TV Twitter Reactions: HIMYM 8×03 “Nannies”

Episode 3 premiered tonight and fans couldn’t stop talking about adorable baby Marvin. Read the reactions:

  • @Pinkss23 Marshall and lily are the cutest couple ever #himym #jealous
  • @herculesrob Why does #HIMYM suck so much now?!
  • @AndrewTilbe #HIMYM was pretty good tonight
  • @smololovan Well at least the baby is super adorable. I’ll give you that show.#himym
  • @YSUDern Great episode of #HIMYM, Jason Segal makes the show
  • @PattyStampsTV That moment when #HIMYM produces the least laughs on CBS Monday night comedy night.
  • @SuperMusicSupe All new #HIMYM tonight. So far, in my completely biased opinion , we’re batting a thousand for wonderful songs ending wonderful episodes.
  • @HOGPHAN4LYFE How I met your mother was amazing as usual 🙂 #HIMYM
  • @TVsbetter Ted’s hair is OUT OF CONTROL. #HIMYM
  • @Mandy_Willis It annoys me with how many babies they use in one episode. BUT they’re all so adorable! #HIMYM
  • @Mitchellbarney1 #HIMYM WAS GREAT TONIGHT
  • @zaldrich #HIMYM was disappointing. Let’s see if #Revolution can up its game!
  • @MelodiousMal This season of #HIMYM is pretty awesome
  • @Randyy7 The cuteness of this baby is distracting me from the episode#HIMYM
  • @IAm_Duffman Bangtoberfest now that is hilarious! And awesome. #HIMYM
  • @paras_brah 3mins 33 seconds in and so far its the best ep this season ❤#HIMYM
  • @TravisAJohnson1 HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER started going stale last year. Please reinvent soon, Bays and Thomas. You’re better than this. #HIMYM
  • @mike_jamal Seeing Marshall and Lilly’s son is crazy. The show is really ending in the near future. 😢 #HIMYM

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