‘FRINGE’ Season 4 Highlights Photo Recap

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Fringe‘s fourth season was a wild ride. We laughed, we cried, we swooned over Henry Ian Cusick. It was beautiful. There were so many memorable moments that I thought it might help to put together some highlights taken from my photo recaps. So in preparation for the premiere of season 5, here’s a review of last season…

The season started off somber, with Peter still notably absent (i.e. erased from existence). Fortunately it only took a few episodes to find him. Turns out he was just skinny-dipping in Reiden Lake! Silly Peter.

Once Peter came back, everything went back to normal, except not at all because no one remember him existing, except for Walter, who didn’t believe that Peter was his dead son all grown up. Anyway, we got to see some of the new timeline’s Altverse, which was basically just an excuse to have the two Lincoln Lees in the same scene.

I mean, you can’t deny that he’s one of the most attractive human beings in history.

Peter got to know this timeline’s version of Altlivia a little better. (And this time he kept his pants on.)

I spy this season’s main villain…

Over the course of the season, we got to witness the transformation of delicate wallflower Lincoln Lee into a bona fide BAMF.

Did I mention Lincoln’s ongoing romance with Peter was rekindled? I thought that was implied. But Lincoln wasn’t the only one dreaming about Peter…

Things started to heat up between Peter and Olivia when they took a field trip to Westfield for some rhubarb pie (and accompanying unexplained phenomena).

Something happened to Olivia while she was there that made her do this:

Peter was understandably confused by Olivia’s sudden recollection of her former self. Plus, he had Lincoln to think about.

But he didn’t hesitate long before doing this:

Alas, David Robert Jones and Olivia’s small bladder had other plans for these star-crossed lovers. Olivia went to use the bathroom at the gas station (which I bet she almost never has to visit, because her Nissan gets such great gas mileage), and she got kidnapped (of course). Can’t these people just make out in a their car in peace without being interrupted by some kind of evil plotting?

While Olivia was spending some quality time with Captain Creeper, Peter was embarking on a vision quest with his spirit guide, September, who told Peter that he had a son.

This realization kind of reminded Peter of what an EPIC FAILURE he was last time he thought he was wooing his Olivia, and it turned out, WHOOPS, not so much. So he had to let her down easy, explaining that he’s in love with Lincoln he just can’t risk betraying his Olivia again.

Olivia’s a tough cookie, though. She rebounded quickly, although in her new state of consciousness, she’d forgotten all the memories of her nerting (nerd flirting) with Lincoln. That Olivia Dunham sure is a heartbreaker.

Possible exception? This guy:

Meanwhile, Peter found Baldo, rubbed his magic lamp, and the hairless genie granted him three wishes.

This was the BEST NEWS EVER!!! I think September is secretly the biggest Polivia shipper of all time. He made this moment possible:

Meanwhile, in the hearts of fans everywhere…

Of course, this beautiful reunion put a bit of a strain on Peter and Lincoln’s blossoming romance…

Lincoln tried his best to cope with his disappointment by drowning his sorrows in peanut butter and bacon, and turning into a giant mutant porcupine.

And through the magic of bacon (and porcupine DNA), Lincoln regained some of his swagger.

…and promptly fell under the spell of Altlivia and her fiery mane.

We got a somber glimpse of the future in “Letters of Transit,” which showed a world in which the Bald Mafia ruled over the human race. We met a young blond agent with a familiar spunk, and a gorgeous Scotsman with a familiar face.

They stumbled upon some interesting fossils encased in amber, who, upon awakening, seemed to possess a strange craving for Red Vines…

Even though the future totally blows, there was one thing that made it all worth it:


Back in the present, Walter explained why they were all doomed.

Bad news bears. On the plus side, with the two universes working together, we got to see a little of Altlivia’s softer side.

Speaking of which…

…And Lincoln and Altlivia frolicked in fields of flowers together, like unicorns prancing over a rainbow.

But don’t think that was the end of Peter and Lincoln’s love story…

Now that all the emotional plot lines were tidied up (and all my tissue boxes were emptied), it was time for a serious dramatic reveal. It turns out David Robert Jones wasn’t working alone. GASP!

Well, can’t say I’m gonna miss him. Too bad Bell’s evil plan seemed even eviler than Jones’. Not to worry—Peter and Olivia were happy to take a break from putting together their “World’s Greatest Couple” scrapbook to save the universe.

PHEW. Close call. I never thought Olivia’s Cortexiphan-enhanced brain would come in so handy! And before we could even finish celebrating the return of Olivia’s pulse, she was delivering some life-changing news to Peter.

Oh, and because we can’t end the season on such an unambiguously happy note…

What an epic season! I’m so excited that we’re getting a fifth season. It’s a miracle! High five to all the Fringe fans out there who’ve been with us on this journey, because it’s all thanks to you that we’re getting a proper ending to our beloved show. Season 5 is sure to be amazing. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go restock my tissue stores before the premiere.


P.S. As always, thank you to FringeFiles.com for providing the screen caps of this episode, and thanks to TV.com’s brilliant Price Peterson, whose hilarious Vampire Diaries photo recaps were the inspiration for my own. And thanks for reading! (All images are property of Fox Broadcasting)


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  1. Yay! I love this!

  2. “David Robert Jones and Olivia’s small bladder had other plans for these star-crossed lovers. ”

  3. “sure thing, rainbow” is still one of my favourite things ever, and pops into my head at random moments making me smile. I thank you for that. Looking forward to the season 5 recaps.

  4. HAHAHA! Louise, this was an EPIC POST for sure, so funny! ROFL

  5. I wish I knew how to quit u!!! First smile since watching the premier! I’m having a post last season premier depression. Remedy… Watch again!!!

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