Fringe 2×22 “Over There, Part 2”: Reactions from a First Time Viewer

SEASON 2 FINALE!!! Hey guys, remember that time, I said the other Olivia was cool and awesome? I TAKE IT BACK. Behind that smile is an evil, conniving woman. She takes our heroine’s identity so that Walternate can imprison Peter’s Olivia. angryGirl, I like how fun you are, but no one is allowed to endanger Olivia’s life and her relationship with Peter. I still can’t get over the fact that this happened. THAT WAS A GENIUS ENDING. This episode should be a model for other TV shows.

*I will now be referring to other Olivia as “AltLivia” since that is how fans refer to her.

  • Peter is in a private helicopter!! Fancy schmancy. Madison Square Garden was quarantined with amber!! DANG

  • Uh oh!! Walternate knows Walter is in the hospital.surprisesurpriseI don't want to seeI don't want to see
  • AltLivia is totally different from real Olivia – she doesn’t drink whiskey and doesn’t want to work on Sundays. Olivia never takes a day off.
  • Bell: “Over here, he’s the Secretary of Defense. The Fringe Team answers to him.” Olivia: “To Walter?” Bell: “I know it takes a little getting used to, doesn’t it?” laughinglaughing Bell has some impressive credentials to not have to stand in line. Quickly, bed 18! Yay, Bell just stopped AltLivia and Charlie to buy Olivia some time.applause

  • Aww, Olivia is so glad to see Walter!! Walter: “Olivia. It is you isn’t it?” Olivia: “Yes, Walter.” Walter: “Prove it.” Olivia: “Come on, Walter. We don’t have time for this.” Walter: “Yes it is you. That’s wonderful. Hi.” rolling on the floorrolling on the floorrolling on the floor I LOVE THIS FAMILY.

  • Olivia just asked Walter if he can walk. Walter: “I can dance if you like. They have absolutely fabulous drugs.” laughing Walter: “Belly’s here?” Olivia: “Yes,  he is.” Bell: “Nice of him to finally show up.” laughing LOVE THIS SCENE.

  • Walter and Bell are acting like two old, grumpy men. LOL Uh oh! AltLivia just saw real Olivia!
  • The red on the map denotes the quarantined areas. DANG. Because of Walter? Oh boy. Wow, the damage was much worse on the other side. worried Walternate wants to use the tech to heal the problems of his world and the other world. I’m weary about that. Walternate seems VERY sketchy.
  • Peter is meeting AltLivia for the first time, and he is ogling her. Shame on you, Peter. no talking She is not your Olivia.

  • Peter: “You remind me of somebody I know, but your hair is different. I think I like yours better.” WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! WTF?!?!?! NOOOOO! GO TO YOUR TIME-OUT CHAIR PETER! YOU ARE GROUNDED! I don’t like Walternate’s reaction to all of this.

  • Grrr. Walternate just called our Walter and Olivia “monsters.” I think you’re the monster Walternate.
  • Bell, Walter, and Olivia are at KFC. rolling on the floorrolling on the floor

  • They can’t return to their side without the others, but Olivia may be able to open a crack. They need a doorstop, and Walter says he can build it. YAY! And now, they are bickering. It’s the Grumpy Old Men show. laughing Olivia is going to go look for Peter. These crazy kids need to be get married already. day dreaming Bell: “We’ve accomplished a lot together, Walter, but she may be our greatest achievement.” GAH!!! They are like two proud papas.

  • I DON’T LIKE SEEING PETER AND ALTLIVIA IN THE SAME ROOM TOGETHER. The room has “Red Lantern” and “Red Arrow” posters. laughingPeter is like the Lindbergh baby. LOL.

  • Jeepers. Walter is seeing all the destruction he is responsible for. sadsadsadsad

  • Bell and Walter are in Walternate’s lab. Interesting, Bell in that universe was killed in a car accident. WHAT?! Bell created the shapeshifters! Walter: “I know what you did to me. I know that you cut out pieces of my brain.” “You robbed me of my memories of my wife, of my son, of my past!” crying IT’S NOT FAIR. IT’S NOT FAIR. WHAT WILL IT TAKE FOR THE CAST TO GET AN AWARD?

