TV Twitter Reactions: Ben and Kate 2×01 “Bad Cop/Bad Cop”

Photo: 2012 Fox Broadcasting Co. (

TV viewers are falling in love with Ben and Kate. Read the reactions to the show’s second episode:

  • @JohnDellaporta Free of awkward pilot-itis, it took 5 minutes of screentime for me to fall in love with #benandkate.
  • @mikkajade Everyone needs to start watching #benandkate. Seriously cracking up the whole time.
  • @lauren_pigeon I can’t believe they called the principal on Ben and Kate feeny..#theresonlyoneprincipalfeeny #boymeetsworld #benandkate
  • @LilAndreaa #benandkate pretty funny so far.. Pretty funny!😄
  • @cherylamc_88 Ben and Kate has got to be one of my new favorite shows#benandkate #hilariousness
  • @MissAlyssaRocha I LOVE that the principals name is Feeny in #BenandKate#FOXTuesdays
  • @mellykaymurph Aww the #BenandKate theme is super cute!
  • @ejakubik9 #BenAndKate >> new favorite show 🙂 #funny
  • @a1ainag
    I love #BenAndKate! It’s really great and funny. Glad it’s on after#RaisingHope#FOXTuesdays might be my favorite thing this fall.
  • @CaseyAlane With only two episodes, #BenandKate has made itself one of my favorite comedies. I love shows that are fundamentally nice.
  • @DominiDirtch Ben and Kate on Fox ain’t that bad. @fox #BenAndKate
  • @mkt_rex pretty sure #benandkate is my new favorite show.
  • @monicathecritic This week’s episode of #BenandKate was a lot funnier than last week.
  • @Bulbeyes #BenandKate OMG very funny ! first time watching the show and im just LOL !
  • @SarahNicholss #BenandKate is hysterical. I have tears from laughing so hard. 😂
  • @phlebotomistbee Tonight’s episode is hysterical! I don’t think I’ve stopped laughing.#FOXTuesdays  #benandkate

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