TV Twitter Reactions: Raising Hope 3×01 “Not Indecent, but Not Quite Decent Enough Proposal”

The Chances are back! Read the reactions from fans following the Season 3 premiere:

  • @el_capitan_Duck I am peeing my pants watching #raisinghope right now.
  • @TylerLee83 It was great to have #RaisingHope back on #FOXTuesday. Especially the wonderful Shannon Woodward
  • @lsheldon5 Happy Raising Hope is back on. Makes me feel really good about me and my family. lol
  • @RedHawkins This show continues to deliver the funny. #RaisingHope
  • @mikeysalcedo Tippi Hedren still looks old school Hollywood amazing #RaisingHope
  • @iateyourfood Omg I love #raisingHope. Such a good premier
  • @OLRAK Give me #RaisingHope over #ModernFamily any day! So many LOL moments in tonite’s premiere. Ben & Kate isnt bad either.
  • @Asta77 In other #RaisingHope news, I’m glad the writers are moving the Jimmy/Sabrina relationship along.
  • @Sol_KatyCat that episode was flaw-free :’) #raisinghope
  • @jrFulk Ok, the dimwitted dad on ‘Raising Hope’ is freakin HILARIOUS!!#raisinghope
  • @Sgx89 no girl would say yes that quickly after that lmao #raisinghope
  • @ladyisasmartass  #raisinghope Great episode…..hilarious!!!!
  • @MajesticFlower #raisinghope funnest show ever.
  • @4REALJESSE Melanie Griffith on #RaisingHope #FOXTuesdays is soo gr8. I luv her. Brilliant casting!
  • @ninja_freak87 WHY JIMMY WHY? 😥 #raisinghope #FoxTuesday
  • @Silentsoto #raisinghope never disappoints!

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