  • Walter: “But without the others, I’m not sure that Olivia will be strong enough to keep it open.” Bell: “Leave that to me.” Huh? What is he planning? thinking
  • AltLivia’s mom is alive in this universe!! WHAT?!?! Rachel died during childbirth!!! surprise Having Ella?! You mean, there is no adorable Ella in this universe? This universe blows. AltLivia: “This isn’t just an assignment, is it? Are you two a couple?” SEE! Even she notices it. C’mon, Olivia. Exchange promise rings with Peter…do something.
  • Yeah, Bell, why did you remove Walter’s memories. NO. Don’t let the “past be the past.” Answer Walter’s question!!! angry
  • Fudge Berries!!! AltLivia’s backup gun was in her jacket not her bag! Dunham v. Dunham!! Son of a monkey! Olivia!!!!! YES!! WAY TO GO OUR OLIVIA!!! CRIMENY THAT WAS INTENSE!!

  • MOTHER MERYL!!!!! SHE DYED HER HAIR!!! Officially one of my favorite episodes. Such great writing! She is going deeper into enemy territory…SO NERVOUS. BE CAREFUL!

  • Damn, it’s Charlie! Act cool, Olivia.

  • Walternate’s death machine needs some organic interface. OH NO! What if Peter is the organic interface? I don't want to seeI don't want to see
  • Aw, Olivia is with Charlie. This conversation seems familiar.
  • The machine responds to Peter!! Frack. at wits' end Don’t sacrifice yourself! I don't want to seesadsadsadbroken heartbroken heart
  • Charlie is shaking hands with Peter as if he was a celebrity. crying Olivia is just staring at Peter!! day dreamingwinkingbig hugbig hugbig hugwavewave

  • Olivia gave Peter the drawing! Olivia: “He wants you to know that your friends are here and that they have come to keep you safe.” Peter, you slowpoke. You just realized that was a secret message? hee hee
  • Peter knows Walternate lied to him and that he wants to destroy the other world. Jiminy Crickets! And he knows Olivia knew he was from the other side before he did. Yikes.
  • Olivia: “Peter you don’t belong here.” Peter: “No, I don’t belong here. But I don’t belong there, either.” Olivia: “Yes, you do. I have thought of one hundred reasons…why you should come back. To fight the shapeshifters, to take care of Walter, to — to save the world. But in the end… you have to come back. Because you belong with me.” DYING!!!!! I need CPR, I can’t breathe!! Someone get me an oxygen tank!


  • The team is back together y’all. Peter is pissed at Walter. sad Bell: “Olivia and I will hold them off.” What, how?!?! OH SNAP!!! Go Bell!! He just pulled out the “77” model. Go Bell! I dub thee a badass!
  • They have phosphorous grenades. Bell and Olivia are badass fighters!! OH SNAP! Olivia: “I used a grenade. I think I bought us a few minutes.” HAHA You think? laughinglaughing Olivia knows how to go out with a bang, literally.
  • Bell will be the power?!?!?! He is gonna sacrifice himself?! sadsad Walter: “I should never have doubted you.” GAH! SO GOOD!!
  • Bell: “Walter… You asked me why I took out part of your brain. I did it because you asked me to. Because of what you were becoming.” WHAT?! Oh boy.

  • YAY!!!! They are back! Thank goodness!

  • Olivia’s hair is still dark. OH DEAR. It’s not really Olivia. There is something odd. thinkingthinking
  • Awwww, Astrid has been making pies all week because she cooks when she is nervous.
  • Peter is still having trouble forgiving Walter. sad Poor guy. I get it. What Walter did was horrible, but remember, he loves you. You are still his son.
  • OH EM GEE!! NOOOOOOOOOO!! FRACK! FRACK! FRACK! NOOOOOO!! WHY?!? AM I IN HELL?!?!?! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! It’s the other Olivia!! NOOOOOOOOOO!!! WHERE IS PETER’S OLIVIA!?!?!?!?!?! I’m gonna cry!! Is Walternate giving the orders?

