but I think it was a DVD extra but they commented that Josh Jackson is always singing/humming on the set but did not want to sing in the ep. Too funny!! I agree Josh Jackson in 40’s attire is the bee’s knees. 😀

  9. Jen, you are right. On the DVD, the commentators said that they tried to convince Josh to sing in Brown Betty, but he wouldn’t, yet he sings non-stop on set (and is apparently not bad). He also plays piano. And he’s so nice to look at it. . .what was I talking about? Oh yeah, you’re right, he does sing on set 😀

  10. I love this episode so much, Walter makes a really good story and Ella a great and lovely ending ❤
    It's incredible how lovely and beautiful is Brown Betty. Usually people hates filler episodes from TV shows (or animes), but this one it is loved for everyone (even the filler episode from Fringe is bad or boring – all of them are amazing! :D). And it's really a Polivia shipper's dream, haha.

  11. The episode is full packed with clues for the next seasons… like literally everything they do and say will make sense as the story evolves! It’s really a brilliant episode!

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