That’s A Wrap!

Photo by Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images Source:

Fringe Week has come to an end. sad We hope you had fun reading our daily posts and interviews with international Fringies. We had a blast reading everyone’s comments! We would like to congratulate Jocelyn Dewhirst* for spotting the most Observers and thank the folks who took the time to respond to our interview questions. We continue to be blown away by how active this fandom is.

Fringe Week was our thank you to the fandom for being so awesome with us. Seriously, you are amazing.

-Mary and Louise

*Jocelyn, don’t forget to email us ( for info on your “prize.”

One of our readers, @GodsGirl1989, created these Fringetastic photos which recap the celebration.


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  1. Oh.. so sad it’s the end of Fringe Week =/
    I’ve had so much fun reading all these posts (and also answering the interview)!
    Mary and Louise, you had a great, creative and awesome idea! You rock, girls!
    I have to thank you for this incredible week, loved all the parts of it <33
    (And is there a possibility to we have another Fringe Week when the show end? I don't know, maybe to celebrate the awesome end or just to bring all the Fringies together and hold the pain of the end in a easier way =/ hahaha)

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