Fringe 3×02 “The Box”: Reactions from a First Time Viewer

Peter, you’re killing me buddy!!! Don’t ignore the signs. I know you want to play house with Olivia, but that Mata Hari is NOT your Olivia! GAH. Why is this happening?! It’s like I’m having a nightmare that won’t stop. At least Walter was having a good day in this episode, becoming the sole shareholder of Massive Dynamic. Guys, just imagine all of the changes that could happen with our favorite scientist at the helm. “Casual Fridays” would be pants optional and bacon-flavored pudding would be served at all company picnics. Maybe even Gene would become the company’s mascot.thumbs up

*Don’t forget to check out Louise’s photo recap of this episode right here.

  • Cartoons? The guy is letting his hostages watch cartoons? Well, that’s nice…a criminal with a heart. Yep, that’s what happens when you take a peek inside a mysterious box. Have you not seen Se7en or The Mummy? Oh, is the other guy deaf? Is that why he didn’t get affected?

  • UGH, it’s Newton and he gave AltLivia a book on the history of pop culture. Nooo, he’s taking her tattoo off. “They started the war, remember?” Dang, they really hate our side. HA, Altlivia, just laid down the law and told Newton he works for her. You go, girl.

  • Walter is trying to make a cow that produces chocolate milk. laughingI want one!

  • OH HELL NO. Peter and AltLivia are at the bar. Peter, you idiot! Can’t you tell this Olivia is acting strange?! THIS CANNOT BE HAPPENING. Peter and AltLivia are dancing adorably. Peter: “Well, I’ve always preferred blondes.” SO MANY CONFLICTED EMOTIONS! I love seeing them together but THIS IS NOT the real Olivia. Why, writers, why?! Why must you toy with my emotions? This is too cruel. cryingcryingcrying

  • Walter: “We have yet to find our Rosebud.” Citizen Kane reference FTW! thumbs up
  • Ewww, Walter just tasted the red substance on his tie. There has to be boundaries in the lab, my talking Oh good, it’s not brain guts, just raspberry jam. But still, there have to be rules. What’s gonna happen when little Etta is brought to the lab? She’ll probably stick everything in her mouth like her grandpa.

  • Aww, Walter hugged Ms. Terminator.big hug

  • Time to hear Bell’s will. So, what does a gazillionaire leave his only two friends? Bell and Ms. Terminator had a moment in Tuscany?!?! surprise hee hee He is giving her a bell?

  • Peter, c’mon the signs are there. Olivia is not acting like herself.

  • Aww, Walter is going to show his bestie, Astrid, the letter he got. big hug Oooo, it’s a key to a safety deposit box. thinking
  • Walter with the head apparatus: “Look at my brainwaves on the monitor-o.” laughing See! Never open an unknown box, kids. It gives off a deadly ultrasonic frequency. Aw, Astrid is telling Walter to talk to Peter.
  • GAH!!! AltLivia is studying Olivia! angry HA That’s right, you can’t pull off Olivia’s photographic memory because you are not as awesome as she is. GAH! It’s the dude with the box. surprise
  • Father/son moment. Walter: “It was nothing compared to saying goodbye to my son.” cryingsadcrying

  • Yowzers, AltLivis is harsh. “Make sure you don’t screw up this time.” OH SNAP! She is gonna kill the cartoon fan. YOU ARE A MEANIE ALTLIVIA!!!!!

  • Really, Peter? You have the worst timing. WTF?! What is that tongue gesture for? Are you gonna seduce Peter? worried

  • Peter, I love the fact you go to Olivia to get stuff off your chest, but she is not your girl!
  • Peter says he can’t forgive Walter. sadHe doesn’t want to turn out like Walter, destroying both worlds. cryingUh oh, blood is seeping out of the bathroom. NO WAY!! Please tell me my eyes are deceiving me. Ugh, AltLivia is seducing Peter!sadangryI don't want to seeI don't want to seeI don't want to see

  • Observer spotting!
  • Poor Peter, AltLivia has to make him deaf temporarily to retrieve the box. OH SNAP! Dude holding the box just exploded. surprisePeter recognizes the sign. It’s one of Walternate’s weapons!!  surprise OH MAN!! Peter! Hurry!!!!!
  • Wow, AltLivia showing some authority!

  • OH EM GEE!!! Why is AltLivia running to save Peter? I don't know She doesn’t care about him. GAH! She saved him. DAMNIT!! Peter is totally gonna bang her now.

  • Awww, Broyles just told Walter good work. big hughappy
  • Walter is gonna open the safety deposit box!! What’s inside? What’s inside?
  • OH SNAP!!! Bell left Walter Massive Dynamic. surprise He’s the sole shareholder. He’s a gazillionaire!!!!!!!! Party on Walter’s yacht, y’all!! party

  • ARGH!! It’s AltLivia. “Peter has first piece.” “Begin work on Dr. Bishop.” UGH, WHY IS THIS HAPPENING!! angry

As always, special thanks to Fringe Files, “dunhamgetinmybed,” and Tumblr for providing the screencaps and gifs.


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  1. I was worried this recap would make me sad because I love Altlivia, but it made me laugh. Well done.

  2. Loved your reactions to this ep Mary. Indeed the “tango” did kill Polivia fandom for a while. I watched this ep only once …. no rewatch required when your heart has been ripped outta your chest and is left lying lifeless next to the Fringe dvds. Its the only time i have cursed the writers and our beloved showrunners. Thankgod they redeemed themselves. I gather you didnt like Newton. I loved him… a brilliant villain …. loved the way he goaded AltLivia into going where she didnt want to go!! I miss him.

  3. This episode hurt this POlivia heart too. And then came 3×04 and it hurt a whole. lot. more. Great recap Mary!


    Great recap though-Mary!!! If you thought this episode left you with conflicting emotions just wait for what happens next!!! LORD, HELP US ALL!!!!

  5. “My crotch is overriding my brain.” Bahaha this was a great recap! Definitely took some of the sting out of the whole terrible love triangle situation.

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