TV Twitter Reactions: Fringe 5×02 “In Absentia”


Congratulations Fringies for successfully making “#AnotherWay” trend worldwide, and thank you @angelamorales18 for compiling tonight’s reactions from fans:

  • @taychill: LOL there were so many #Lost references in tonight’s #Fringe 🙂 i like! #AnotherWay
  • ‏@jem219: Didn’t realize just how much I cared about September and now he’s gone #AnotherWay
  • ‏@Goingpostal83: #Fringe is too damn Good this season to be done after this season. Just doesn’t seem right. #anotherway
  • @travelgrl32: @fringe_campaign The way Olivia was looking at Peter while tattooing him! You can see how much she loves him! #AnotherWay
  • ‏@fringe_campaign: Olivia = Hope #AnotherWay
  • @Ocean5ouL: Awwwwww… her smile. She’s proud of her *daughter. AND OMG THE SCORE. ❤ #anotherway
  • @frozenaura: Good girl, Etta. You might be hardened by all of this …there’s hope for you yet. Just listen to Mommy. #AnotherWay
  • @serenityinall: I get this feeling that every week of S5 of #Fringe is going to be my fav! Loved tonight’s ep! #AnotherWay
  • ‏@aimeeinchains: Took a strong dad maneuver from Peter to keep Etta from going terminator after seeing fate of Simon. I would’ve went bonkers. #AnotherWay
  • ‏@AccessoryGal: #Fringe gave me the chills tonight. What a power episode! @fringeonfox
  • @mutnat: Lots of great #LOST references tonight on #Fringe #InAbsentia. #Radzinsky, #Dharma tapes, I half-expected Dr. Marvin Candle! 😀 #AnotherWay
  • @pixelsmith24: Never doubted you, Etta! You know more than your mom when it comes to the Loyalists! #AnotherWay
  • @EvilVagenda: Is that a missing Dharma Initiative video? #AnotherWay
  • @RKron: Why is it always the eye?! #AnotherWay
  • @Hogscald: Fringe!!!! That’s what I’m talking about! #AnotherWay
  • @Fringie6989: @JWFRINGE Just stopped crying from last week and now I’m crying even harder! This is some beautiful, gut-wrenching, golden stuff right here!
  • @Wetterfrosch_xD: OMFG!!! NEXT EPISODE RIGHT NOW PLEASE!!!! #AnotherWay
  • @MC_247: If Newton was able to do it, there is hope yet for Simon.
  • @Kaelity: I’m team Etta, haters gonna hate. #AnotherWay
  • ‏@Fringenuity: ROFL!! The clapper still works! xD #AnotherWay
  • @fringeuniverse: Ewww… It wouldn’t be Fringe if I didn’t get grossed out at least once. #AnotherWay
  • @Marieme27: Olivia will always be the BEST #AnotherWay
  • @salanderian: Wow. Etta seems even more badass than Olivia. #AnotherWay

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  1. IT SHOULD BE A CRIME FOR FRINGE TO END IN THE BEST SEASON EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Haha cool I made it! Seriously though, *nonstop tears* best season ever!

  3. Thx for not making these too spoilery. I had to peek at them while on my shift last night. Killed me waiting to get home this morning!!

  4. “@fringe_campaign: Olivia = Hope #AnotherWay”
    So true!

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