Fringe 2×21 “Over There, Part 1”: Reactions from a First Time Viewer

I would like to award this episode a Frimmy for best teaser ever!! That intro is mind-blowing. Mr. Deep Sexy Voice is back!!! And John Noble gave an amazing performance. And other Olivia is so badass. And characters from prior episodes come back. And Peter is reunited with his mom in a touching and emotionally conflicting scene! GAH! I can ramble. MY FEELINGS!

  • Fringe headquarters?! surprisesurprisesurprise WHAT?!!?!  Holy Cannoli! It’s the other side!!!! surprisesurprise Charlie! surprise Olivia in a wig! surprise Who the hell is this guy?! I don't know

  • Ooo la la Broyles in a tight shirt. winking HAHA They are joking about Charlie’s arachnids.

  • Hey, that looks like the theater they used in Battlestar Galactica!! It totally is! Fandoms colliding!! not worthy
  • Other Olivia: “Can I see your Show-Me, please?” WTF?
  • Who is that on the one dollar coin? It’s Nixon. Astrid!!!!!!!!!!! surprisesurprisesurprise She looks so badass!!!!!! thumbs up Astrid is like a machine!! WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?! Other Olivia: “I didn’t even update my will.” Lincoln: “Frank would just spend it all anyway.” Frank? Who the heck is Frank? Is Astrid a robot? I don't know SO MANY QUESTIONS!!

  • OH SNAP!! The dead guy is from our side!! WTF! It’s our Olivia. They are all there! Olivia is looking at herself and her face is like, “What the eff?” hee hee
  • DANG NEW INTRO!!!!! Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! applauseapplauseapplause

  • “36 hours earlier.” That was one helluva teaser!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh man. Walternate is telling Peter he has to make a choice. I don't want to see GAH! Olivia is sad and drinking whiskey. It’s the Observer!!!!!!!!!!! He just left her a piece of paper!! Walter to Olivia: “Something is going to happen to him. Something terrible.” What is going on?!? Peter is in the drawing! nail biting
  • Peter was never supposed to go the other side, and Olivia is freaking out. worried Walter: “I think my son is going to be responsible for the end of the world.” Olivia: “We have to get Peter back.” Olivia is freaking out! She doesn’t want to lose him.

  • HAHA Go Broyles! Broyles to Massive Dynamic employee: “Don’t even think about it.” Love it when he is assertive.applauseapplause
  • Ms. Terminator: “What side is this?” Wait, what?!?! There are multiple universes? I thought there was just the “other side.” OH SNAP! Bell is building weapons for the other side. surprise NOT COOL. They want to cross over.
  • Brandon is saying the two universes are overlapping. Huh?? YIKES!! That’s not good! No more mug. Bell is molecularly unstable…so, that’s why he won’t come back. straight faceHUH? Olivia has the ability to crossover safely. Oh man, they need more cortexiphan children. worried Walter says people use to have paranormal abilities until “there was a moment in history when something was done to us, and it was shut down.” “I suspect aliens.” rolling on the floorrolling on the floorrolling on the floorrolling on the floorrolling on the floor DID NOT EXPECT THAT! I LOVE WALTER! But Olivia is the only cortexiphan child left. Broyles: “Actually, she’s not.” SOMEONE CATCH ME!! THIS IS JUST LIKE Star Wars: No, there is another.

  • It’s the folks from prior episodes!!!

  • Broyles is smiling!  Sally to Nick: ”Very good baby.” WTF? Are they dating?
  • Nick: “This is very Mission Impossible.” Walter! Aww, he is apologizing to them! cryingcrying This episode is so good!!!!!! Walter: “Today is the day for which you were created. What I could never have imagined is that I would be asking you to help me save my son. I’m so sorry.” cryingcryingCRYING!! “Well, if none of you are gonna kill me…I think I’ll go and have a bit of a cry.” rolling on the floor I ❤ this scene!

  • James Heath is healing people on his night off? How nice. HAHA Nick and Sally are um…having naptime together. winking Nick: “So what would you like this time…to feel what I’m feeling or what you’re feeling?” Ewww, that’s gross. no talking
  • Walter is smelling Peter’s clothes. cryingcryingcrying
  • GAH!!! It’s Olivia and Ella! I’m gonna cry!! SO PRECIOUS!!! I LOVE THEIR SCENES TOGETHER!! Oh no, Olivia is saying goodbye. CRYING!!!

  • Bell is gonna help them find Peter. Be careful trusting Bell, Olivia! nail bitingOlivia is nervous. Walter referenced Shakespeare. big hugLove it! What? Broyles won’t let Walter go. He is right, Broyles, “I can’t ask them to do something that I am not willing to chance myself.” BEAUTIFUL!
  • Nick: “Maybe you did damage us. But on the other hand, maybe you made us special.” Circle time kids!!!