  • Son of a Nutcracker!!! surprisesurprisesurprisesurprisesurprisesurprisesurprisesurprise Walternate has our Olivia in a cell!! Noooooooooo!!!

Excuse me while I go crawl into the fetal position and hyperventilate…

Thank you Fringe Files, “dunhamgetinmybed,” and “hellyeahfringe”  for providing the screencaps and gifs.


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  1. That season finale was quite nasty.. 😉 First we get a kiss and then Olivias are exchanged secretly. Season 3 will be quite a rollercoaster =)

  2. WOW Loved it!!! I relived my reactions from first watching the ep. Can you imagine that I had to wait an entire summer hiatus to watch 301?!?!? THAT WAS HELL This was for me the best cliffhanger ever!!!! Best as in extremely shocking and painful… my poor poor Olivia :””””””””””””(
    Scarlie’s conversation with Olivia is the same that our Charlie had with her in the Pilot. 🙂
    And Olivia’s “you belong with me” and the kiss scene is one of my all time favorites.

  3. Sometimes I feel like I’m the only person who liked Altlivia all the way through the series. It’s kind of a lonely feeling. But, the thing is, she honestly believed what Walternate was telling her about our side being the bad guys, and as anyone who’s ever had to go deep undercover will tell you, you do what you have to do to get the job done, and no matter what kind of front they’re putting up, it’s hard on them too. I’m worried the next lot of recaps are gonna make me a little sad, due to Altlivia hatred.

  4. First-Off this is the recap I have been waiting on for months with anticipation as I could not wait to get your reaction to Polivia’s first kiss and your reaction has exceeded my expectation!!!!

    Secondly- Yes I totally get where you are coming from with not liking Altlivia at the moment as when I first watched this one I was like OH NO SHE DIDN’T!!!!! And honestly if you think this was bad, what she does next is even worse!!! But then for me about half way through the third season I started to really like her and then by episode 3×18 I was totally hooked and won over by her as the things that play out in that ep made me realize just how human and vulnerable she is also! So, she is not a “bad” version of Olivia (as many like to call her Bolivia) she is just another version of Olivia that happens to be lighter, probably because she has not had as hard a life as our Olivia.

    Thirdly- With all that said about Altlivia, no other version’s of Olivia can replace our precious Olive!!! Also this has been my favorite Fringe finale so far as I stayed on the edge of my seat the whole time!! If only other shows could be this awesome and epic!!!

  5. I concur. That was one if the longest summers in history!! I was so pissed at the writers causing me so much angst!! But that scene where they kissed I’ve played over & over & over again! Such an amazing moment & such deep emotions! An amazing finale!! Oh Fringe-love, Fringe-love!! I couldn’t wait for your recap of this one. Thank you Mary!! So wonderful seeing first time reactions of someone who is as enamored with the show as I am!! Gotta give a girly

  6. Oops! A girly “SQUEE”!! Why didn’t that show up? Me half asleep replying on my iPhone.

  7. “You belong with me” scene – for sure one of favorite scenes from all Polivia shippers!
    It’s beautiful how Olivia open her heart and says something so beautiful *—-* I can’t with all this feelings, haha
    As Daniela said: “Scarlie’s conversation with Olivia is the same that our Charlie had with her in the Pilot.” And I loved it! I miss Charlie very much and Olivia also do for sure… I loved that she had a chance to see and talk to him again (even if him wasn’t the real Charlie), it’s so many friendship feelings :’)
    In my opinion all the season finales from Fringe are so, so, so amazing ❤ But, God! I really love these episodes from season 2 finale <33

  8. One of the most iconic and classic lines ever on #Fringe was uttered during this ep ….”You have to come back ..because you belong with me”. Ovaries exploding indeed!!!! I think ive watched this ep so many times i could quote the whole ep! Loved your reaction to this ep.

  9. Looooove your reactions!! Your posts always make my day! Thank you!!!

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