Fringe 3×03 “The Plateau”: Reactions from a First Time Viewer

Back in the red ‘verse Olivia is kicking butt as a Fringe agent. Of course, I wasn’t surprised because Olivia Dunham is a BAMF. ( Etta, I hope you learn everything you can from your mom. ) She was running, jumping, skipping…okay, maybe not the skipping part, but my point is that it was awesome to see her so collected after her failed attempt to return home in 3×01. On a separate note, I’m sure Olivia Dunham is the only person who could make skipping after a bad guy badass, but that’s a discussion for another time. Back to Olivia’s cool composure. It was refreshing to see her this way, but it was also a horrible reminder that she has become fully assimilated in the other universe. I blame the red dye in her hair. It must have seeped into her brain. Luckily, Peter and his fitting, stylish peacoat had other plans. YAY! Walternate: 0 Epic Love: Infinity

  • Who is this creeper? He can slow time? What’s with the pen? Uh oh! Bus!!! surprisesurprisesurprise GEESH!! They left nothing to the imagination with that crash.

  • Oh no, our Olivia is in Fringe Division. Don’t assimilate Olivia; you don’t belong there. surpriseworriedAltCharlie: “Welcome back, Agent Dunham. You do remember me, right?” Olivia: “Yeah. You’re that tightwad that owes me $70 dollars.” Awww, I miss their dynamic. Dang, she has totally assimilated. Say it ain’t so Liv! I don't want to seeI hope you were just playing along.
  • Olivia will reach a plateau? Dang, Walternate is willing to kill our Olivia if her identity doesn’t hold. cryingThat’s it. I’m creating a button that says, “I loathe Walternate.”

  • It’s Agent Burn Tissue! Aww, Lincoln is totally crushing on Olivia, thinking she is AltLivia. “You and I are good.” Adorable winking

  • Hold up, they don’t make pens like these in this universe?! Lame. How do they write?
  • PETER!!!! Olivia sees Peter!!! Her old memories are fighting back. HALLELUJAH!!

  • Smallpox fear? Really? I thought this universe was more advanced, but they haven’t eradicated smallpox? I blame Walternate – he’s the scapegoat from now on. I got a paper cut…Walternate’s fault. My shoelaces became untied…Walternate’s fault.
  • Oh, hi, Frank. You can go on ahead to Texas…forever.

  • Oooo, Lincoln has kissed AltLivia before. kiss YES! Charlie is doubting their Olivia. You’re on the right track Mr. Deep Sexy Voice. Keep going!! applause
  • Another accident. Oh snap, it’s not over. Olivia, it’s him! Noooooooooooo, he got away. Hate it when Olivia can’t catch her bad guy.
  • Zedis lapedis, Agent Burn Tissue’s face is boiling. Aw, his glances at Olivia are so cute. I would totally be rooting for them, except she is Peter’s Olivia not AltLivia. Gotta keep ‘em straight. I’m not jumping the Polivia ship.
  • Olivia sees Walter! Yes, another point for the blue universe! applause

  • Wow, Milo became that smart after just one treatment?! Um…can I sign up?
  • Thank you Fringe costumer departments for putting Mr. Deep Sexy Voice in a v-neck.winkingwinkingblushing

  • Nooooooooooooo.

  • Olivia, noooo!! surprise I don't want to seenail bitingDon’t run after him! Oliviaaaaaaaaaa!! She didn’t take her oxygen. She doesn’t know what the sign means. She saw the concrete! Whew! Like a BAMF!!!thumbs up coolYEAH!!

  • I miss Charlie and Olivia.

  • Yikes, the effect of the treatment cannot be reversed. surpriseHe doesn’t see his sister, and he is not responding to the horse. broken heartbroken heart
  • Walternate: “I am still a scientist, Brandon. I just have a much larger laboratory.” E-V-I-L angry
  • It’s Peter!!!! She sees Peter. “You’re not from this world, Olivia. You’re not her” “I am here and I’m a part of you that you have to hold onto.” I love him! “You can’t forget this.” YES!!!!!!!

Special thanks to Fringe Files, “dunhamgetinmybed,” and Tumblr for providing the screencaps and gifs.


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  1. Fantastic as always! Laughed so hard at the ace ventura gif 😀

  2. GREAT RECAP AGAIN MARY- I am super loving reliving this incredible season with you! 😉 Also that love for Lincoln you are starting to feel is only going to get worse as you will see as the season goes on and in the 4th season, he becomes like adoribleness overload!!! I actually like him a hair more than Peter….(Yes I just said that) I am also a huge Altliv/Lincoln shipper!!!

  3. I was in hysteria as soon as I read “Hey Girl!” This was a great post, thank you for sharing this.

  4. god damn i am trying not to laugh so loud here at work….. that last gif is awesome!!

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