Fringe 2×20 “Northwest Passage”: Reactions from a First Time Viewer

Peter, Peter, Peter. I know you just received some mind-blowing news, but is running away really the answer? What are you, eight? Not only do you leave Walter, but you stop at a diner and flirt with a girl THAT IS NOT OLIVIA?!?!?!?! UNFORGIVABLE!!!!!!!!!!!! shame on you I hope Walter grounds you, mister!!!

  • Did she just give that dude a CD with his food? That’s some service. It’s Peter! surprise DON’T YOU EVEN DARE FLIRT WITH PETER!! angry Peter is Olivia’s soul mate. Don’t you dare get in their way. Stop smiling at each other! no talking

  • Don’t you dare burn him a CD. You like his eyes?!?!?! You know who also likes his eyes? OLIVIA, the mother of his future daughter. Did you hear me chica, OLIVIA! Walk away.

  • Who is that dude approaching her? Uh oh. She is gone. Oh well. What are they doing to her head? surprise I didn’t want her to get hurt. They are extracting something from her ear! Do they want to hear what Peter told her? I don't know
  • Ugh! Peter fell asleep in the motel lobby waiting for the CD-mix-girl. no talking Uh oh. He just got a weird call. CAR PRODUCT PLACEMENT TIME
  • AHHHHH!!! It’s Martha Plimpton!! She is in so many awesome things. Oh no. Peter is a suspect.

  • It’s Mr. Meanie aka Thomas Jerome Newton!!!!!!!!!
  • They found the girl! Yikes!! Uh oh. Peter just heard on the radio the girl’s skull was operated on. Mr. Meanie’s trademark! Peter just asked if she is missing a piece of her temporal lobe and Plimpton is looking at him like he’s crazy. laughinglaughing His area of expertise is “weird.” laughing
  • Peter is calling Broyles!!! applause No. He doesn’t want Broyles to tell Walter they spoke. no talking Aww. Broyles: “Take care of yourself.” big hug
  • That’s a interesting pen. Is it a slogan for the narcotics unit? Peter: “’Find the crack’? That is the worst police slogan I’ve ever heard.” laughing Mathis: “It’s not a slogan. In the darkness, there’s always a crack. It’s how the light gets in. Ferguson gave it to me… our first case together. Nobody else thought I could hack it, but… it’s — it’s an inside joke.” Awww.
  • Peter is gonna stay at the Northwest Passage under the name “Gene Cowan.” rolling on the floorrolling on the floorrolling on the floorrolling on the floor
  • The mysterious person called Peter again. I don't want to seeOh crap! Ferguson has disappeared! Mathis: “What is it that makes you special?” LOL EVERYTHING. Peter, you are gonna risk the people of that town to get your answers. You are treading dangerous water, my friend. no talking
  • Aw, Walter is grocery shopping by himself. sad Walter: “Potassium bromate?! This supermarket is trying to kill us.” crying “It is known to induce renal cell tumors.” crying Oh no, Walter. sad He just broke down! GAH. cryingcrying

  • Walter? What did you to do the house? sad Aww, Astrid! “Walter, why didn’t you tell me you needed help?” sad Walter: “What am I going to do, call you every time I run out of Pudding Pops?” Olivia: “Yes, if you need them.” sad Walter: “I need to learn to care for myself.” They love him so much! cryingcrying Walter is worried he will be sent back to St. Claire’s. Olivia: “I won’t let that happen.” CRYING!!!!

  • Mathis and Peter have returned to the crime scene. Ahh It’s Mr. Meanie. WTF?!?! surprise They just shot something at the tree. Are they playing with Peter’s head?! Why is Mathis bleeding? surprise Uh oh. Ouch. Whew. She is not a shapeshifter. whew!

  • LOL She thinks Peter is cray cray. laughing There is something between her and Ferguson. winking
  • Uh oh. They found a female’s body and part of her skull missing. Who is she? Peter has never seen her before.
  • Walter’s listening to his Violet Sedan Chair album. thumbs up Walter: “The Hadron Super-Collider is less complicated than that infernal dishwasher.” rolling on the floor He used laundry detergent in the dishwasher. laughing

  • Awwwwww, Walter wants to build a device to find Peter. He is such a devoted father.
  • Mathis and Peter found Gwynn’s truck. She got pulled over by a cop. Uh oh. A shapeshifter may have taken Bill’s body.

  • Peter just scared Mathis. laughing Now, he needs a tissue sample. That’s a BIG needle! Peter, you ask for too much.
  • Olivia to Broyles: “I’m sure Peter will come back.” Uh oh “Do you know something?” Olivia is so smart, picking up on subtle clues.
  • Hello Craig. He is cute. Uh oh! Peter’s cd!!! surprise Peter!!!!! He couldn’t stop? He wanted to be close to them? Huh? I don't know So Craig is like a serial killer – not fringe science at all. They found Ferguson!!! dancingdancingthumbs up

  • Mathis: “I wish there was something I could do for you.” “I think you are looking for meaning in things that have no meaning.” Peter: “I don’t know who I am anymore.” sad Awww, she gave him the pen.

  • Walter: “What if he won’t forgive me, Astrid?” sad WTF?!?! Olivia just told Walter where Peter is! Peter told Broyles NOT TO TELL Walter. Well…I guess Broyles didn’t. Olivia did. Still! Olivia, shame on you. shame on you You guys need to let Peter come home on his own.
  • Peter is gonna listen to the mix cd the girl made. Ugh. WTF? The song’s lyric is “I could sleep.” I thought the girl made CDs for people to STAY AWAKE. LAME! OH SNAP!! surprise Newton!! Mr. Secretary?! Who is it?? Who is it?! WHAAAAAAAAAT?!?!?! I KNEW IT!!!!!!!!!!! I knew it!!!!! Nooooooo!!!!!

Thank you Fringe Files, “dunhamgetinmybed,” and “hellyeahfringe”  for providing the screencaps and gifs.


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  1. I feel the same when Peter flirt with the girl in the beginning, like, “OMG! Why would you flirt with someone else? Go flirt with Olivia, you idiot!” hahaha, seriously.
    But this episode is sooo great. I really liked Mathis and the way Olivia and Astrid take care of Walter, ooown ❤
    And 'Find the crack' is a lesson to life :')

    The next episodes are amazing, too. I love the second season 😀

  2. It’s so typical that Peter is HURT by the lies Walter had told him his entire life, finding out Walter is not his real father, having the two people he trusted lie to him in his face and finding out he was from the AU, the very universe they are at war with and people are mad at Peter? I guess people endorse kidnapping just as long as the kidnapper is LOVABLE right?

    • CrazytownBananapants

      No one’s mad at him, they just want him to understand that Walter did it to save his life..something you seem to have forgotten, apparently.

      • Oh okay, so if I see a little girl in trouble, take her to my house, give her food and water, I am allowed to KEEP THAT CHILD for 25 years because I saved her life? Are you kidding me?

        Btw, I wasn’t referring to that actually, I was referring to the fact that the person who wrote this review, practically BASHED Peter for flirting with the waitress and seemed to care about OLIVIA’S feelings than peters. If people wonder why I hate Olivia so much, it’s fans like that.

    • CrazytownBananapants

      And of course no one’s endorsing kidnapping here. What Walter did was wrong, even though the fact that he did it to save Peter’s life takes a little bit of the sting away, at least in my opinion. The whole plot lends a lot of moral ambiguity to the show, as well as to both Walter and Peter. The show would be significantly less awesome if Walter hadn’t ‘kidnapped’ Peter.


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