Top 5 TV Moments of the Week: September 30th to October 6th

Left to right: Alan Ruck guest starred on ‘Ben and Kate,’ Julianna Margulies returned as ‘The Good Wife,’ and Andre Braugher gave a spectacular performance on ABC’s ‘Last Resort’

1. Alan Ruck as Principal Feeney on Ben and Kate—The second episode of Fox’s new comedy Ben and Kate combined two of my favorite things: Alan Ruck and Boy Meets World. The Ferris Bueller’s Day Off actor played a school principal named Feeney—as in one “e” away from, “Feeny! Fee-he-hee-ny!” Considering Ruck has guest starred on some of my favorite shows (Fringe, Cougar Town, Greek), I think this is a good sign for Ben and Kate.

2. Danny Castellano reading Catching Fire on the subway in The Mindy Project—It was pretty subtle, but if, like me, you’re obsessed with what people are reading on the subway, you might have noticed the surly Jersey boy was trying to read the second Hunger Games book while he sparred with Mindy during their commute. Just add this to the list of reasons why Danny Castellano is my soul mate. (See also his obsession with Bruce Springsteen.)

3. The return of The Good WifePolitical intrigue! Legal jargon! Purple ties! Rough sex! The best drama on network television (that isn’t Fringe) is back, people!

4. Thomas Lennon on How I Met Your Mother—I’m so glad the HIMYM writers found an excuse to keep Klaus around for a few more episodes. Thomas Lennon (17 Again) is one of those rare comic actors who is both a master of physical comedy, and he knows just how to deliver a well-written joke.

5. Andre Braugher’s performance on Last Resort—Hello, Emmys? This is Pop Culture Nexus. Yeah, no need to worry about the Best Actor race this year. Just give it to Braugher right now for his role as Captain Marcus Chaplin on ABC’s Last Resort. In the pilot episode, we saw Braugher portray the strength and determination of a captain who dares to question orders. The second episode gave Braugher a chance to show some of Chaplin’s weakness, as we watched him break down over the death of his son. This show still gets my vote as the best new drama, and Braugher’s outstanding performance is one of the reasons why.

That’s a wrap for this week’s TV highlights. Leave a comment below with your favorite moments from the past week of TV, or tweet it to us!

-Mary & Louise


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  1. I loved “Jacob from LOST” being on Revolution as Revolution is my new favorite show of the fall by far!!! So that was one fav TV moment of the week but of course my most fav moment of TV this week was watching Polivia try to make up for lost time and parent Etta the best way they know how…(being that she is only a few years younger than them)!!! GETTING TO WATCH POLIVIA AS PARENTS IS SERIOUSLY THE BEST STUFF ON TV RIGHT NOW!!

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