Spot the Observer Game

It’s time to play “Spot the Observer” !!!!!!!!!!

On September 25, you have 24 hours to record the number of bald men you encounter. You may be asking yourself, What counts as bald? That’s up to you, but bald spots and tonsure styles should not count. Here are some examples:


At the end of your day, tell us your total in the comments section or tweet us @PopCultureNexus with “#SpottheObserver”. The winner will be announced the following day and will be interviewed for our upcoming project on TV fans.

Have fun!

-Mary and Louise


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  1. Jocelyn Dewhirst

    I saw eighteen bald men today:

    2 at Walgreens
    7 at college
    3 more at Big Lots
    1 volunteering at the animal shelter
    2 at the library
    1 at the park
    1 that’s my neighbor
    and 1 at Burger King

    this surprises me. Maybe it was because I’ve had a busy day or maybe I see 18 bald men all the time and never stop to count them.

    plus I watched The Last Airbender today so if I throw in Avatar Aang maybe I can make it nineteen…. xD

  2. i counted a total of *17* today! FUN GAME, GIRLS!

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