TV Twitter Reactions: The Good Wife 4×01 “I Fought the Law”

Photo: John Paul Filo/CBS ©2012 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Read the tweets from fans following the Season 4 premiere of The Good Wife.

  • @frivmo The Good Wife just took a turn for the shark. #thegoodwife
  • @a_beezle Zac is growing some balls! #TheGoodWife
  • @juicewithjunior #TheGoodWife, so good. Kalinda should really teach a women’s self-defense course, no?
  • @harjotarora #TheGoodWife season premiere was great. Was expecting a better opening, but still awesome!
  • @subha26 I have a feeling that Kalinda & Nick didn’t have a very traditional relationship. #understatement #thegoodwife
  • @MzBeeezSoSassii Kalinda is KRAY!!! #TheGoodWife
  • @LynneRice #thegoodwife proves that normal everyday interactions can be as scary if not more than monsters, vampires or serial killers.
  • @PeppyBennett He’s baaaaaack! #will#goodwife #TheGoodWife_CBS#thegoodwife
  • @ChiquandraCross Whoa, Peter just did THAT! #TheGoodWife
  • @MrsShep8506 This show gets better every season! #thegoodwife
  • @AsheeliaRose Kalinda straight thuggin #TheGoodWife
  • @I_amSheila Kalinda is a bad bad chick #thegoodwife
  • @AcoustiqBaby Kalinda thought u were gonna be honest with Alicia now? Yep i see how this is gonna go. Excited as to how Alicia finds out#TheGoodWife
  • @_xoxoLex am probably going to die next Sunday because JMARGS AND MAURA ARE GOING TO BE BACK TOGETHER ON MY SCREEN.#thegoodwife
  • @soSilkie What a moment of camaraderie between Will and Diane#thegoodwife
  • @KeiraNY Ewww Zach! You little pervert! #TheGoodWife
  • @DiyaKM Officially obsessed with #theGoodWife. Wow
  • @kimmyswimmy i can’t decide if zack is an idiot or a genius. #thegoodwife
  • @Drag0nette New season of #thegoodwife is OMG good. Love these new storylines. Good writing people!
  • @hunchovb #thegoodwife Hand clap. Very good tonight. I think this is going to be a good season.
  • @LPinaPearTree As with every season, it’s going to be a good one with all of the plot lines. #TheGoodWife

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  1. Lots of things to say but let me say this first: if it gets more 50 Shades of Grey with Kalinda, I’ll quit. And it seems a lot of people are worried about that too on twitter. so I guess they’ll change it… around episode 15 But it doesn’t seem to go that way so far so we’ll wait and see. That was a great teaser. I’m still struggling to find the campaign interesting and the Florrick brats shenanigans but at least two big points: 1) The repeat of L&G financial trouble led to some awesome Diane/Will scenes 2) No case of the week, you guys!

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