Fringe 3×01 “Olivia”: Reactions from a First Time Viewer

Fantastic Season 3 opener, but I can tell this season is gonna enclose me in a case of conflicting emotions. Olivia is forgetting her world and AltLivia is on the other side to beguile Peter. WHY? crying But let’s focus on the positive…which is that Olivia Dunham is da bomb!! Move over Ripley and Starbuck. I just wish baby Bishop could see this. Your mom is extraordinary, Etta; you are one lucky girl.

If you haven’t read Louise’s “Olivia” photo recap, read it here.

  • It’s our Olivia! She is not crazy, lady!! angryThis reminds me of the Buffy episode, “Normal Again.” OH SNAP! A picture of Olivia’s mom. Doctor: “Is this your mother?” Olivia: “It isn’t her.” That’s right, you are in another universe. Hold up, AltLivia is an Olympian?!?! Whoa!

  • Doctor: “Who’s Peter?” Olivia: “Peter is my colleague, a civilian consultant.” No! sadcrying You are going backwards, Olivia. You declared your love for him, remember? You guys are Facebook official now.

  • AHHHH It’s Brandon!! surprise They are trying to transfer AltLivia’s memories onto Olivia’s. NO! I DON’T LIKE WALTERNATE. Why must you be so evil? angryangry
  • Walternate: “Somehow, she is equipped to move through universes. We need her to help us understand this skill because if we can do it, we can win this war.” Ugh. He wants to destroy Olivia’s world.

  • Olivia saw the code and she has a killer memory. GAH!! Look at her arm! So many needle marks. Stop creeper Brandon!! C’mon, Olivia make your escape! LOVE IT!! This is just like “Bound.” Go, Olivia, go! Run! OH SNAP!! She is on Liberty Island. AHHHH! She jumped! surprisesurprisesurprise

  • Well, hello, mister cab driver. Just listen to her, Henry, and drive.
  • Col. Broyles: “The currents are impossible this time of the year.” Not for Olivia Dunham!!

  • LOL. That’s not the best way to introduce yourself to Henry, Liv. Poor guy, he is so nervous. Dang, now, she is threatening Henry. “Please” and “thank you” can go a long way, Liv.
  • Oh Em Gee, it’s crispy Lincoln. surprisesurprise They think that Olivia is their Olivia. Silly, boys. no talking Wait!!! Olivia has the tattoo!! SNICKERDOODLE! They did that to her. surprisesurprisesurprisesurpriseangryangryangry
  • Crispy Lincoln wants to help find Olivia. Aww, he cares for AltLivia.
  • She is returning to the Opera House. Henry: “What’s to stop me from leaving now?” Olivia: “Henry Arliss Higgins. 3248 Hastings Avenue, Apartment 3. I.D. Number 10-02-25-056768. Blood Type, “B” negative. Your inoculations are up to date except for your typhus, which is 17 days overdue. You might want to get that taken care of.” laughinglaughing I want Olivia’s photographic memory. She is so badass. OH NO, they are quarantining the Opera House.
  • Seriously, is the other Astrid a robot?

  • Henry: “You got someone?” Olivia: “Sort of.” “His name is Peter. He’s sort of the reason why I’m here.” applauseapplauselove strucklove struck

  • Olivia is trying to go to Massive Dynamic. Olivia: “Remember.” Henry: “Yeah, I know. I know. You got my number. Jedi mind trick.” LOVE the STAR WARS reference!!!!

  • Olivia is crying. broken heartbroken heart Don’t give up, Liv. You will get home. cryingOh snap, it’ Lincoln! He looks so scary.  Go, Henry, go. OH EM GEE! surprisesurprisesurprise OLIVIA! She is so badass!!! THAT WAS SO BADASS!!!!!!! applause Henry:  “You’re a hell of a shot.” Olivia: “No, actually, I’m not.” OH SNAP! surprise Olivia is expressing AltLivia’s traits. Nooo. worriedworried

  • Awww, Henry just got rid of the tracker!! Way to go, buddy.

  • Olivia: “I’m stuck here.” No, don’t say that Olivia. sadsadsad 302 Shadowgrove Circle…I’m not sure about this. I think this is a trap. nail bitingnail biting
  • Henry: “The guy you mentioned, why you say you came here.” Olivia: “Frank? Yeah.” She just said Frank. Nooooooo She is forgetting about Peter!! I don't want to seecrying

  • Frank: “Marilyn is back in town.” Who is Marilyn?? I don't know
  • Aww, Henry and Olivia just smiled at each other. Great pep talk, Henry. I really like him! thumbs up Where is she? Cute dog. Is this her mother’s house?? surprise JIMINY CRICKET! IT IS!!!! “Olive.” Here come the tears. I can’t bear to see Olivia break down. cryingcrying She is doubting herself. She is doubting her own sanity. I don't want to seesadsad Olivia: “I helped you paint, didn’t I?” Marilyn: “This is your safe house.” Don’t fall down the rabbit hole Olivia!!!

  • Brandon: “The adrenaline triggered our Olivia’s Memory “B” Lymphocytes. It carried them across the blood-brain barrier and successfully transferred the memories, which means for all intents and purposes… she is our Olivia now.” YOU ARE ON MY NAUGHTY LIST TOO, CREEPER! angryangryangryangry
  • Please tell me Olivia is smiling and acting like AltLivia. Please tell me she is playing along. worried

  • Col. Broyles: “Then I assume this is the time to ask you – why? Why convince her she’s our Olivia Dunham? Why is it necessary?” Walternate: “You don’t need to worry about that just yet. You’ll know soon enough.”

  • Peter is debriefing the Senator. He looks so dapper in that suit. More, please. thumbs upwinking All Peter could think about was kissing Olivia. How cute, BUT SHE IS NOT YOUR OLIVIA! no talking


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  1. When I saw this episode (and the next ones) I felt exactly how these gifs that you’ve used. Oh, God, it’s horrible what Walternate did with Olivia. Btw, all the things that he do is horrible. I HATE HIM!

  2. Great review Mary. Ep 301- “Olivia” is a classic Fringe ep …. and Anna kicked ass in it! But i find it hard to rewatch. I cant stand to see Olivia in pain….all those needle marks in her arm …her confusion …. those tears in the gas station bathroom ….too much pain for me. And then the ending with Peter looking all kinds of HOT in that suit ….only for AltLiv to appear! Picture me sobbing in front of my tv ….. curled up in a ball rocking back and forth muttering “this cant be happening, this cant be happening”!

  3. I’m not sure why but the ‘Peter I’m coming’ screencap had me rolling on the floor laughing. Maybe it’s cuz she looks kind of ridiculous there, not sure. Anyways, great reactions, as usual.

  4. Yes this is such a heart-wrenching ep!! Olivia breaks down = I break down. But don’t worry there is hope soon enuf. You’ll get to know the concept of ‘bleeding through’ well thru this season & next.

    Thanks you again for another great recap!!

  5. one of my all time fav episodes!! loved ur reactions

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