TV Twitter Reactions: Ben and Kate 1×03 “The Fox Hunt”

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It is quite clear that many Ben and Kate viewers are Lucy Punch fans. Read the reactions to the show’s third episode:

  • @AshnolaMarie My new obsession #BenandKate
  • @CaitlynJK #BenAndKate is delightful. I love the brother/sister dynamic at the forefront instead of a romantic one. It’s refreshing.
  • @ElenaIsAwesome until #community comes back on the air, #benandkate is my favorite comedy. no, seriously guys. every week it gets better and funnier.
  • @BrandonSufronko #benandkate One of the BEST new fall comedies! BJ is my favorite, hands down! 😉 #hooked
  • @rgfeal Really enjoyed #BenandKate tonight. Amazing how English majors can get fab jobs and do anything! The show’s creator/writer is Stanford grad.
  • @NateTheodore #benandkate is by far the worst show I’ve ever seen. Not funny at all. Cancel the show and use the money on an orthodontist visit for them.
  • @miss_lisabrooke I probably shouldnt like #benandkate as much as i do
  • @skinders Is all the bad teeth I’m seeing a schtick? #benandkate
  • @She_Weezy2012 #BenAndKate Ben cries so ugly it’s funny!!! 😀
  • @Ce_Nes #BenandKate is hilarious and sweet and all those good things you want in a comedy.
  • @CourtWayne #benandkate not very funny 🙂
  • @ErnestKoh the best part about #BenandKate is the great UK friend! and absolutely nothing else…
  • @LaTigraMafia I’m so glad Lucy Punch is on #BenandKate. Dying. So funny.
  • @douglasmartin I don’t think I’ve ever fallen in love with a TV show as fast as I have#BenAndKate. Seriously you guys – watch it.
  • @Josiein140 Not sure how I feel about this show #benandkate. It’s a little awkward

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