TV Twitter Reactions: Fringe 5×03 “The Recordist”

Nothing can stop the Fringe fandom! Check out the reactions to episode 3 collected by @angelamorales18:

  • @mari_vergueiro: reviewing this mother/daughter scene over and over again! Just enjoying this ❤ #ForTheRecord
  • @Marieme27: I’m so greatful for the rewind button, the pause button & the fast foward button. LOL really :D. Enjoying Fringe 5×03, again. #ForTheRecord
  • @AUDone44:#ForTheRecord Walter Bishop is one of the best characters on TV.
  • @GodsGirl1989: #ForTheRecord I THINK THIS IS THE BEST SEASON EVER!!!!
  • @Lola4Fringe: Yeah, i liked the silver 2036 hair Nina RT @AnnaTorvNet: I miss Broyles and Nina. Where are them? #ForTheRecord #Fringe.
  • @lauraracero: @oconnellaboo @hogscald This show is designed to break our hearts and blow our minds… #ForTheRecord
  • @lis_sier: #ForTheRecord it was an awesome episode as always. Fringe
  • @fly2mebutterfly: #ForTheRecord Even if Olivia and Etta were covered in the tree moss/fungus they would still be ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!!
  • @ShelLynn81: #ForTheRecord you know I liked the ep, when I rewatch immediately after the ep airs.
  • @neongreen78: #ForTheRecord I’m OK with dragging out the Polivia a bit longer…
  • @NataliaQuique: Amazing, very emotional Fringe tonight. A little creepines here and there but overall EMOTIONAL, BEAUTIFUL. A MUST WATCH #ForTheRecord
  • @fringe_campaign: Olivia & Etta 😭 #ForTheRecord
  • @EvilVagenda: There should be a whole episode of Fringe of just Peter and Olivia talking to each other. #ForTheRecord
  • @polivias: why am I having so many feelings for these two I’m gonna explode ;~; #fortherecord
  • @oconnellaboo: Why is Olivia being such a… Difficult person? Obviously she remembers. #ForTheRecord
  • @joncassar: #Fringe tonight on FOX, watch it, love it, pass it on, great TV
  • @AnnaTorvNet: #Fringe is just so amazing, it always makes my jaw drop :O #ForTheRecord
  • @byoung210: Anna Torv’s role in #Fringe this season is unexpected. I love it!
  • @aboleyn: So @PaulyMcGillion broke my heart on tonight’s #Fringe.
  • Brilliantly done.
  • @JewelStaite: Watch Fringe tonight on Fox to add @PaulyMcGillion If you know what’s good for ya.
  • @AZsunwoman: #ForTheRecord was an excellent episode of #Fringe tonight. Still at No. 4 in US trending. Love to cast, crew and @JWFringe @jonxproductions
  • @BrandonSalmon: hahaha I love Walter taking a bong rip in the video…”I had a prescription, it was medicinal” @johnnob58004412 #Fringe #ForTheRecord
  • @MomentumDefered: POLIVIA. Y U SO AWKWARD?! #ForTheRecord

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