TV Twitter Reactions: HIMYM 8×02 “The Pre-Nup”


Episode 2 of the new season premiered Monday night. Read what fans had to say.

  • @samanthasevero Great episode of #HIMYM tonight, as always. Scherbotsky gets more and more awesome every week.
  • @AlliePersall Have to admit I saw Quinn and Barney’s break up coming. Probably because they give it away at the end of every episode. #HIMYM
  • @chubbong victoria is the cutest lil button ever lol #HIMYM
  • @DrunkenSwag WTFFF ROBIN! #himym
  • @xxxCrazy4TVxxx He trusts Robin enough to marry her with no prenup 🙂 #HIMYM
  • @PolakPisarek Tongihts episode of #HIMYM was amazing. OMG season 8 already on a good start :’)
  • @adamniemeyer Solid night of TV on this Monday night. Another great episode of#MikeAndMolly#HIMYM was OK, not great, but good enough for a laugh
  • @balloory Lily still looks good with that baby in her arms #HIMYM judge me ;p
  • @1DanielleJasmin Quinn and Barney just broke up. I don’t even know why I keep watching this show. #HIMYM #TeamQuinn The writers for this show suck. YOU SUCK.
  • @supermoviefan Even though it is short lived, thoroughly enjoying @MichaelTrucco on#HIMYM. Always enjoy him on tv 🙂
  • @khangdycane Tonight’s #HIMYM episode was amazing! Definitely better than last week.
  • @KatinTheeHat I just really hope I’m not the only one that learns life lessons from#HIMYM
  • @PyneeApple Victoria <3. #HIMYM Like that she’s sticking around for a bit. Wish she was the mother..
  • @Fidoz A sign you are a terrible show: You somehow make Bob Odenkirk and Thomas Lennon unwatchable. #HIMYM
  • @Zach40892 #himym was good tonight, but predictable

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