TV Twitter Reactions: Arrow 1×01 “Pilot”

Photo courtesy of The CW

Read the reactions to the CW’s new show:

  • @jthecritic I’m not sure if I’ll keep up with it, but the pilot for #Arrow is solid.
  • @geektrooper Well, so far, #Arrow’s Green Arrow is much more interesting that#Smallville Green Arrow.
  • @RyanTeahan #Arrow was surprisingly okay. I think there’s potential there.
  • @_AmandaGee Reminds me so much of Bruce Wayne! #Arrow this show is awesome!
  • @HongKongPhooey2 Checking out #Arrow let’s see if it makes my season pass list. So far it’s 50/50
  • @Kathleen_Doyle So… Is #Arrow supposed to be an amalgamation of Robin Hood and Camelot?
  • @jopinionated Except for the #Lost line (too easy/lazy), I’m enjoying the #Arrowpilot more than I expected to.
  • @barrywcombs The geek in me enjoyed CW’s #Arrow. Will tune in again next week.#justwhatIneedanothershowtoDVR #guiltypleasure #GreenArrow
  • @jason1040 I’ve never wanted to like a show so much and it let me down so much as #Arrow has tonight.
  • @TheMadWhitaker #Arrow was average. Not great, but not bad. I am interested enough to see next week’s ep.
  • @Beatleslover29 I am now addicted to the show #Arrow. Real good, better than I thought. Can’t wait for the next episode!
  • @TowerofFate So far, so good. I’m liking the first episode of #Arrow #CW #WB#DCcomics
  • @bigwhiteball #Arrow has good energy & fight scenes. Good lead.
  • @OnMyChrisade LOVED the #Arrow pilot. The surprise ending alone will keep me watching.
  • @mashimero #Arrow seems promising, but I don’t think I’ll have the time to stick with it. Katie Cassidy looks so unrecognizable though O_O
  • @ZannelAm So far, not impressed. #arrow
  • @thisisrexxie #Arrow finished!! just became part of my must watch list!!

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