  • Crap! James’s face! surprise They made it! whew!
  • Uh oh. Sally isn’t feeling well! surprise It’s the Fringe Division!!! Nick’s powers aren’t working. OH EM GEE! They left James behind. surprise Other Olivia: “Got a Junior?” I don't knowWTF?!  Lincoln: “Going to a strip club later?” Charlie: “Someone’s got to visit your sister. HAHA I miss Charlie’s jokes! Whoa! MLK Jr. is on the dollar bill. Is the Statue of Liberty bronze? HAHA Another worm joke.
  • Mr. Secretary! The other Olivia smiles a lot!!!! And she is playful! I feel guilty for saying this, but I like seeing this version of Olivia. The Fringe Division started in 1985 with “the Zero event at Reiden Lake.” Ah! When Peter was taken! Walternate wrote and published the ZFT?!?!?!?! And Walter still has a wedding ring on!

  • Walternate: “I’m not a lover of war.” GIVE ME A BREAK BUDDY!! YOU SENT THE SHAPESHIFTERS!!!! I do not like him. He’s a liar. Ah, the Fringe team is looking for Olivia and her crew. This is not good. nail biting
  • PETER!!!! Is he sick? OH CRAP!!!! Is that his…OH SNAP!!!!!! It’s Peter’s real mom!! Peter: “I love bacon.” Oh man, I can’t help but have compassion for her. She has her son back. Darn you writers for making me have conflicting emotions. Peter has his real mom back, but I don’t want him to stay in the “other side” universe. sad

  • Coffee is rationed in the other universe. Interesting. Peter never had bacon growing up because his mom was vegetarian. Oh no, he corrected himself, “My mother from the other side.” sad His mom committed suicide.sad She wasn’t strong. crying

  • Love Olivia with her hoodie…she looks like a Jedi.

  • Sally likes the other side. What is happening to her? Oh no, she is dying. sad Where is Bell?! Sirens?! Bell betrayed them. ZEDIS LAPEDIS!! THAT S.O.B!! NO, DON’T SHOOT!! Nick!!!! surprise Why does Lincoln recognize Nick?! I don't knowNoooo, he died. She used her abilities. Walter!!! Hey other Olivia, don’t shoot Walter!!! Dang, she has swagger! REALLY?! Lincoln was just insanely scorched, but still alive? Really?!

  • Walter is dizzy. NOOOOOOOOOO!!! He has been shot!!!

  • CRAP!! Olivia is by herself!! I AM SO WORRIED!!! Who is this guy? Other Olivia just said Lincoln is gonna survive. Dang, medicine is so advanced on the other side. Who is this guy? I don't knowHAHA Other Olivia doesn’t drink. rolling on the floor Seriously, who is this guy giving her a back rub. They both have the same tattoo. surprise HAHA Creeper Olivia is watching her other self from the sidewalk. BELL!!!!! Crimeny, Walter is in trouble!!! I don't want to see

  • WHAT?! Walternate has the drawing too! surprise He is willing to use the machine and possibly kill his own son?!?! HE IS SO EVIL!!!

applauseAMAZING EPISODE. Is it wrong to say that I REALLY like the other Olivia? She has this swagger and “I’m the sh*t” attitude that is really awesome. Also, Anna Torv needs an emmy for playing a character that is nothing like our Olivia.

Thank you Fringe Files, “dunhamgetinmybed,” and “hellyeahfringe”  for providing the screencaps and gifs.


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  1. Not wrong. Other Olivia is awesome. I love our Fringe team, but the entire Redverse team is so much fun.

  2. The two Olivia’s are so different my mind has trouble rationalizing that the same actress is playing both. Crazy but true. Seriously Anna Torv needs an Emmy as much as John Nobel! Her work in season 3 will blow you away!!

  3. No-Mary its not wrong at all to like Fauxlivia as I stared out hating her and you will see why in further eps but then around episode 3×13 I was totally hooked as the things that play out in that episode made me realize that I actually care very much for this Olivia and my heart just went out to her so much and I have been hooked on her fun, light hearted, sassy self ever since!! I am also a huge Leeham (Fauxlivia/Lincoln) shipper!!! So glad you are finally to these episodes (Redverse), Mary as in my opinion they are some of Fringe’s finest!!

  4. Cortexiphan Girl

    To be entirely honest, I prefer this Olivia to the original one….most of the times. As Anna mentioned more than once, she’s just lighter. And it’s true, there are some episode in the Redverse which have some of the finest moments Fringe has ever had.

  5. She’s awesome as Altlivia and it’s OK to like her. Anna likes her a lot too 🙂 But to me Olivia is a much more complex and fulfilling character (like Anna stated) so even though I like Altlivia my favorite is and always will be Olivia.

  6. This and the 2×22 are awesome episodes!
    And no, Mary, AltLivia is pretty awesome, she’s so badass and completely different from our Olivia (Anna Torv makes a amazing job!). I really like and miss her, but I hate her in the 3rd season (can’t say more words to not spoiler you, but you’ll see why, hehe).

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