TV Twitter Reactions: 30 Rock 7×01 “The Beginning of the End”

Photo by: Ali Goldstein/NBC

30 Rock began its seventh and final season Thursday night. Read what the fans had to say:

  • @BlitznBeans Funniest half hour of TV I’ve seen in years. #30Rock
  • @_SaraMcG Life is better with #30Rock
  • @bandcrab I love that Kenneth eats Dharma-brand ice cream. #30rock
  • @CallMeRudeSir Kevin and Hazel live together now. That seems like a horrible plot on#30Rock.
  • @ConStar24 oh i’ve missed you #30Rock. its been 2 minutes and ive already paused twice because of great lines.
  • @LexyDermengin oh man I can’t wait for this series to end with Kenneth being taken back to the island by Ben and Hurley. #30rock
  • @Devan_Noblit #30Rock is killing me slowly with it’s perfection! It really is the beginning of the end!
  • @Vonquizu #30Rock is OK tonight, but Tina Fey saying “THERE’S NO CAKE?!!” Just made it for me. We are the same person!!!
  • @Sweatysoul Awesome. #30Rock pulled off another lemon party joke.
  • @katieejg Well this is the beginning of the end, but I won’t be sad, I will celebrate the time we have left. I love you #30rock
  • @thefergusclan Looks like the last season of #30Rock is going to be largely fan service, which is a great thing.
  • @felorv3 #30Rock There is no better show on television! 30 Rock, I’m gonna miss you after this season…
  • @MsBritShay Oh #30Rock how I’ve missed you! And soon you’ll be gone! What will I do without the wisdom of #LizLemon ????

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